Sunday, March 24, 2013

"I think my dad is starting to like me."

 Wherein Jack talks and talks about who knows what.

 I know, I have a character post do. I will get to it, hopefully this week.

 Sometimes I worry about talking about my publishing progress. That maybe if I admit outloud, or on a blog, everything I'm doing at the moment it will make me sound less like an author and more like a silly little girl scribbling in her notebooks about pioneers traveling to California. (Been there, done that. What author hasn't?)
 But part of the reason I talked about all the work I went through to publish my first book was to help other to be authors out and to show everyone all the work which has to go into it. I guess it was to make all us mysterious authors seem less mysterious. I wonder if I've broken a code. Either way, talking about marketing cannot be much different then disclosing all the pre publishing secrets. So today, I will share with you what I've done so far to market.

 When researching marketing I read about readers complaining about when authors will talk on and on about their book, trying to talk them into reading it. They said they would see something like that on Twitter and would end up un-following the author.
 I never wanted to force my book on people. I prepared myself for complete rejection, just to be prepared, and did my best to prick interest in readers. I sought out those who read Steampunk and met them. I met some Steampunk authors who have helped me out a great deal.

 But publishing the book was different. Now I have a book out there, I am a real live author...good thing I'm not dead, eh? That might be disturbing. And now people I've never met face to face are reading my book. But is it enough?

 With self-publishing, it has given many a chance to get published. But it also opened the doors to publish EVERYTHING. Some poorly written books can be published now, so how to make mine stand out? Without going about, all over online, making mine sound like the next Lord of the Rings? Because that is just annoying.

 I must admit, I'm not sure I really came up with a new marketing plan. At the moment my plan has been rather simple, maybe too simple. The best way I've seen to market is to allow the readers to spread the word. If they like the book enough they will talk about it. Also, have another book out in six months. I've seen that this helps as well. If an author is new it is easy for them to get forgotten if they wait too long to publish a second book. 

 Also, getting an already well known author to read the book and write a review helps as well. I've already been trying this. I have been in contact with many authors and one has offered to read it. Which makes me a little nervous, but not too nervous because I know her. 

 All of this has proven to be more work then I bargained for. I must keep up on my blog, I must keep up on comments and always keep an eye out for new readers. I must be active online and keep an eye out on the new books coming out. What is the new popular genre? What books are doing well, which are being over looked? Who are the new authors? I have to keep a consent watch on this.

 And, of course, there is daily life I cannot shove aside. I have a job I have to get to - you know, on the days I am scheduled. I make time for my family and friends. Emails to answer. Secret projects to work on. Writing and editing which must be done. Preparation for the book trailers and covers. Costumes which must be made. And somewhere in there is eating and sleeping...not sure where, but it is there somewhere.

 I'm not complaining, it is fun and is what I've always wanted to do. But figuring out marketing almost threw me for a loop, and everything else that happened in my life lately. Authors who still manage to write and spend time with their families deserve a metal. I know of a husband and wife who both write and still manage to be good parents to their daughter as they dash all over to conferences and book signings and who knows what else.

 So what do you think? What marketing plans make you NOT want to read an author's book? What marketing plans make you want to read it? 

 I should have trailer news for you all soon, for A Stretch of Loyalty. I have been getting help with the costumes but a camera wasn't working, so I can't share them yet.

 Quote is from Psych, something Shawn says after his dad tells him to be careful - or tells him not to work on a case which Shawn instantly works on. 




  1. Marketing sounds SO tricky. I've followed authors on facebook who do "updates" on when their book is coming every day. It feels like spam after a while. So I understand how hard this must be. I do LOVE finding out about new books though. Especially if I see a blog I love recommend them. :)

    Pft, fitting eating and sleeping in? Nah. Not top priority.

  2. I don't see how you keep up with everything! I admire you my friend :)

  3. I was in marketing and PR for 30+ years and still, when I published my memoir in 2009, the last thing I wanted to do was market it. I did the obligatory book signings - not very helpful. I did a book launch party, which was great, I must say. I started my blog. But other than that, I didn't do much. I'm not a very good example. Good luck to you.

  4. I've been thinking about this myself- I don't want to be one of those pushy authors who market their book with their every breath, either, so...yeah. I understand you there. :)

    Heehee. And what kid author HASN'T written about the Oregon trail and pioneers heading west? ;)

  5. Allowing readers to spread the word is the best plan! They can talk up your book more effectively than you can.
    Great Shawn quote today.

  6. I think marketing is the worst part about selling a novel. I am not the kind of person who likes to go around promoting my stuff, and I don't like waving things about saying, "See what good Cat has made? Buy them! Buy them!"

    Of course, having an Etsy account does help me with the whole, "See and marvel at what Cat hath wrought" aspect of selling my things, which I hope will help when it comes to my books. I do want to get an agent. Having an agent find the publishers and pitch the ideas would be so helpful. I'd like that. A lot. They are also like your personal first reader and editor, which I LOVE.

    I agree about having new books coming out fairly quickly. Hence the reason I have so many novels. Hopefully, when I become a Best Seller (*snickersnort*) I shall have a multitude of books I shall be able to churn out with alarming regularity. :)

  7. Eck, marketing is my pending nightmare. It's partly why I want to publish traditionally, so I'll have marketing, but hopefully not as much. I'm not a sales person. I consider you self publishers very courageous people.

    The only marketing techniques that I can think of that I don't like is the ones that describe the story as something completely different from what it really is. Or the ones that relate it too heavily to "The Chronicles of Narnia" or "The Lord of the Rings." Or when they use cheesy or cliched wording.

    Happy writing and marketing and the life necessities. :)

  8. I don't do much Facebook-ing or tweeting, but I do blog a lot, and I've contacted several people about reviews. Some have, some haven't. Shrug. I probably should do a bit more marketing than I do, but ...

    Wait, a book every six months ... uhhh ... I'd better get Take published soon. There was almost a year's gap between Sew and Saffron, and we're working on another year now. Ankulen should be out pretty soon after Take though, since it's behaving.

  9. I like your marketing plan. And I am AMAZED at how much you manage to get done and do everyday and still have time for fun stuff... Not that writing isn't fun. ;) You are amazing. God has given you a talent for getting stuff done, I think.

  10. P.S. This is nice marketing plan:

  11. My dad does a lot of marketing hoo-ha (I believe that might actually be what one of the certificate-y things on his wall is for) and so I am totally with you there when you say marketing is a pain in the butt, and comes out of the blue.

    Personally, your marketing plan sounds pretty darn good to me! The marketing scheme I hate the most is the drawn-out series- typically a trilogy. They advertise the first book, and the author sucks you into it, and it's a really great book. Then there's another. And another. And another. Since I want to know how the characters from Book One get through it all, I keep reading, even though I may not want to. It's one of the reasons I typically write stand-alone stories. Some series are great (typically when the plot has been carefully constructed pre-writing, and was intended to be a very, very long adventure) but so many of them these days are just marketing schemes. A certain book regarding hunger and games comes to mind, as does another series about sparkly vampires.

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