Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"Oh, you don't call him Binkie?" "We do now."

 Howdy! I'm back, of sorts. Actually, I'm too tired to be completely back. But I did want to thank everyone for their comments, which I will be answering soon. I also wanted to announce I like American TV over BBC in only one aspect, they don't have the same BBC evilness of killing off well loved characters.

 And, as you can see, I changed backgrounds. I wanted something brighter for spring coming but will likely change it soon as it seems too hard to read. Your thoughts? Does it play tricks on your eyes or is it just mine?

 There was more but I forgot. I am now going to bed before I fall over.

 Quote from Psych, when Shawn and Gus meet an old friend of Lassie's, and learn a nickname he had when he was a kid. 


 Bonne Nuit, Lune



  1. Welcome back. =) I missed your posts. I hope you got everything sorted out!
    I love the pink.... But it is a bit hard to read. Mostly, I think, it's the color of the text on the see-through background.
    But pink is nice!

  2. Good to see you back, Jack!(: I hope everything is going better for you now! I hope John is well too, and eating lots of cookies.

    Oh! And in very late reply to your last comment on my blog, I have tried wearing layering a longer skirt under a shorter one, and it definitely can work! You just have to make sure the colors and the shapes flow well together.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  3. Welcome back (for however long), stranger! Nice blog background! But, it's true, it's hard to read. My eyes are doing loop-da-loops with me. Coming into Spring? Lucky you. We're hitting Autumn. :( I love suuuummmmer!!!

  4. Reading the text is a little funky.
    And enjoying the new season of Psych!

  5. NOOOO!!!! BBC is AMAZING!!! I *love* my BBC! Sherlock, and Doctor Who..... <3 That being said, I really like Stargate and Psych. :-)

    I like the change, but it is sorta hardish to read. Pretty though! <3

  6. YAY!!!!! JACK'S BACK!!!!!

    I've missed you! I hope things are going better for you.

    The background does funny things to my eyes too.

  7. Haha, is that the Western episode? lol

    I agree with you -- American shows are much kinder to their characters. Thank goodness for that. Maybe Americans are more optimistic???

    I love the pink colour. I might recommend giving the background a solid colour, like a lighter pink, or changing the text to pale pink. Although a slightly different combination of black and hot pink could be equally fabulous. *sings* Spring is in the air!

  8. Welcome back, Jack! It is good to see you again!

  9. You're back! *flying tackle hug*
    I think the pink is a little much. It's pretty, but I think you might need some contrast. I can read it just fine.

    ~Robyn Hoode

  10. JACK!!!!!!!!! We missed you! :)

    I like the new blog look, but I think I agree with Robyn Hoode, it could use a little contrast.

    And hehehe, the way Shawn says that, "We do now." in that episode is so funny. I went around calling Mahri Binkie for a while, but she pulled a 'Lassie' on me and told me to stop. *grin*

    Glad you're back!


  11. Welcome back Jack!

    I agree, the background is doing things to my vision. That, or its the headache building just behind my eyes from staring at my math book and all the squiggly numbers for too long.

  12. It's pink.

    Don't do this to me Lewis.


  13. It might be a bit bright, but sometimes a bit of cheer is needed. And I agree Americans don't kill off favorite characters most of the time, which is nice.
    I'll have your interview up tomorrow at my blog.

  14. Hello, Jack. :D
    I think the pink looks quite spring-ish. I don't have any problem with it. Weeeeell...maybe a smidgen more contrast would help it out a little. But it's lovely even with out any that.

    Oh, that psych is one of my absolute favorites! Lassie is cool in that one. And I LOVE it when the shed falls down on Shawn and Gus...and when they fall down the hole! *Sigh* So much fun. <3


  15. It's the WAY Shawn says that, with that little giggle. "We do now!" I loved that episode. Shawn looks surprisingly good in Western gear, don't he?

    I do prefer darker backgrounds. That's just me. However, I do like the pink. Maybe just for the blog part, change it to a lavender, so it's a bit darker? That might help. :)


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