Thursday, March 07, 2013

"By the way, Spencer. You ever call me Binkie again I'll shoot you."

 Tomorrow I need to get caught up on comments. So, just so you know I haven't forgotten about all of you I am here to say...I haven't. *Smirk*

 Everything here is still crazy, but just less crazy. And really, I cannot expect anything less out of my life, being as weird as I am and all.

 Thanks to my editor, I have been shown the problem I had with A Stretch of Loyalty. I am the Author who struggles with telling instead of showing and while reading the book I couldn't pin point the problem with it I knew was there. My editor kindly pointed out it was my telling and not showing problem.
 I am now hoping to start up my editing next week. Since this week is over I figure I might as well get some things done first. I'm the kind of person who cannot write if my "office" is out of place. And right now mine is a disaster. So I'm spending the next few days in fixing it up a bit more so I can settle back next week and edit. (Messes bring out the Monk in me and I get restless and start adjusting things.)

 And right now, having been around the mess so long, I am more high strung then a cat. I believe is someone was to come up behind me and bang something I'd jump high enough to hit the ceiling. Thankfully though my lack of sleep is catching up with me and I'm more willing to take a break, sit back, and watch TV for an hour or so every day. (Never fear, I will not be pulling another Psych marathon for awhile. Or any other marathon just yet.) 
 Speaking of Psych, who has seen the new season?! How did you like it? (I'm trying to hide all spoilers here...)

 Now I should go. Again, thank you for all your comments and understanding when I went AWOL on everyone, you are the best readers any Author could ask for. And I hope to have comments answered tomorrow, I just thought a kind of update would be helpful. And now it is your turns, what have all of you been doing this past week?

 Quote from Psych, Lassie's solution to everything.




  1. Jack ~ I'm so happy to hear that things are less crazy now, and that you have discovered the show-don't-tell problem, and can fix it. Sometimes I think authors are too close to their writing to be able to *see* it. We need a second pair of eyes to see it for us.

    I cannot be creative in a mess either. I go crazy. I sit down to do a bit of calligraphy, or try out a sketch idea, or see if that poem is ready to be put to paper... but there is too much clutter, and the next thing you know, I am doing my spring cleaning, under the misapprehension that it will only take a few minutes. (I also cannot watch too many episodes of Monk all at once, because I turn into a fanatical neat-freak.)

  2. New season is off to a great start! And read your interview today over at Tyrean's.

  3. Good to know that you're pulling through Lewis. :)

    That makes us glad.

  4. :D I totally understand about not showing, and telling too much. I have a hard time describing things because they're so clear in my own mind that I forget anyone who reads it will have absolutely no idea what the setting is. LOL. Grrrr.

    I WANT to see the rest of the sixth season and start the seventh. It looks good. But... stuff. So I'll wait for a while and watch it after Easter. :D

    I'm very glad to know things are settling down a bit. It must be nice for you. :)

    Cheers! God bless.

  5. I'm fairly good at Show-Don't-Tell. However, I know I have to give my manuscripts a "break" until I can read it with new eyes. Then I'm like, "Hey, this ain't bad!" (Cut, cut, cut.)

    I don't know how you work. I do like my space to be clear and un-cluttered, or I'm easily distracted. However, I can't get too far on a manuscript unless I'm working on SEVERAL manuscripts. At once. That way, I can flip between manuscripts when one stops making sense, and work on a different one. Then, something in my brain, relieved from the burden of trying to think on demand, will pop up with an "AHA!" idea to the manuscript I was hating, and I can go back to it and fix it.

    I have NOT seen the sixth season of Psych. I SO WANT TO! After Lent, I think. I want on my Doctor Who rampage, so I'm done with those, and I'm done with Leverage, and I've caught up where I can with White Collar, and I finished Monk (LOVE!!!!), so now it's time to reacquaint myself with Psych. :)

  6. Jack Lewis Baillot, I tip my hat to you for going through as many Psych seasnos as you have in as little time as you did. *tips hat*

    OH GOOD! We haven't been forgotten!! :) That *is* comforting.

    I hope you progress well in your book. How are you, girly?


  7. Take all the time you need.
    Ha... I get the same way with messes sometimes. If I haven't cleaned for a long time it's like, "AH! MESS! MUST ORGANIZE!" But then I never get around to cleaning everything.... I'm responsible for my stuff. Everyone else is responsible for their stuff.

  8. P.S. I like how you changed the pink. It looks a lot better now.

  9. Aw, Jack, thanks for the comment. It has been a pleasure for me to get to know you too. I hope things continue to get better for you, and I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you have heard to Thomas Aquinas. Christian philosophy owes a lot to his writing, and both Christian and non-Christian philosphers still read his work. I just think it is neat that someone as intelligent as he was didn't get puffed up about his Massive Intellect (as Sherlock does :-) but remained very practical, and even rather funny.


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