Monday, February 18, 2013

"I'll name him Zippy...or Chompy."

 There is sometimes a problem with being both a reader and an Author. (A problem you should all be grateful for I suppose.) A problem I sometimes only get through by watching funny TV shows and eating pancakes. (Which is how I passed my Saturday.)

 Wherein Jack talks about dead characters.

 We all understand this subject, do we not? We all have likely encountered it. In books, movies, TV shows. Even funny TV shows, someone we like dies. (Example, Psych. Mary. Those who have seen it likely get this one. Those who haven't, ponder for a moment. I'm sure you've seen or read something funny which has you giggling one moment and shouting NOOOOOOOO Luke Skywalker style the next.)

 The simple truth is, Authors like to make us do the whole Luke thing from time to time. They like to make us grow to really like a certain character, then they like to make us watch said character die just so they can sit back and snicker at our misery. It is an Author thing.

 And, being an Author myself, it is something I am guilty of doing. Yet, at the same time, I am also a reader. I know how sad it is to become fond of someone only to have him die on you. I've had it happen to me often in fact. (I watch BBC. Aye, now you get it.)

 So, while the Author in me wants to turn you all in Lukes, the reader in me wants to shout NOOOOOOOO right along with you and throw something - sometimes at myself, which is weird.

 When I first started writing no one ever died. I didn't think I'd ever run into the problem of having my characters killed, because I couldn't kill any of them. Then I started writing a war book - and my characters informed me that in war books characters die. And I laughed at them.
 I refused to kill any of them. I was too fond of them. And I refused to kill the one who told me he was going to die. It wasn't going to happen. Ever. (Aye, you all know how well that one went.)

 In short, I kill characters. Characters I am very fond of. And someday I might explain the reason behind them dying.
 But I think it should be noted here, I do not kill characters to turn all of you into Luke. I kill them because they insist it works in the plot.

 And all of that was simply to say this. My Psych marathon, spree (I've heard it both ways), over the last week, in which I pretty much finished all six seasons came about because I had to kill someone I was VERY fond of. And it was either watch Shawn and Gus solve mysteries and quote movie lines, or sulk. Somehow I've managed to do both.

 Now I leave you, so you can all sit back and worry who died. May the force be with you, Luke Skywalker.

 Quote from Psych, when Shawn is trying to name the dinosaur skull he discovered.




  1. Nononono no No nono NOnO noOooNno

    DO NOT DO THIS pls I am begging you

    On a different note, yay! Psych marathon! Those are the best. I used to watch Psych every Friday night with my best friend. You know, I probably wouldn't like the show as much if I had watched it by myself.

    I've officially killed one character. ONE. And he was a secondary character, so it wasn't as big of a deal as it might have been if I killed one of my leads. I might do it just to see what it feels like.

  2. When you kill a character you're fond of, do you mourn like a reader does? More so? Less so?

  3. Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine.
    I do the Luke Skywalker thing fairly often (yes, i watch BBC as well)....I hate it when people kill off beautiful characters.
    How far into Psych are you?? :D I freaking love that show. I've seen them all several times at least. I'm so looking forward to Season 7!!!

  4. Hahahaha! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Gosh, I do that all the time. It started out in the Redwall books, then in They Loved to Laugh, and then, I just cry a lot. 'Specially watching BBC. Hehehe.

    So here. If you're ever having a bad day or you need to kill another character. Go Here. press the button. It's hilarious.

    And wow. You're up to where I am with Psych! LOL. I'm glad you like them so much. hehehe

  5. A Psych marathon is always good for the brain. And the funnybone.
    I killed a character I really liked in my first book. Sucked, but there was no way to move the story in the right direction unless it happened.

  6. I never shied away from killing characters...I'd just always do it in a really ambiguous way and surprise you with them coming back at some point.

    It was kind of a habit.

    Anyway, I actually have a few characters who are *really* going to die, and it's going to break my heart to do so, but I have to do it...

    It makes me feel sad and ashamed but kind of powerful and evil at the same time...

