Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Dude." "I will kill you, Shawn."

 I'm just passing through today to say the character introduction is moved to Monday. Sorry about the postpone, but life hit me and wasn't kind. I'm taking the weekend off, a day early, to try and sort some things out.

 Monday, however, you all shall have the chance to meet Stefan, unless someone passes him up in the voting.

  Until then, here is a picture of Edmund smirking, because that makes almost everything better.

 Quote is from...Psych! Surprising, right? I don't remember what was going on in the episode, but Shawn was trying to talk Gus into doing something, and Gus threatened to kill him. (Which he seems to do a lot.)




  1. Blast life hitting you! :/

    Hope you're able to regroup this weekend. And I'll look forward to your character post next week! :D

  2. I do hate it when life hits, and doesn't even have the courtesy to be kind.

    Have a good weekend...

  3. Was it the episode with the stolen mummy? :) And sorry about "life". that's tough.

  4. Life can be quite a bitch sometimes eh? :)

    P.S. I need to watch Psych. I can't believe I've never seen it!

  5. hahaha!! i was thinking "that quote is from pretty much almost every single episode! xD" lolz. <3
    Thank you. Yes. Smirking Edmund made me smile. ^_^

    ooh! points for an essay. Thank you! :D I still can't imagine it being harder than a book though.
    and no. That's just really not human at all...

  6. Oh, I can't wait. He's the character I voted for. ;) {If I recall right.}
    I have been absent here for a while...due to life. So I'm just popping by to say "I'm Back!!!" and can't wait to catch up again! :D

  7. Life sometimes takes over.
    I think Gus says that line more than any other.

  8. "It's king Edmund actually. But just king. Peters high King. Its confusing." :) I adore Edmund and I love that picture. CAN'T WAIT FO THE MEETING!

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  10. I love the "I will kill you, Shawn," quotes. They're so funneh.

    And also.... Edmund. He was always my favorite. He's such a good character, and that smirk? Yeah. That smirk is awesome. :)

  11. Jack ~ Och, Life does that sometimes. When that happens to me, I go all Marvin, the Manically Depressed Robot, "*LIFE*! Don't talk to *me* about *LIFE*!" It makes me feel better. Smirk.

    I am way behind with answering my comments :-/ I am so glad someone else loves Coulson as much as I do. He was my favourite character too. I always looked forward to his appearance in all the Marvel movies. He is just so *cool* - no super powers, just marvelous composure, no matter what happens. The first time I watched Avengers, I thought they really did kill him, and I wailed and ranted about it for quite a while. The second time, however, I noticed they never really *say* he is dead. Nick Fury sure talks like he was dead, but then, he is waving around trading cards that are *not* covered in Coulson's blood, so he is not exactly the most trustworthy source at that point, so.... I sort of think he survived Loki. Erm... have you seen, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer? In case you haven't here it is:

  12. ~Ho wow! Edmund smirking made me smirk! *smirks* Interested to meet Stefan!! Also, sorry for such a late reply but I think i`ll probably be on blogger only once a week now =(

    ~Thanks =) I like elfs too!(Problem is my elf is kind of a shorty... only 4 feet to be exact. >_< )

    ~They`re born with em psycho grins!! (Lol, remind me never to sit in a car with you in the back seat xD You can sit in the drivers seat, makes it hard to kill people being the driver. Unless you crash the car ._. You`ve gotta watch the road. Roads are tricky fellows, especially windy ones. Not that i`d know, I failed my driving lessons twice then gave up...)

    ~Yeah. They probably have some sort of lucky charm x_x Or maybe killers should be smarter and kill them before they have a chance to tell the police (Thank the Movie God killers don`t!)

    ~Oh man! I`m at episode 9 already and Moriarty is still in hiding!! I`m getting bored of Elementary ._.

  13. I'm sorry about life hitting you hard. I hope that all gets better soon. Praying for you.

    Love the pic of Edmund and the Psych quote (I knew it was Psych right away, I must watch it too much).

  14. Life. *Sigh*
    *Eyeballs Life suspiciously and mutters,* "What did I ever do to you?"

    Edmond is my favorite in the Narnia movies. He's awesome.

    If we ever actually meet, we'll SOOO have to drink tea, eat chocolate and watch all our favorite Psych episodes. *nods* That would be pretty epic.

  15. Aw, I love Edmund!

    I remember that Psych line. I remember cracking up over it. I can't remember which episode it was FROM!

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