Sunday, February 03, 2013

"You know you don't mean that." "I think he does. I've never heard him say so much all at one time."

 This is another one of those days where I have little to say. Because of my secret project, a certain someone I know who is...come to think of it, I don't even know how to put that. (Getting married? Thinking I'm the most annoying thing who has ever walked the earth? Has issues with closets and clothing? Take your pick.) As well as editing, publishing, and a project my mum and I are under taking, I feel about ready to jump out of my skin - mostly from excitement and impatience.

 Therefore, I don't know what to talk about. I must say though, I am sorry if I get behind reading your blogs. This is something I am hoping to keep up on, but as my list above stated, I don't have much free time. (Oh, and you can add work in there somewhere. And writing. And reading - an author must always read - and family. Okay, I'm doing to stop adding to my list. But why is it every time I go to publish, my life gets insanely...odd?)

 Enough of that, though. I am pleased to announce I finished two books and am in the middle of three very good ones. (One of which I wasn't putting much hope in.)

 Therefore, I do have a review for you all. This book I have seen about the library before and while it looked Steampunk I never picked them up. However, being on the look for something good I finally decided to try it.

 The book is called The Navigator written by Eoin McNamee, an Irish author. It is the first in a three part series and tells the story of Owen, a boy who is suddenly pulled into a battle when time is messed up and the life he has always known is erased. He finds helped with a band of people who's job it is to fix time every time this happens. But he soon discovers earth's only hope lies with him.

 This is a children's book so it didn't have a complex writing style. It was more simple and very fast paced, which I always love. The plot has enough twists to keep it interesting but the best part, of course, was the characters.

 There is a whole host of amazing characters, starting with Owen who isn't the typical hero. He's brave, yes, but he is also kind and doesn't go about acting as if he's better then everyone else. If anything he's mostly confused throughout the book - time is messed up, who wouldn't be?
 Then you have Cati, a wildly adventurous girl who always is one of the sweetest girl characters I've ever read. She isn't afraid to comfort others and, get this, even gives another girl a hug to cheer her up. (When was the last modern book you read where a girl will hug someone?!)
 She also gets annoyed with Owen sometimes, but never hesitates to stand up for him. When others believe he's a traitor she refuses to, even when there seems to be a lot of evidence toward it. I loved the friendship between them.

 There are others as well. A doctor who talks backwards, Wesley - who is kind of like a street boy/ soldier. Pieta, a recklessly brave woman, though not in the annoying sense. And Cati's father, who was cool, there is no other word for him.

 Though I wouldn't consider this the most well written book I've ever read, it pleasantly surprised me especially how much I came to like Cati and Owen. And, I am looking forward to the second and third book, because...the ending! A very good ending, but still!

 And now, I think I will go away. Because, well...because if I didn't I would spend the next hour talking about nothing.

 Quote is from the Lucky Luke movie.




  1. Ramble away!! That's what we're here for :)

  2. Incredible quest there. What happened after?

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  3. Sounds like it was a cute book! I love those younger-audience books, because they focus more on being a good story than being artsily-written or having complex plot twists or whatever. They're just plain ol' interesting. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for this one!

  4. Still want to know about the secret project...

  5. Oh, I read that one. There are two or three more in that series, but I never did get around to checking them out. I liked it, though. I liked Owen. :)

    My goodness, you do sound busy. I feel your pain. I've been trying to do MY writing while juggling some contracted writing jobs I've gotten on freelance sites, and do my clay thingies. There's that quote from Marvin in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: "Life. Don't talk to ME about life." Can't you so relate sometimes?


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