Monday, February 04, 2013

"This one has a caramel center made with the milk of the intergalactic bovine creature that on occasion jumps over the Moon."

 For all those worried...I don't typically kill off characters. Thankfully for all of you, I am reader as well as an author, and I know the pain of growing to love a character only to have them die. So you all can put some of your worry to rest. (I say some, because...I've not always been able to keep everyone alive. But I do my best.) That probably did little to comfort all of you concerned over a one handed hermit...

 Because I was lacking in posts, yet again, and didn't wish to do book reviews in a row, I've decided to try a Character Encounter. I don't know who came up with them so I am unable to link to the blog, but lots of authors do them. Someone, somewhere, will tell where the encounter should take place - fast food restaurant, forth, and we have to tell of a time we met our characters in such places. This month's is a party.)


 My idea of a good party was always a few friends getting together and playing games in the parlor like in the Little House books. I even always envisioned an awkward Almonzo there, shifting his feet and watching Laura giggle. Sadly though, I've never been to a party like that, and this one proved to be no better.

 All around me young people are talking while I sit awkwardly on the couch, trying to act like I'm listening and not like I know all what their saying. Trying out my Sherlock skills would surely lessen my popularity among them, and that isn't something I need lessened. Therefore, I sit there, my awkwardness having none of the charm that Almonzo's would have.

 Slowly, as girls giggle over school and boys talk about cars, I drift off and space out until someone sits beside me, pulling me from my thoughts. Blinking, I dare to look and see who has sat beside the out of place girl and find myself face to face with a blond haired young man. His hair is close cropped and streaked with odd bits of black, giving him an odd look.

 "I tried some of this frozen...stuff," he says, holding up a bowl I had not noticed before. He stabs a spoon into the ice cream and takes a bite, smiling. "It is good, what do you call it?"

 I look around but no one has noticed him yet, which I find odd as he doesn't fit in with his leather jacket and tall boots.

 "Peter Jones!" I whisper urgently. "What are you doing here?"

 "Eating this," he motions to the bowl, "what are you doing here?"

 I smirk at his earnestness and shrug my shoulders. If anyone sees him what should I care. "Playing Sherlock," I reply, "and that is called ice cream."

 "Ice cream," he takes another bite, "how come we don't have any in Scotland?"

 "Because Tony would get too round eating it all the time."

 He snickers, then settles back. "This might be a more interesting party if he and Darcy where here," he points out.

 Sighing, I lean back as well. "Likely," I say, "but it is less dull now that you are here."

 "Good. I was hoping you'd want me to stay."

 "Why?" I ask.

 "I wanted another bowl of ice cream."
 Quote is from E Aster Bunnymund, the book. He is talking about one of his chocolates, which is rotten. One shouldn't talk about such good chocolates if he cannot share them.




  1. The someone who came up with and runs the Character Encounters is me. *waves!* Here's the link to this month's:

    Thanks for participating, by the way. I'm glad you found someone to talk to!

  2. My thoughts EXACTLY on icecream, Peter Jones. It is good stuff!

  3. Very good, Jack! Hmm... I wonder what would happen if one of my charries showed up at a party...

    ~Robyn Hoode

  4. ~playing Sherlock, good one! My favourite ice-cream is from McDonalds(cause it`s cheap and in a cone!)

    ~Haha, sure! You can be my co-pilot! ^^ I watched Lost ages ago! Practically forgot the storyline and all. Same like Heroes, I forgot that story too! All I remember is an immortal chick and a time traveling Asian and his buddy. >.< (Oh yeah, someone could fly too.)

    ~Yeah, and the techniques they used to kill off each other!!(Where`s the sibling love??) xD

    ~Lol, they be flying space ships and all. My friend says elves originated from Norse mythology x.x Are they types of fairies? (I wonder what happened to their wings....) I like your version better!

    ~*nods* Yeah! Her choice in men are terrible!

  5. That was fun! I'd like to be at a party where my characters show up - and you know what? Most of them wouldn't know what ice cream is either!

  6. I agree with him. The world needs more ice cream!

    Indeed! I think spandex attracts villainous characters. (Your brother has good taste in villains, then.)

  7. I enjoyed this a lot. :D :D For real. It's adorable. I'd love to meet your peter. He sounds lovely. Plus, I love your idea of a party. It's so pleasant. And that you mentioned Almonzo and Laura. xD I love those books so much. I've read them over and over...The first time I finished the entire series I was 6 or 7 and They've always been one of my favorites. :) <3
    This is such a great post!

    P.S. really sorry for the lack of comments recently! :P I've not been on the computer much, but that's over, hopefully. :D <3

  8. So cute!! and he doesn't know what Ice cream is! LOL

    PS: I kind of enjoy killing charictors. I kill fifteen within the first two chapters of Earthward Bound (the book after Elvings away) though I only mention them in passing, I try not to get attached to anybody I am going to kill. so keep it as a warning If I am vague with a charictor, they are probably going to die. (though this isn't always the case sometimes I simply don't have time to develope them.)

    (please excuses the misspelled words)

  9. Hehe, that's funny. :) Come now, no ice cream in Scotland?

  10. Wow. This was fantastic! You set the mood so well...Peter sounds like a really cool character.

    Hey, have you ever seen 'Nim's Island?' It's about an author that is always talking to her characters. Gerard Butler players this fun 'Indiana Jones' type guy. I think it's a really cute movie. Your scene reminded me of it. *Smile.*


  11. Hi Jack ~ Thanks for doing that. I have never heard of a character encounter before. What a Brilliant Idea! And yours was fun - I'm glad I am not the only one who plays Sherlock during social gatherings. Thanks to Kendra too, for coming up with the idea. I intend to play around with it.

    I am going to comment on the how-to-avoid-getting-murdered post here too. That was hilarious. I have a paranoia of parking garages... and alley ways... and basements. You know, places where visibility is no good, and the Man with Wicked Intentions can see you before you see him. But then, I tend to make fists of my hands, and contemplate how to get in the first punch whenever I walk by someone I don't know.


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