Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"I got the tiny girl with the limp." "Nice work, Lassie."

 Wherein Jack feels flattered and speechless all at once.

 I don't even know how to begin. Hence the speechless bit.

 As you can see from my sidebar I now have a 100 followers. Aye, a 100. I never thought I'd get this many, and now I am in shock. 

 Which is why it took me about ten minutes just to write that bit.

 So, thank you, all of you! And if you come back on Friday I will, hopefully, have a surprise for everyone. (Something I've been planning for the day I reached a 100. Well, for the Friday I reached a 100. I like to save all these things for Fridays, just to make the day even better then it already is. *Smirk*)
  I caught the flu so spent an hour or so curled up on the couch - I spent most of the day on the couch, but only part of it curled up for an hour or two watching the old Tintin cartoons.
 I got the first season for Christmas but found they put all the seasons on Netflix so thought it might be fun to watch them all. After all, I watched the BBC Narnias - not that those weren't too bad, but the Prince Caspian one makes me wince even now.

 The Tintin cartoons aren't too bad. And they are fun to watch with the knowledge that Jamie Bell used to watch them as a boy. (If you don't know who he is I disown you.) But every time I watch them I am reminded of just how glad I am that the new movie was made.

 It isn't that the cartoons are bad, and in some ways they keep closer to the story lines of the books better then the new movies. But there are some things I wish they hadn't done in the cartoons.

 The first is, I miss the accents. Maybe this comes from watching BBC so much though. Seeing a non American character speaking with an American accent makes me want to cry. Kind of like every time I hear Hugh Jackman not using his wonderful accent. (There really should be some kind of law passed against him. An Australian, who doesn't use an Australian accent. Tisk.)

 I know I shouldn't complain too much about the lack of accents, but I still miss them. The other thing that makes me want to put the movie in is Tintin's insistence of shouting Yahoo. Yahoo? Tintin, when did you become reduced to this?
 I noticed other American phrases which were snuck in. I can't recall them at the moment thanks to my cold, but I heard a lot in The Cigars of the Pharaohs. And he kept saying vacation. It took all my will power and my sore throat to keep me from shouting Holiday.

 Nevertheless, it is a fun show and the perfect way to pass a day sick with the flu. And I am excited to see The Black Island one, (My favourite of the books. Hear that, Peter Jackson?! You like it, I like should put it into the new movie!!)

 Enough of Tintin though. (Haha, just kidding. One can never get enough of Tintin) Even so, I am going to bed. 

 Quote is again from Psych. In this one, Shawn and Gus and Lassie all have to chase down two teens. Shawn and Gus go after the young man while Lassie chases the girl who has hurt her ankle. And he is quite proud of himself when he catches her. (Well done, Lassie. Well done.)

 What about all of you? Have you seen the Tintin cartoons? What are your thoughts on them?

 Don't forget to come back on Friday!!




  1. I only recently noticed that the Tintin cartoons don't have British accents.
    When my dad read them to me as I grew up, he always did American accents for most of the characters (General Alcazar, Calculus, and the sherpa in Tintin in Tibet whose name I can't remember right now [Sharkie? Sharpie] were exceptions... as were some other characters. But most of them had American accents).
    So I don't really miss the British accents. (Besides, wouldn't all the characters have French accents because Belgium is a French-speaking country?)
    Personally, I think they stick pretty close to the books. I always thought of them as the books except the pictures are moving and here and there the plot line is expanded or a scene is taken out or put in...
    Hee hee... When I was younger my dad, cousin, aunt and I would get together and compare our different Tintin accents because my dad would read all the characters with accents and my aunt would read them to my cousin with accents too.
    Have you ever read Astrix and Oblix? They are similar to Tintin (and the Thom(p)sons make an apperance in Astrix in Belguim.... Astrix also shows up in Tintin and the Picaros). If you haven't read Astrix you really should... They are really good.

  2. Clapping, clapping, and contgratulations all round! 100? That's awesome! :)

    I remember watching Tintin cartoons with Cait... they'd be on TV in the afternoons. I wasn't a big reader at that point, so I didn't read the comics (I never have, actually), but the new movie is very cool.

  3. From July until two months ago, I'd only seen the cartoons. My sister and I were giving our dog a haircut (no easy task, I assure you) at 2 A. M. It was a bit too quiet, so we started scrolling through Netflix. We came upon the Tintin cartoons, and I remembered hearing a friend of mine talking about them. We watched them for lack of anything better, and for some strange reason, we stayed up til 4 watching them and giving our dog a haircut.

  4. Sorry you're sick!
    One hundred followers. And last night was episode one hundred of Psych. Connection...?

  5. Congratulations on the one hundred followers! (But no congrats on getting sick...I hope you feel better!) I look forward to the surprise on Friday.

  6. Congratulations!!!

    Sorry you are sick! That is no fun! <3

    I nominated you for a blog award.... I don't know if you do those things or not, if you don', don't even worry about it. :-)

  7. Yay! Congratulations on the 100 followers!

    Sorry you're sick... though sometimes it is nice not to have to do anything and you can just rest and watch TV. :)

    I like the Tintin movie, but I haven't really watched the series. But one of my sisters is a big Tintin fan.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. It is nice sometimes to lay about and watch TV. I wonder sometimes if that is why our bodies get sick. "Fine, you won't rest? I will just shut down and make you!"

      The Tintin series is fun. Not as brilliant as the movie, but still fun. I enjoy it, especially when I just want something to watch that I don't have to put much thought into. Unlike Doctor Who, where you can't space out for one minute or you miss something vital.

  8. I shall add my congratulations to all the rest. 100 followers is fantastic.

    Oooo! The Black Island is my favourite too - Tintin in a kilt in Scotland... with a Gorilla. What's not to like? It is, at present, the only Tintin book I own, though I have read a number of them.

    I am sorry that you are sick. I hope you are feeling much better. About a month ago, the stomach flu went through my family. I managed to avoid that. (Very fervently, Thanks be to God!) Now strep throat is going around.

    I love Easter too. I have a great fondness for Christmas. During Christmas time I am sure that is my favourite holiday. And then Easter comes, and I become almost convinced that *it* is my favourite. Your church dinner sounds like fun. I hope you have a great time!

  9. It is never fun to be sick. I guess you couldn't really choose a better time, though, during Holy Week. You can feel ever so much closer to Christ. :)

    I don't recognize these quotes at all! Is this Season Seven you've been watching, or one of the older Psych's that I haven't seen in years... actually, yes, I think years is absolutely correct!


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