  7. Who needs a reason to watch a psych marathon? LOL!

    And I kill off characters all the time. In fact, the first short story I wrote I killed off the main character. Of course, I don't just kill them for the hell of it. No, it has to do with the plot. :)

  8. I kill off my characters a bit too willingly. I think it came from reading too many books where favorite characters were killed, and I came to realize that their deaths helped make the books they were in better. (Or maybe I just enjoy the twisted version of revenge killing off my own characters gives me knowing that I'm inflicting the same pain authors have forever inflicted upon me...)

  9. Awe, I hate that! It's the worst thing to have to kill off a character. You're like, "BUT I LOVE YOU!" as you type their death.
    Ack... sadness.

    I think Brave may be my favorite song of Josh's new album too. I've only had the chance to listen to the whole thing once. But that song is sort of how I feel...I relate to it. So it is awesome.
    I can't actually pick a *favorite* song from Josh's albums. There are just too many great ones. It depends on my mood which ones I feel are 'the best.' <3 I am so grateful for Josh Groban. *Giggle* I don't usually say things like that.


  10. I hate it when one of my favourite characters dies - and sometimes I am very vocal about it: Me, loudly, and in a sticken tone of utter denial, while in the theater, watching Avengers, "Did they just kill THE SHIELD GUY?????" I love Coulson, and couldn't believe that the writers would do that to me. However, that being said, I think if you are telling stories that involve Real Things - especially stories involving bravery and heroism - sooner or later, characters are going to die. And that is how it should be. We all cry about it when it happens, but I doubt there is a single reader that honestly wants the author to avoid killing people off - especially since a good death scene can absolutely make a story. (How macabre does that sound?)

    And I commiserate you on killing off your character. If anything, I find it harder to deal with the death of a character when *I've* killed him, than when I merely read about it.

  11. Killing off characters is not something I'm adverse to (or afraid to do)...but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable. Which is to say, not very enjoyable at all.

    I've been working on a story for a while now, and one of its main characters is an interesting case. In earlier versions of the story, he was supposed to have this big moment of glory, but take a brutal hit shortly after. He made it out alive, of course, but, he bites it. And if I've done my job right, it's in the most brutal way possible.

    At least, it's brutal enough for me. It certainly made me reel, and left me gloomy for days afterward.'s one thing to watch or read about a character hitting the dusty trail. It's another to actually write it. It's like I'm the one swinging the scythe, you know?

  12. When my favorite characters die, it brings joy to my heart.

    Though it is hard to explain: I usually try to explain in a way that goes like this...

    I, being a considerably non-emotional person, have found it to be very reassuring whenever I feel any sort of emotional reaction caused by something fictional. It makes me feel more human. And inspires me (bwahahah, and then I go and write death scenes for differing characters!).

    When I feel sad about a character dying, I'm very pleased with myself and with the author who created the character because it means that they did a good job getting me attached (which is not an easy job).

    Lesson to be learned: Get K-Minty attached, mercilessly kill character that she has bonded with. This in turn makes her pleased and impressed with your skill as a character-creator.

    I feel like such a maniac saying this. :P

  13. I loved that Psych. That was one of the funniest Psychs ever. I cannot believe you watched a whole series in - what was it? A week? I've heard of people doing it, but wow. You is amazing.

    I don't like killing my characters, but every once in awhile, out of a clear blue sky, a little voice murmurs inside me, "You know, this story would make a lot more sense if that person died. Just sayin'." And usually, that little voice is right. Darn him. It. Her. (I don't know. What sort of gender would the "voice" be?)

  14. There are days when I'm all soft-hearted and can't even stand the thought of a character dying ...

    And then there are the days when I can kill four characters in one day. Granted, they aren't always important characters, and they may be the villain ... but that's still characters dying.

  15. Gah. I know exactly how all that is... Especially the I-love-to-kill-my-own-characters-but-hate-it-when-other-authors-do-it-to-me part.
    When I kill my own characters it isn't so much that I miss them... I'm actually very ashamed to say that I'm sitting behind my computer screen going, "HAHAHAHA!! DIE!! DIE!! AHAHAHAHAHAH My future readers will kill me for this! HAHAHA DIE DIE!!"
    It's kind of sad. xD

    Now I'm really nervous. I don't want anyone to dieee! *waits eagerly for book 2*


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