Thursday, February 07, 2013

"How is it possible I'm the only sane person in the universe?"

 Because of certain matters with an Alien invasion I had to fend off with a blunt blade, I now come before you a day late. But never fear, the earth is safe so that makes up for it.

 Yesterday I caught a cold, which I promptly drowned in orange juice and Psych. Though I suppose one cannot drown anything in a TV show but grief, and if one wishes to do this one should avoid BBC.
 And for those of you who were asking about Psych, you read that right. I have finally started to watch it. I am liking it much more then I thought I would. So, now you can all be pleased with me and we can get on to other matters. 

 First off is the winner of the character introduction! 
 Lachlan won the voting so, naturally, he will be first. 

 Lachlan is the youngest son of King Garolds. (Each of the princes have a different mother.) At the time of the book, Lachlan is nine. He has brown eyes and light brown hair. 

 Because of his father's dying order, Lachlan's life is now in danger from his three older, half brothers. They all agree to kill him first, since he is the youngest and likely the easiest to get out of the way. What they didn't count on was someone actually helping him and having to chance him all over the kingdoms.

 Lachlan confused me for awhile, and in many ways he still does. The first time I had a character his age she was easier to figure out as I understand kids fairly well. But Lachlan wasn't an ordinary child. I discovered he liked the typical things all boys love. Bugs, dirt, and adventures. He was very much a child, and yet, at the same time he had a good grasp on being an adult. He understood well what was going on around him and what he was being called to do. He understood what those around him were willing to give up to keep him alive.

 In the book, Lachlan fast attaches himself to Magda and Stefan. I did expect this at the time, but before I knew it he kind of adopted them and would tell them things about themselves even I didn't know. (But really, that is of little surprise.)
 Lachlan liked to surprise me in other ways. A lot of other ways. I think he is one of the most surprising characters I've ever had, and it was a lot of fun to write with him. He was innocent and wise, scared and brave, wise and childish all at once and I am hoping I get at least one more adventure with him.

 And...I guess that is all. About him. Sorry if this was slightly incoherent. That is what happens late at night.

 But before I go, as promised, I have this book's release date for you!

 And it is...June 14th! So, soon. *Nods* *Blinks.* *Yawns*

 Okay, I'm going to bed now. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about Prince Lachlan. And, voting is again open for next Friday's character!

 Quote is from Psych.




  1. Psych is one of my favorite shows, and I think it gets better with each and every season. I'm so glad new episodes are starting soon. I've missed it.

    Happy writing!

  2. Thanks for saving the planet Jack!
    Lachlan sounds like a cool character! I can't wait to hear about more of the characters.
    Ooooo June 14th! Cool!

    OH MY WORD! I'm watching E-Lock right now and this guy just said, "I believe in Sherlock Holmes." I don't know whether to be really angry or to take it as a sign from those evil minions working for Moffat.... On the upside, E-Lock's not working with the NYPD - this is the closet episode to an actual SH mystery.... Minus the night club...

    Yeah, it was sad that Newkirk kind of disappeared... And Rigby too. I liked him!
    Hee hee that was funny when Klopp was ordering people around. I wish they'd expanded more on some of the other characters... Like Clopp and Volger and Rigby and Newkirk and Jaspert, Deryn's disappearing brother.
    Oh yeah, I heard about Volger x Dr. Barlow theory. I'm not so sure I like it.... They'd probably end up killing each other. xD Plus if she was already married.... I mean, obviously in the book she's married or is a widow, becuase her name is Nora Darwin Barlow. Her maiden name is obviously Darwin... And the only way she could have gotten Barlow is if she got married.

    Hurrah! No Dwarf brothers die! THANK YOU!

    Well, I watched my first two episode with Eleven. Different. That's all I will say for now.

