Sunday, February 24, 2013

"So, heard about Pluto? That's messed up."

 Not sure how to being this post since I've used the, "Well, I'm back," so often. How about this? Want to share a pineapple with me?

 As promised, I have a character for all of you to meet today. And his name is Stefan.

 Stefan is 18, his eyes are brown and his hair is black and curly. And he lost his left hand in a wagon accident. (You saw that correctly, I spelt accident right without looking.)

 Stefan is the hermit I've mentioned before. He left his home at a young ish age and moved up into the mountains where he hopes to live out his days in peace, and ALONE. Unfortunately, I'm his Author and I had other plans.

 His quiet life changes the day Magda comes crashing down into his garden. Reluctantly, he joins her and Lachlan on their mission. He is very critical, grumpy, reminds everyone every chance he gets how he would have been happier back at his cabin - ALONE - and likes to cook. He is actually a rather good cook, as well as a good swordsman.

 Over time he begins to question his reasons for going with Magda, and wonders if he is starting to believe in her cause.

 And there he is. I'd say you should introduce yourselves to him, but he might just use that as an excuse to say he doesn't care and ask you to leave him alone.

 And, before I go...quote is from Psych! SURPRISE! It is something Gus says a lot in the first seasons, when he is trying to start a conversation with a girl. And since I am a firm defender on Pluto's injustice of getting knocked from the planet list I've decided to claim it as a conversation starter as well.




  1. Ah! Hello there Stefan. You sound very much like a friend of mine, called Breem. I seem to like people like you...distant, lonish, and grumpy. ;) I hope you will forgive me for being honest. It really is very good to make your acquaintance and I hope our relationship will be friendly, if nothing else. And I hope I am not presumptuous in saying I can't wait to get to know you better.

  2. B---but...If Pluto were a planet, humanity would be a more complicated place.
    Justice would hang imbalanced!
    Science textbooks would become increasingly complex!

    ...And for heaven's sake, life as we know it is already hard enough without having to recall by memory a half-dozen other dwarf planets that make up our solar system by using odd acronyms that involve mother's making nine pizzas.

  3. He sounds like an interesting character - and likely a bit frustrating.

    I find male characters who are good cooks amusing - one of my favorite guys is one.

    And doncha just love messing up the plans of your characters? 'Tis such fun!

  4. Oh dear. Poor Stefan! He sounds awfully like me. I have often said I want to be a hermit, and live ALONE, so I am on his side already. If I *were* a hermit, and someone came crashing into my garden, I would be incredibly grumpy an critical too. I hope he gets back to his peaceful cabin in the mountaians after all his adventuring is over.

    Oh, yes, please! I would love to share a pineapple with you! I love pineapple.

  5. Love spellcheck too. KIDDING. I'm sure you spelt "accident" without spellcheck... ;)

    Cooking is good. So is being alone (sometimes). I LIKE Stefan. Plus, I'm a huge fan of the name. Unless it were to have an "O" on the end and then I'd starting thinking of eye-tattoos and Count Olaf. I'll share a pineapple!!!!!

  6. Stefan sounds like quite an interesting character indeed :)

  7. Haha. I have a character names Stefan, too...except he goes by his last name, so no one ever calls him that. :)

    I think I'll like your Stefan. I like hermits. They remind me of myself.

    I agree: Pluto should still be a planet. The end :)

  8. Stefan sounds cool. I think its nasty to keep tossing Pluto about - now its not a planet - AGAIN. So instead of 'My Very Energetic Mother Just Sold Us Nine Pickles'.... 'My Very Energetic Mother Just Sold Us Nectarines?' that doesn't sound as cool

  9. Very nice to meet him. I like him already... He sounds like he has a complicated back history - leaving home, wanting to be by himself.... And having only one hand!

    The puppy in the new Star Trek is adorable. I think he actually solves a problem in one episode... But I can't remember.
    Star Trek is one show that isn't like the BBC. The only time they kill off important characters is when the actor/actress wants to go on to other things, or that killing the character adds to the plotline.

    I can kind of see Robert Downey Jr.'s SH getting married as well... Only as a joke, though, to figure out a case.

    Maybe it wasn't actually Adler in that Sherlock episode. Maybe it was her evil twin. Maybe the real Irene Adler will show up later and actually be GOOD.

    Here in America the TV shows are just violent.

    Oooo we should find a way to contact the illustrator of Leviathan and have him draw Borvil in a fedora! That would be so cute... and cool. And spyish.
    Hee hee I know how you feel about Malone.
    And Telsa! I almost yelled out about the trees when it was on the news but my parents looked at me strange so I stopped.

    I didn't thin I would enjoy the vampire one either, but I did! I loved the part when Rory went against the vampire dude. That was so funny!
    I just finished watching Vincent and the Doctor. Oh my word. BRILLIANT episode! One of my favorites. I loved it!
    And in the episode before Vincent and the Doctor... Poor Rory erased from history! I know he comes back, though, so I kind of giggled when I saw him die for the second time. But poor Amy! I feel much more sad about her! And then she forgot him! Sigh. I wonder how they'll fix that one? Don't tell me!

  10. Stefan sounds like an awesome character. :D I love him already. (I think it's so cool that he lost his hand...I don't know why, but that just made him so much cooler!)

  11. Stefan sounds fun, in his moody way. :) Moody characters add a hilarity to books. And, I still don't understand why Pluto is a sub-planet?! How can it only be part planet? Do people seriously sit around and argue over what it takes to make a planet a planet?


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