Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Just call someone a hippy and get to the point."

 Wherein Jack talks of nothing important because she has nothing important to talk about. 

 And even after all that I am trying to think of something important to post about.

 Okay, forget important, I'll go with anything at this point.

 I could tell you all about The Broken Blade and the character I finally figured out.

 I could explain about my continued sulk on the one character who I killed. (And there, now it is more permit writing.)

 I could take a moment to explain how editing is going.

 But, none of those are really sticking out at the moment. What is, is - was - my brilliant plan to get over my sulking of killing the character. (Yeah, watching six seasons of Psych in less then two weeks.)
 And it has backfired on me. So now I feel the need to shout....
 WHY DIDN'T ANYONE WARN ME?! Okay, not that it is any of your fault, *eyes all the Psych fans* But still. Hints. Evil movie writers, they are worse then Authors. I take back everything I've ever said about Authors and their evilness. Movie writers surpass us to Moriarty levels.
 You all likely know what I'm talking about. And those who don't, take a wild guess. I'll give some hints. Think BBC and end of seasons, cliff hangers. Okay, now you have some idea.

 As if the abrupt cliff hanger in Grimm wasn't enough. 

 Therefore, warning. When I write cliff hangers - which I do - you all know who to blame. (Hint, not me.)

 However, TV cliff hangers to the side, I have been making better progress in writing. At least in The Broken Blade. In Abolished Impracticality I am trying to comfort one of my favourite characters whom I was rather mean to. And it isn't going over too well. I feel like a traitor to him, claiming to be his friend and then...going all BBC on him. It is hard to convince a chap you like him when you do things like that to him.

 And right now, that is all. So...the usual.

 Quote is from the same place as the last...ten or so.




  1. I need to watch Grimm. I've heard such good things about it. After Lent, I need to watch Merlin, Arrow, (which I HOPE is good because it LOOKS so good!) and Grimm. And the rest of 24.

    The worst cliffhangers (I think) are the ones in Sherlock. Oh my gosh! What are the writers thinking? Okay, I know what they're thinking. "Let's have the viewers go crazy about the ending, so they'll be sure to tune in for the next series. They want to see how we resolve THIS little pickle!"


  2. You finished season six? Isnt it terrible?!? I hated the ending and am dying to see season seven!

  3. AAAh! I know how the sixth season ends, even though I haven't seen it yet. I'm kind of dreading that episode. Think they've been taking lessons from the BBC?

    And wow. You impress me. Six seasons in less than two weeks is nothing to sneeze at.... Just... how many did you watch a day? LOL.

    I agree with Kat ^^^, I think SHerlock's cliffhangers are the worstest. I mean.... Yeah.


  4. What?!! Season six is a cliffhanger? I can't handle any more of those! The make me so anxious inside...
    And yet, I do kind of like a good cliffhanger. But only when I can almost immediately pop in the next disk and satisfy my 'need to know.' :D Patience is not a strong virtue of mine.
    When is the next season of Psych coming out, do you know? And did you think season six was as good as the others? I've only seen a few of the episodes...


  5. Lewis, to answer your question:

    You've yet to get me really hooked on any of your characters, but among the ones whom I have been thoroughly introduced to (err---that would be the gang from Haphazardly Implausible), I still must say that Darcy would be my favorite.

    ...If Darcy dies I'll be sorely disappointed. But I don't think that you'll do that, because there's too much potential concerning that character.

    Besides...*evil grin* Would you really have the guts to kill off Steed the younger?

    (*snicker* I doubt it. ;)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Oh man. Um...I really thought about hinting at a tragedy since you were so "I'm trying to unsulk" then my better judgment kicked in and was like "NOO!!! NO SPOILERS!" (<-- My judgment even said "spoilers" with a River Song voice...) :D I'm sorry. It's rough. yup. I freaked out the first time.


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