Monday, February 25, 2013

"I'm going to kill you, Spencer." "I never said the victim wasn't a sea lion."

I've been spending a few days at home, during which time I made my family watch Tintin with me. Which brought upon us watching the old Tintin cartoons. They are a rather fun way to spend an evening, but don't compare to the new movie, in my opinion. (I still have trouble accepting Tintin's URKEA! What is he, a gold miner?)

 But I am not here to talk about cartoons. Instead, I have a book to review, finally. (And it isn't the second Guardian book, Bunnymund's book. Which is wonderful, but which I cannot review without giving spoilers to the first book. Trust me, just read it. Bunnymund is great, kind of like Sherlock. He doesn't understand human emotions, AT ALL.)

 Anyhow, the book I am reviewing today is called The Dark Unwinding. This is a book I found at my library and picked it up because it looked Steampunk. Instead I found a cross between The Woman in Black and North and South. (The Woman in Black is a slightly creepy movie which is fun to watch if one wants a scary movie but not one which will haunt one for the rest of their life.)

 The story is about Kathrine, a girl who lives with her greedy aunt. Kathrine is forced to go to her uncle's - an uncle she's never met - and see if he is really insane so her cousin can have all his money. But when Kathrine meets her uncle and finds out just what he is like, she doesn't think she can go through with it.

 I liked the beginning of this book. In the first chapters creepy things happen around the house, an old mansion which could easily pass for haunted. It isn't keep you up all night scary but the fun kind, more suspenseful. Kathrine tries to pass off as a tough girl who is scared of nothing but very fast we see through this and realize she is a sweet, compassionate girl who just wants someone to love her.

 The other characters are wonderful as well. There is a cute little boy named Davey who is never without his pet rabbit. And the uncle is the best character in the book I think. 
 Also there is Lane. Lane is the uncle's quick tempered assistant who falls in love with Kathrine later on in the book. He is the kind of fellow who doesn't care what others think and will do anything to protect those he cares for - the uncle.

 What I didn't like was near the end of the book. When I got there it felt like Kathrine was repeating herself. Most of the book from there went like this, "I knew I couldn't go through with this." "I had to go through with this." "I had to do this for my uncle." "I couldn't do this." Over and over till I wanted to scream, "I GET IT!"
 But, aside from that, it was an enjoyable book. Not quite a ghost story, and not overly exciting, but a nice story if you can get through Kathrine's mood changes and Lane's moments of stupidity. (If you ever fall in love, just admit it. Don't leave the other one to guess. Lane and Kathrine could have solved a lot of trouble just by saying they were in love. I wanted to slap them both.)

 So, while I do recommend this book, just don't go into it expecting anything extraordinary. 

 Quote is from...aye, you guessed it. The episode where Shawn and Gus are looking into a sea lion murder, and talk Lassie into helping - or something like that. Trick Lassie into helping is more like it. Shawn has a lot of people wanting to kill him, and most of them are his friends.




  1. TINTIN! Hee hee. The old cartoons are great. I've been watching those lately too.
    Sounds like an interesting book! I like creepy stories, though they scare me. I suppose I like creepy stories, but not at night.

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  3. Sounds like an interesting book, but I don't usually read creepy stories, so I'm not sure I'll read it soon.
    Great quote from Psych!

  4. I might read it. Have to wait until I get to a library. And then I kinda want to try Artemis Fowl. I've gotten to the unfortunate stage of life where I can only read one library book at a time in a period of two weeks.
    You spelled it wrong, Jack. It is EUREKA. ;)
    Hey, I wanted to tell you that I have a guest post on The Totally Insane Writer that will hopefully be posted on Wednesday. Oh, I sorry, I messed that up. Tempest, my lovely talking cat, HAS a guest post. ;)

    ~Robyn Hoode

  5. Hmmmm, the Dark Unwinding...
    Well, it does sound worth a read. I've been having the hardest time finding ANY good reading material, I'm willing to try anything at this point. Hehe.

  6. Hmm, sounds mildly interesting, though I doubt I will read it since my to-read list is a mile long and a ton too heavy. Still, at least it wasn't some atrocious manglement of the English language!


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