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"Don't think I didn't notice you trying to throw M`&M's in the wounded guy's mouths."

 I've never been to court, I think I should point this out because of all the things I've done I somehow NOT managed to get into that much trouble. Nevertheless, I feel almost as if I am in court now, and am giving my defense. So, my accusers, sit over there, and my partners in crime come join me in this cool box thingy. Careful though, it might be a little tight.

 Wherein Jack explains her reasoning behind turning traitor, or not turning traitor. Depending on what side of the room you are sitting in.

 Ever since Sherlock Holmes made his appearance from the tip of Doyle's pen he has been loved, killed, disliked, hated, killed, gone through enough faces to be a Time Lord himself - take note of that, Moffat - and killed enough times to be a Time Lord. (Hear that, Moffat?! He needs to be cast as the Doctor, NOT the Master!)

 A lot of men have played him, trying to bring to life the most famous detective who never lived. Some have done amazing jobs, others have had to change their name and move to the South Pole. 
 In resent years, Sherlock made a come back - not that he needed to - when Robert Downy Jr. played him in a couple movies. And then BBC went and moved him to modern times - and then America caught onto the idea and did the same. Since then there has been Sherlock everywhere and a huge war ready to break out between the Sherlock fans. (Mostly brought on when Mrs. Moffat almost declared another Revolutionary War on us when she learned of America's idea to do a modern Sherlock TV show.)

 It is a known fact by now that I watch BOTH Sherlock and Elementary. It is also a likely known fact that I'm a Sherlock fan and that I really like the BBC version of the show. (You know, except for their Adler.)

 So, all of that aside, I suppose it is time I finally did a review of Elementary.

 First, there are some things I like about the show. 
 It is a detective show, and I love mysteries. The first few episodes I found a little boring. Most of the mysteries were the same, but it is getting more interesting as time passes.

 The man I refer to as E-Lock is an interesting character. He doesn't really remind me of the Sherlock from the stories. He is more open about things and more en-tune to the human world. The Sherlock from the stories always seemed almost completely lost when it came to understanding fellow human beings. Almost.
 Yet, I can't really think of this man as Sherlock. (I think it is the tattoos.) But he does have traits I like. (And other things I don't like. Such as, the girls.)

 Gregson and his partner who's name I keep forgetting and it bugs me because he is the character I like the best.
 I like all the Lestrade characters in all the detective shows I watch. Staltermire from Monk, Lestrade from Sherlock (duh), Lassie from Psych, the one from Columbo who's name I have forgotten. Something about these patient men - though some are less patient - who are forced to put up with nutty detectives I've become very fond of. And Gregson didn't disappoint.
 He endures E-Lock's quirks and weird habits and trusts his judgement. I like their friendship - though E-Lock had to go and ruin that and if he doesn't fix it I'm going to deck him.
 I also like Gregson's partner who disliked E-Lock when they first met but has come to trust him as much as Gregson does.

 And lastly, I like the new twist they added into the show. At first it felt like they were copying Sherlock, but the resent ones fixed that.

 Now, what I dislike.

 E-Lock's girls. I shall leave most of this to your imagination. (Nothing is ever shown, but it is spoken off and though not often it is something I wish they had left out. I don't see how it is necessary or serves any point.)

 Joan. I know, those on the defense side, start throwing things. 
 Now, my dislike of her ISN'T because she is a suppose girl Watson. She isn't Watson and I never thought she could be. Watson is one of the best characters ever written and it is hard for anyone to be him. So, it isn't her being a girl I dislike. It is her. 
 I dislike how determined she is to change E-Lock. She cannot accept the fact he is different and is always forcing him to open up and talk about things. I know she is supposedly trying to help him, but she claims to be his friend but doesn't act like it.
 So no, I am not fond of Joan. She is a little better then the first few, but I don't think I can ever really like her.

 Certain things about E-Lock. Such as his refusal to admit when he has done something wrong and risking loosing one of his - well - one of his only friends. He really doesn't have that many to loose.
 Some of the things with Joan he just makes worse. he knows what annoys her so does it - and it isn't as funny as when other Sherlock's annoy their Watson's. Sometimes I want to throw my shoe at him.
 His obsession with Moriarty is sometimes slightly creepy. Seriously, he needs a hobby.

 His scarf. Whoever got rid of that needs a chocolate. And if Joan burned it one night I might have to forgive her some of her faults. I think the scarf was a copy of Sherlock's, but it was this sad little thing that he wore with tee shirts for no reason. It was odd. Thankfully, it has vanished.

 I guess the short of all this is to say, yes, I do watch Elementary. I do not think of him as Sherlock or her as Watson, and I mostly watch it for the mysteries and because I like detective shows. However, out of all the detective shows I watch, this one is kind of on the bottom of my favourite list.
 I like it well enough. It has some interesting things to it. But if it went off the air I wouldn't mind - not like I would with Grimm or Pysch. (All the others I watch are off the air...*Smirk*)

 And, that is pretty much it. So...the usual.
 Quote is from Psych, yet again. I am now able to watch them in order. *Nods*




  1. I thought that quote was from Psych. I couldn't tell you what episode, but it sounded like a Shawn and Gus thing. =)

    I've been sort of watching Elementary. I don't particularly care for Joan either. And, like you, it's not her gender that's the problem. I think the other detective's name is Bell.

  2. I think E-Lock's hobby IS Moriarty....
    And *hides* the scarf reappeared....

  3. I have to admit, I've been a bit curious about Elementary. I like Johnny Lee Miller, and another actor I am rather fond of (Aidan Quinn, I believe he plays Lestrade's character) is also in it. If it shows up on Netflix one of these days, I may give it a won't be Sherlock, and even if I don't like the Watson (I just don't care for her character from what I've seen, and I have a sinking feeling she'll end up as Sherlock's love interest...), I still love a mystery. We shall see...