  3. Hmm ... sounds a bit like Chris ... Kids who act older than they are can be fun, can't they?

  4. Aw. Cute! I do this with Milo too (though, he's 8), though I haven't really considered bugs and dirt. Why is it little boy's are so attracted to them anyway?! My nephew...argh. Seeing his face clean is like the 8th wonder of the modern universe. :P

  5. My whole culture works with kids who act older than they look. They are just so fun to work with.

  6. Oh! I am so glad you like Psych!!!! I love it! I can't wait for season 7 to come out.... It is one tv starting Feb 28, but we don't get cable so we have to wait for it to come out on dvd. *pout.

  7. Oh, Lachlan sounds loverly, Jack! I wish my characters would do something surprising. Drake, surprise me. :)

    Joking aside, I've been having trouble keeping the series about Drake. He's still the MC, but he seems to have faded a bit. I also need to have some charrie developement with him. He's got to grow up... and stop acting like an adult... or start. I'm not sure what his flaws are and it's not good. He doesn't seem to have any. I know that one day, he has to be the leader and Rosie has to step down.
    Oh, did you see my email?

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. You should do something really mean to Drake to annoy him, that is a good way to get characters to surprise you.

      I've had that same problem before with characters, it is hard doing a series with just one main character. He is always having to change and grow and still remain thing that might help is to give him new struggles to face. Put him in hard situations and see how he adjusts to them. I will try and remember some of the things I tried and pass them on.

  8. I love the name Lachlan. We watched a movie with Ronald Reagan called "The Hasty Heart" with a Scot named Lachlan McLachlan, and I've sort of had a love of that name ever since. :)

    Yay! Psych! I was worried that you wouldn't like it because Shawn is pretty twerpy. But now my fears are fled and I'm most content. :)

    June 14th. How 'citing!

  9. Psych is one of my very favorite shows! I'm glad to hear you're liking it. Hehe, it's one of the few American TV shows I actually like! :P Shawn and Gus are simply hilarious, and the mysteries aren't too bad either (though they are a tad bit predictable).
    I hope your cold is feeling better!

    Lachlan (I love that name, by the by) sounds like quite an interesting character! I can't wait to learn more about him.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

    Oh--and I completely agree with you on taking frying pans to the bathroom. They probably ought to be carried everywhere, in fact! You never know when you might need one! Also...a large dog might come in handy as well.(:

  10. I'm so glad your watching Psych! after "Angels take Manhattan" my sisters and I decided to give Doctor Who a small break and drown our misery with some Psych Marathons. I love Sean the best. Gus is also rather funny, though a bit clean cut. together they are hilarious :) Nothing like a good stroke of comedy to heal the wounds of BBC (I mean DANG, first Sherlock jumps and then, while I am still recovering from the Merlin final, the Ponds are taken)

    YAY!!! Don't you like it when characters surprise you? (Unless its by killing off your villain before he was suppose to die or getting themselves locked in a dungeon or making ridiculous deals with talking swords.) at any rate, Lachlan sounds wonderful and interesting so do the others.

    June 4th. Yeah no time at all - *Rushes to TARDIS. Finds its missing. Cries*

    God Bless!

  11. Okay. Lachlan is my new favourite fictional person. He sounds like my brother Nathanel when he was a little younger. Except he was never in danger of being murdered by his siblings.

    He sounds fascinating! Can't wait to properly meet him.

    So, where are you in Psych now? Because it just gets better and better right up to the last episode of season 3, and that's the best it's ever been. So. I think Shawn is who I could have been if my parents had let me run out of control when I was little.

    Oh, and you like Lassie, huh? Excellent :) Oh, I just remembered you're watching out of order... well, that's okay, I did too.

    Now, concerning Elementary -- yeah, not pleased with the way they're writing that aspect of Sherlock's character. It's pretty pointless. But British accent and all that... and I adore Joan's clothes. They're so pretty but so comfortable looking.

    Which Much Ado About Nothing are you wanting to watch? The movie with Emma Thomson? Or perhaps the play with David Tennant? If the latter, there's a website where you can download it. But I'd be careful because there's a few iffy scenes. And you can watch Emma on youtube, I think... probably not all of it, though. I love that one :)

    Oh, by the way, why didn't you tell me that there were aliens invading? I could have come and helped you defeat them! I have a black belt in origami. I would just hope they don't know what that is. :P


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