Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"If something illegal is going down it's our duty to call Lasiter and get him shot."

 Today I am returning to my life of thievery. 

 In which Jack admits to being a thief yet again after she has stolen a dinner party.

 I found this tag while reading Treskie's blog. Normally I don't steal tags, but this one looked like such fun I decided to resort to my life of crime. But, to look less incriminating, I will link back to her blog, which you can find HERE!

 This tag is where I plan a dinner party and invite my favourite book characters. And I will now open up the invitation to all of you to join me in the life of crime and say if any of you wish to steal it, go for it!

 All one must do is answer the questions.

 1. One character who likes to cook.
 I will go with Sunny from A Series of Unfortunate Events. Although...the Redwallers are great cooks too...how come the British can make toast sound like the best meal in the world?

 2. One character who has money to fund the party.
 King Peter and Edmund. They should have enough...they are kings after all

 3. One character who might cause a scene.
 North. And Bunnymund. Because, while North can cause a scene just fine on his own with his swords, he is better at it if Bunny is at his side.

 4. One character who is funny/ amusing
 Howl. In an annoying way....but still, I wouldn't mind. And I doubt any other girl would either.

5 One character who is super social/ popular
 Will Treaty. And there is Howl's competition  

 6. One villain.
 MORIARTY! "I thought you might call."

 7. One couple (doesn't have to be romantic.)
 Jack and Myrtle from Larklight...or maybe Art and Charity...ug, that is hard. As much as I am not fond of Myrtle I'd adore having Jack there...but couple would mean having him and not Art and I'd miss Art. Must think on this. No, to fix this I will do Sherlock and Watson instead. (They are a couple of friends.) And it will keep things interesting, having Moriarty there. (Also, if Jack and Art want to sneak in I shan't complain.)

  8. One hero/ heroine

 9. One under-appreciated character
 Percy from the Percy Jackson books. Aye, he has a good many real life girls who love him, but in the books those who aren't trying to kill him are usually thinking of him as an idiot.

 10. One character of your own choosing.  
 Alec from the Leviathan books. I have two kings, why not a prince?

 In other news, I have a surprise for Friday. But for now I am going, I have lots of work and editing to do. 

 Quote is from Gus (Psych) when Shawn is trying to talk him into doing something dangerous - if I remember correctly. And he is trying to talk Shawn into calling Lassie instead.




  1. That was fun to read! I would go to that dinner party. I wonder what they would all talk about....

    We do need Sherlock season three... Everyone is going mad with the weird pictures. I found one the other day where Sherlock invites everyone over to 221B to teach them how to deduce... Except he does it Disney style.... "Let's get down to business! For the game is on...... Deduction! You must use all of your observation. Deduction! And make deductions to solve the crime. Deduction!"
    Watson's three years is turning into our three years....

    Moby Dick is really hard to get through... Especially the long boring chapters about whaling. But they can be interesting. I think my attitude had a lot to do with me liking the book so much. If I went in going "This is going to be so boring! I'm going to hate this!" I probably would have hated it. But I've made a decision to never go into a book with preconcieved notions of hate. I will like a book unless something in the book makes me not like it.

    Yes. I agree about the rescusing books. Old books need good homes - where little children won't pull them off the shelves and destroy them! My poor Robin Hood that I rescued is already nearly dead... The cover has fallen off. But hopefully I can figure out how to put it back on. I'm sure there's an app for that.

    Ooooo you have a bowler! I am envious! Is it a nice one or the cheap costumy kind you get at party stores? Either way, I bet it's still cool!

    Yeah, Rory was great in A Good Man Goes to War. He's great in all of them. I think Amy and Rory would have been great parents. One thing that kind of bothers me though... Amy and Rory ALWAYS get separated - in almost every episode! And Amy is always destraught and a couple of times she says, "When I see him again I'm going to tell him I love him properly!" and then she never does. I don't think they've said "I love you" in any episode yet.

    Anyway, have a great week. =)

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  3. I would have thought of Sunny for a cook, too. I love Sunny. I love Sunny's word choices. She's just great all round.

    I love the blog's new look!

  4. Hehe! :D You steal tags?? *shakes head disapprovingly* I....*never*.....steal tags........ 8l Not at all....... *cough*

    Okay, so your answer to Number 5 surprised me...I'll have to admit.... :D I personally would have thought Horace would have been more of the social one....Although, yeah. Will is pretty popular. *grin* Oh MY WORD! I just had a strange thought...what if Halt were invited! O.O Poor man. It's awkward just to think about..... *blink*

    The Redwallers!! YES! {haven't read series of unfortunate events...so I can't really relate to that...*shrugs*}

    Love the tag... :D Have a lovely day!

    I was wondering....what do people think when they see "S.I.C."....? it must be strange to see all the time.... {unless of course they know what it stands for...*grin*.} I'm very curious now.....

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  6. If Peter and Edmund don't have enough cash, we're in trouble.
    You do realize I would come here every day for the Psych quotes alone?

  7. Now that would be a part to go to! I know Sunny was your first choice for cook, but the idea of having a real, honest-to-goodness Redwall feast is the coolest idea ever. *nods*
    Could I please sit next to John Watson? Or Howl. Either will do. *Grin.* And I'd like to have Bunny and Tintin sitting opposite me. :D Awesome.


  8. I would agree with favorite villain tag. Moriarty is a cool villain hands down!! Next to Loki I would say that Moriarty wins that my vote. My hero is either the Doctor or Sherlock....cuz there just brilliant people ya know:)

    Sam R.

    1. I forgot about Loki, I guess I don't really consider him a villain. He is a fun one though. Moriarty wins for me, in the creepy area. And he has a cool, villainy name.

      Oh yes! The Doctor is a great hero!!

  9. OOh, Moriarty! That would make the party ever so creepy, wouldn't it? Especially when he started talking with his up and down, high then normal voice.

    Some great people there: Howl, TINTIN!! Bunny and North, Edmund and Peter, Percy, SHERLOCK AND WATSON!!! I want to sit by all of them. LOL

    I am determined to steal this too. I just haven't, yet. Maybe for Saturday...

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! It is absolutely gorgeous. I have this thing for green. Green is good. :)

  10. I'll agree with you; the Redwallers would be excellent chefs for a party. And I know! Their toast sounds better than American toast. Plus, I want their cakes. And scones. And basically everything the hares and otters ever ate. Actually, I just want their entire pantry and cellar. Brian Jacques could write a feast, for certain! (Apparently the reason they were always so decadent is because he wrote them with blind students in mind, so he wanted to describe every aspect of it so they could envision it in their heads or something along those lines. If I recall correctly, that is.)

    If Edmund and Peter can't fund your party, I want to know where the royal funds of Narnia are going.

  11. How did I miss this post?

    Hehehehe, it's not stealing if I said it's okay, right? Right? Right!?

    "How come the British can make toast sound like the best meal in the world?" <--- That line. I giggled. Well, when I say giggle I mean more of a quick spurt of air. :D Like, "HA!" lol

    Moriarty. How much do I hate him? Let me count the ways..... Urgle.

    And oooh. Will Treaty? Like from Ranger's Apprentice? I haven't read those books in years.... I thought they lost something after he wasn't an apprentice anymore.

    LOL! Word of advice to bad people: NEVER underestimate, Percy Jackson. He will take you apart. (As an aside, I finally got Bella to read them. She's on the fourth book, I think. She loooooves Percy. *sigh* So much love for one guy. Hahaha!)


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