    Ahhh--and I hated that scarf in the previews! It's one of the reasons I decided I probably would not like the show, haha. :P

    I enjoyed reading your review, Jack! It's good to see what other Sherlockians have to say about the show other than a complete bash of it. :P I mean...not that I haven't ranted a bit about how nothing can compare to BBC's Sherlock (by a bit...I mean a lot, haha), but still.(:


  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that episode -- it's the one where they do the civil war re-enactment, right? Hilarity abounds.

    I'm sad you don't like Elementary that much. I've become very attached to it, though like you said, there are a few things that are problematic I could do without.

    And I'm sad you don't like Joan! I think she's on par with Jude Law's Watson, though he was more humourous and she's very serious, but of course you have your opinions and I have mine. :)

    I know I don't really need to defend Elementary, but... yeah, anyway. The thing I like about it is that Sherlock isn't so socially oblivious and blatantly rude. Something about the way Jonny Lee Miller performs just really reminds me of Sherlock in the books. It's interesting how you think the opposite.

    Anyway, I hope you keep watching and that the show gets better and better :)

  5. That is a funny quote, but makes me want to know what on earth was going on when it was said. :) I've not yet looked into Psych to see whether I want to watch it or not.

    I'm joining you on your side of the room. :)

    Yeah, BBC's Adler. Blech.

    I watched a few trailers for Elementary when it first came out, but they just didn't grab me, you know? What I saw in them didn't hold my interest enough for me to actually watch the show, at least not right away. I have thought about finding some clips to see if they are more interesting than the trailers. I'll probably do that someday when I'm bored. :)

    Great review! It gives more of an idea of what to expect if I do decide to start watching the show.

  6. I was thinking when I saw the trailer for Elementary, that it did look like a funny show-- just not Sherlock Holmes. But it just didn't spark enough interest to make me try watching it. lol. I never actually thought you were a traitor since I knew you preferred Sherlock anyway. So I forgave you. :D

    Mahri hated Psych when I first made her watch a few. She didn't like how immature he was either. I loved it really quickly. Things that make me laugh get up on my love list pretty fast. Lassie is so cool, isn't he?! lol

  7. I like both shows and I think they are just different enough from each other to attract an audience. I wasn't sure what to think when they announced a US version, but so far so good.

  8. Love that quote, and I think Psych is a great show, possibly a little more like Sherlock Holmes in more ways than expected - I know that wasn't the point of your article - but Sean is a bit clueless in his "I'm funny and cool" ways and he definitely has some similar observations skills.
    I haven't seen Elementary yet. I like the BBC Sherlock - except for Adler. I've watched Season 1 twice. I just think the acting is excellent and the characterization of Sherlock and Watson is terrific!
    I may have to see Elementary just to see what the fuss is about - although Joan doesn't sound so great - I don't like characters that like to stop and talk feelings constantly - it takes away from the plot, unless it's supposed to be funny.

  9. Have you ever seen Masterpiece Mystery: Agatha Christi's Marple? I have seen 2 of them so far and I am loving it.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    P.S.-Thanks for the writing advice. I think part of my problem is that I'm not into the story enough to let it come naturally. By "into the story", I mean that I have to really immerse myself in it for the story to flow from my sub-conscious brain to my pen with no stops. I think my other problem is that Drake seems not to have any major character faults. It's hard to change a charrie if they're perfect. ;)Is trusting someone you hardly know a fault?

    1. No...I kind of need to give Agatha Christie another chance. I read her book, And Then There Were None and loved it. But then I tried the train one, and wanted to throw my shoe at the detective...the moment he appeared. I've heard good things about Miss Marple, so maybe I will try watching something with her in them.

      Aye, having a character with no faults is hard. Maybe if you gave him some of your own faults it would help?
      I think it can be. It is good to trust others, but there is a line I think. And one can be too trusting, well, considering the times. If he is living in a world with lots of evil men about and he just trusts every person he meets I think that could be considered a fault and you could use that. Such as, he could end up trusting the wrong person and it get him into a lot of trouble and late he refuses to trust anyone, which is another fault, and he has to learn a balance?

  10. Maybe, but Drake's cousin is kind of the opposite. She usually doesn't trust anyone right off.


    1. That is a good balance. If anything you could add some arguments between the two...that might be a fault

  11. Miss Jack!!! Thank you for this review on Elementary!!! I have friend who watches it and we get in these rows with each other with which is better, and quite frankly I have come to a conclusion that Sherlock is my favorite BBC show next to Doctor Who:) I dislike how they made Watson as a woman and they scarf *gives back to Sherlock* why?? Come on people only Sherlock is worthy enough to wear the navy scarf!! I loved Psych till my family stopped watching it:( Hey do you by any chance read fan-fictions???

    -Sam R. (A Sherlockian)

    1. Sherlock is a brilliant show. I love the characters and BC and MF are the best Sherlock and Watson, at least as far as I'm concerned. They just do the parts so might be because they are friends in real life, or seem it.

      Pity. Come visiting and you can watch Psych with me. I have to watch it alone and it isn't as much fun as having a companion to watch it with.

      Aye, I read Fan Fiction from time to time. Do you have any good recommendations?

    2. Agreed! I wish I could come visit you, you seem a awesome person!! I love BC and MF there amazing...

      Yeah I love Shawn and Gus there hilarious...

      I actually write some myself. sherlockholmesgeek is my profile.

      Sam R


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