Monday, March 11, 2013

"Someone better start telling me something because I'm in the mood to stable heads."

 As you can see, I changed backgrounds again. As much as I like pink, there is only so long I can endure nothing BUT pink. I still wanted something springy though, even though we just got hit with a blizzard here. (Not that I'm complaining since I didn't get a chance to build my snowman this winter. I'd be fine with a spring snowman.)

 Sunday I wasn't feeling well so spent most of the morning curled up in bed. And, needing something to do which didn't require a lot of brain work, I finished reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

 I never read all the Classic children's books as a child. I was too busy reading Historical Fiction, but lately I've picked up a few of the Classics - such as Peter Pan. And while I enjoy these whimsical stories, Alice kind of lost me.

 I am sure everyone knows the story. Alice chases a rabbit down a rabbit hole and finds herself in a strange world where Mad Hatters have tea parties and the queen and her court are cards. A nonsense book, a kind of wild imagination story.
 And while I did like the story, very often it felt like it jumped too much. As if the author was writing something, got stuck, and made a wild leap to some other subject just to keep the story going. 

 Aside from that the story was fun. It really made no sense and is a nice way to pass a summer's day. A good book to read if you don't want a plot. And Alice wasn't overly annoying as I worried she would be. However, I think my favourite character would have to be the Chasmire Cat who liked to show up at random times for no reason whatsoever.

 Quote is from...yeah, you guessed it. It is something Lassie says when Shawn and Gus are being elusive, and he is armed with a stapler. Not a wise move on their parts.




  1. I love "Through the Looking Glass". It is so awesome, I was smiling into the pages the whole way through. Never tried the first book though. I like the new look waaay better then the pink. ;P

  2. No pink. I am happy. The end. :)

  3. Jack ~ I love this background. It makes the page look like an adventure. The Alice books are rather wild, nonsencical adventures. I vividly remember a sheep from the first books, who knitted using an astonishing number of needles, and that Alice's movements in the second book were actually chess moves, which I thought was a really cool idea.

    We had a blizzard last week. We've had an odd winter, bitterly cold for days, and then it decides that it is spring, and we have unusually warm weather for days before it plunges again. But not as much snow as usual. I hadn't had anything like enough snow yet, so I was excessively delighted to get a storm. And now, we are back to spring again :-)

    I hope you are feeling better.

  4. ~I read half of `through the looking glass` at Borders(its a bookstore) when my mum forced me to follow her to the mall. She didn`t buy it for me, though =( I gotta go to the library someday to borrow it(If only I didn`t hate crowds so much, I`d already have borrowed it >_< ) The story was... confusing! xD

    ~Also, lovely new background!! ^^

  5. I've never read either Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland. I did see the Disney movies though...

    I thought that was a Psych quote.

  6. Whenever I used to watch LOST they had a ton of Alice in Wonderland references throughout the show. Love the new background btw!

  7. One of my characters earns the nickname Alice after quoting Alice's "I knew who I was this morning" line when the one person who would recognize the quote asks her who she is. Of course, she quotes anything she's ever read ... as long as it's a classic.

    I quite enjoyed reading Alice in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass ... but my brain quite frequently works that way, so I found it nice to raise an eyebrow at.

    Oh, and love the new background. Pink just didn't seem ... you. Adventure-ey green is.

  8. I've not read the children's classics either. What a good project. Hope you're feeling better now.

  9. I some how missed lots of the famous children s books too, not sure how, I was always reading!
    I need to watch Psych, I keep forgetting to check my hulu queue to see if it's there! you watch Grimm????

  10. Ooooh! I love the green! It's such a lovely color...and perfect for the upcoming St. Patrick's day. <3

    I never read Alice in Wonderland myself. I might give it a go. I've always thought the story sounded a bit strange. But I'm kinda in the mood for strange. :D


  11. Aaaah. I love the new background. Like you, I like pink, but can only handle so much at one time. :D Green is prettier, I think. *pats back*

    I've never really read classic children's books either. Never read Alice in Wonderland... but maybe Peter Pan. I think I read the one that was illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. I read it mostly for the pictures.

    I love Lassie.... but I don't recognize the quote. Is it at the end of the sixth season? :D


  12. New background is great!
    If the story jumps it's because the author wrote it while on drugs. (For real!)

  13. Oh, I love the new background!

    Also, I believe the reason Alice in Wonderland is so sporadic, and, well, weird, is because Lewis Carroll (the author) was believed to be either a schizophrenic, on drugs as he wrote it, or both.

  14. I read Alice in Wonderland. And Peter Pan. I was that kind of a kid. Peter Pan I remember not liking as much. I think it was the talk of his "pearly white teeth" that did it. I mean, what? He still has his baby teeth? What's that about?

    Alice, though... Alice is special. I like both of those primarily because it is so INCREDIBLY fantastical and nonsensical, you don't have to really pay attention to everything as you read, and the characters stay with you forever. As Mahri said, that sheep that knitted with something like a hundred needles... that won't be forgotten anytime soon. Tweedledum and Tweedledee... and the White Knight. And all those stupid, stupid poems. *snickersnort*

    Other classics you should try, if you haven't already, would be:

    Little Princess (a beautiful heroine!)
    Five Children and It (a silly, romping magical adventure)
    Winnie the Pooh (Just... darling. And wonderful!)
    At The Back of the North Wind (sort of high, wonderful fantasy)
    Just So Stories (Crazy collection of short stories)
    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (definitely children's fantasy, but crazy and funny and quaint.

    There you go. :)


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