Sunday, March 10, 2013

"No one hates me. I get Christmas cards from people I arrest."

 Okay, first, I am still trying to get caught up on comments. Very sorry I am so far behind, my catching up day didn't work out as planned. 

 Second...oh wait, there is no second. How is this then?

 I was walking through the store the other day when I saw something on one of their TVs which reminded me of a character of mine. A few days later I was watching a TV show which reminded me of another. Therefore, on a bit of randomness, I am here to share them with you.

 This one those who have read the book are likely to get. (And even those who haven't might.)

 Most everyone knows who this fellow is. A dashing French skunk who just cannot get himself a lady even with all his charm, accent, and good looks. (Really, what does a guy need to do?)
 While watching him bounding after a scrambling cat it suddenly hit me just how much he and Shamus Steed are alike. Both French, dashing, handsome, everything a girl should want. A both with an inability to get themselves a girl. (Side note, Steed was not at all pleased I started snickering over the resemblance he has with a skunk.)

 The second show reminds me of a character I've not yet introduced. He is in a book, well the romance book I've mentioned before. The only one I've written which has gone through almost too many re-writes to count.

 This fellow is a shepherd. Laid back - which is putting his laziness mildly - doesn't really care about anything going on around him, and always looking for a way to get out of work. He is the older brother to the main character in the book - and the main character has a herd of unruly sheep.

 At first I thought the TV show reminded me of the main character and his sheep, but when I watched the farmer more I realized it was more his brother - with the main characters sheep. 

  The farmer, like the brother, makes his dog do all his work. And the sheep, like the main character's sheep, run the whole thing - being they are so much smarter then the farmer.
 P.S. If you haven't seen Shawn the Sheep you should watch a few. A fun British show if you are too tried to want to watch anything which requires a lot of thought.

 And that is all. I'm going to answer some comments then go to bed.

 Quote is from Psych, when Jules learns that someone doesn't like her - I think they are trying to kill her or something. I forget exactly but I'm sure someone out there can refresh my memory. *Blink*




  1. You're not the only one who's been a bit behind when it comes to the blogosphere! I don't think I've commented much of anywhere, and I've only posted two posts since the start of March. (Oh, and one of my characters went behind my back and wrote something on Saturday, but that's another issue.)

    Oh dear, Pepe le Pew. You know, if he would just make sure the girl he's chasing if she's a real skunk or not, he'd be a whole lot happier!

    And I plan to get your book soon! Hopefully ... I really can't wait to read it.

  2. NO! Don't blink Jack!

    Oh my word... That skunk video made me giggle. "You may call me Streetcar, because I am filled with Desire-" Haha.

    Top hats are essential. Tops hats or bowlers... Actually, I prefer bowlers because the Thom(p)sons wear them. =)

    Happiness is definitely a choice.
    I will, hopefully, never ever be an adult who forgets her favorite kid books and shows.

    The other night I watched A Good Man Goes to War. O.O Wow. I knew about River previously... But the Flesh. They are kind of creepy. (Although the creepiest DW villians I have yet seen are the Silence. *shudders* They even outrank the Weeping Angels on my scales. But not by much.)

  3. I have never seen Shawn the Sheep. I really need to begin partaking in British shows.

  4. *bursts into laughter* Poor Shamus! That's terrible, Jack! That is truly terrible! But I suppose that's ultimately better than a stereotype charrie.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. I know, very terrible. He's gone into quite a sulk over it, not that I can really blame him...I would likely do the same if someone compared me to a skunk. It just fit so well I started giggle in the store, which didn't help matters any...

  5. I have seen Shawn the Sheep! And all of the Wallace and Gromit movies and specials.

  6. I will watch those clips as soon as I'm done with school. lol.

    :D Hahaha, that quote is from the one where the guy thinks he's cursed, and Jules needs to pretend to be his girlfriend/fiance and his mother hates her. I love Juliet. She's... a really good modern heroin. She's cute and spunky and tough, but she's also feminine and and classy. With just enough girly thrown in to make her believable. She's


  7. HAHAHA! I have not seen Pepe Le Pew in years - that poor cat! There are a few Shaun the Sheep DVDs at our library. I think I shall have to check them out.

    As for Thomas Aquinas, I would not actually jump right into reading him. He really does write very *densely*. It is extremely logical, and primarily philosophy and theology. Mostly, I read things about him but written by other people. Have you read G. K. Chesterton at all? He writes a book about Thomas Aquinas that would be a good introduction to him. (I am going all librarian on you here :-)


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