Thursday, March 14, 2013

"What's that, Officer dad?" "Part time Officer dad."

 I know, I didn't post yesterday, naughty me. But this means you got to skip a post about nothing in particular and get Friday's post instead. (Also, voting is open again, at long last...)

 To make up for my lack of posts lately and everything else, I have decided to do a rarity. I am going to post a series of snippets, some of which I've posted on my facebook page, but not all. 

 Anyways, enough babbling on my part.

 From Haphazardly Implausible. I've likely done this one before, but here it is again.

 "I guess you're going to stay with us for awhile. Something about my stupid brother promising to keep you alive. Personally, I would have just fed you to the dogs."

 Abolished Impracticality

 He couldn't stand the captain, a brash, dashing, and annoying Frenchman.

 “I was just trying to brighten your day,” Peter said, trying to hide his grin as he took a step backwards.
Let me return the favour then, Fly Boy!” Darcy snapped.
Now what are you two arguing about?” Steed demanded, turning his attention from Kirk.
Darcy glared. “What do you care? You have your own Scot to argue with.”

Traveling with Edward wasn't bad. He was kind, and rather handsome, but he had one fault Jack couldn't overlook.
He wasn't Isidore.

"I was a bit busy. And I almost died, several times," Tony muttered.
"What did you do? Eat some more of your Russian bacon?"

"I thought we'd just sit back and have some dinner!" he roared.
"Can't you French think of anything aside from your stomachs?"

 “My mum and dad love me!” she exclaimed. She dropped the street accent and used a more sophisticated one. “They've given me everything I could ever ask for!”
And a Scottish name?”
Scottish? Was he serious?
Blimey! It isn't Scottish! It's Spanish, like me mum.”
Ye don't look very Spanish,” the man murmured uncertainly.
I said me mum was Spanish,” she attempted a Spanish accent now, “me dad is British.”
So how come ye look all British?”
Because me mum never talked and my dad never shut up.” She tried not to grin. This was getting fun.

 “So, who are you?” the youth cocked his pistol.
I'm the mad man who just toppled – all that,” Singur moaned, jabbing a finger at the metal pile, “do you want me to destroy yours too? I am kind of on a roll.” 

 “The captain is helping,” Isidore pointed out.
Stupid, know it all Detective. “Well, the captain has a couple wires loose.”

From The Broken Blade

Ryder-Adair liked to place some of the blame on the letters themselves. They never did what he wanted, and they always appeared to be moving. Maybe if they stayed still and quit dancing he would have been able to make sense of them. 

 “Why don't you watch where you are going?” Khen demanded. He had his face an inch from Fagan's.
Why don't you keep your ugly face out of my way?” Fagan fumed as he got to his feet.

BenArgon lay sprawled across the chair, which wasn't as easy as it sounded. Out of everything he could do, he felt this should be very high on his list of talents, especially considering the fact he wasn't all that short.

BenArgon rolled his eyes. “You are such a sap,” he muttered.

 “You didn't have to come out of hiding-”
I wouldn't be sitting here-”
I had it handled on my own-”
In the snow, with my nose freezing!”

None of them needed to be told twice. Leaping to their feet, they dashed down the school steps as Jarrod re-entered the building. The snow fell faster as they started down the hard packed road which led from the schoolhouse to the small village.
If our parents ask,” Jaysen told Ryder-Adair and Fagan.
It wasn't our fault,” Jespert finished for him.
We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” they said together.
Will you two stop that,” Ryder-Adair growled. “It's creepy.”

 “It is true.” Trystan ground his teeth. “They will try and get away with murder with you. Every chance they have to take advantage of your blindness they will use.”
Good thing I have an impeccable memory and can remember which ones will try to take advantage of me. I think I might have them locked up in the dungeons and force them to do hard labor – like wash your socks.”
Will you ever take anything seriously?” Trystan exclaimed.
Dinner. I always take dinner seriously.”

A Stretch of Loyalty

 All that work only to be kicked out,” Magda grumbled as they passed over the sparsely wooded area, “we might as well have avoided the city all together.”
But then we would not have met Ennion,” Lachlan spoke up when he heard her.
And I would have bled to death,” Stefan grumbled.
And it is not very likely anyone else would have been found to cure Lachlan,” Ennion added quietly.
And Stefan would have left us.” Magda figured she had to add something.
So, what did we just agree on?” Stefan asked, raising an eyebrow at her. “That visiting the elves was not bad or that it was bad because we are now on the run again.”

He could never forget the day she came crashing into his yard – mainly because that day forever changed his life. He had been out in his garden, picking some green beans to go with his supper when she came sliding down the rock, crashing to the ground with enough racket to wake the dead. He looked up as a boy came stumbling down after her as she stood up and brushed off her skirt. It was only then that she noticed him.

And there I end. Bare in mind, these are still all rough drafts, but I hope you enjoyed them!

Quote is again from Psych. It takes place when Shawn and Gus are getting talking to Shawn's dad who now works for the police, and one of them has to remind the other he's only part time.




  1. This was a fun post! Your snippets all drew me in and made me want to read more.

    I am enjoying all the Psych quotes. Every once in a while there is one I cannot place, but usually, I remember where they came from.

    I hope you are able to get a hold of the second Alice book. I haven't read either of them in a while, but I seem to remember liking the second one better.

  2. Aw, those were good-oh! I loved the names in The Broken Blade: Ryder-Adair. BenArgon. BenArgon is my FAVOURITE!

    Does that make one book you've written, and three books you're working on? My, that sounds familiar! ;) I need to go hunt down your Haphazardly Implausible book that's SOMEWHERE in this house and give it a read. I keep forgetting we own it.

  3. The ones from Abolished Impracticality are really funny!

  4. I want to read your books and I am extreemely excited about A Stretch of Loyalty :D How are you my dear?

  5. Aaaaaawesome! I loved them all.
    "Why do you care? You have your own Scot to argue with."....Bwahahahahaha! Perfect. :D

    The list of things we have to do *when* we actually get together keeps getting longer! lol. Redwall feast, watch Psych together, have muffins and a little fencing? Yes? Sounds like a good time, eh?

    Anyway, hope you have a great weekend. Do you have any plans for St. Patrick's Day?


  6. These are hilarious! Sigh. I really need to get my hands on your book.

  7. I love Psych. You said it, so I had to say it.

    I left a Shout-Out for you on my blog today. :)

  8. Love the Psych quotes for blog titles!

    Wonderful snippets! :)


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