Monday, March 18, 2013

"Why did he just tilt his head and squint?" "It's his 'I got a clue' face."

 Today is the Top Ten Movie Countdown over at the Captain Ninja's blog. HERE.

 This is going to be hard, as I have too many favourite movies. But I will do my best.

 10 The Chronicles of Narnia
 "It's King Edmund, actually. Just king. Peter's the high king. Confusing, I know."
 "That doesn't exactly rhyme." "You're kind of missing the point!"
 "I'm going to kill him!" "You may not have to."

 9 The Adventures of Tintin
 "I need to keep moving and try and find my way off this drunken tub." "Tub? Tub?! TUB!?!"
 "I'm not a bad person! I'm a kleptomaniac!" "What?" "It's a fear of open places."
  "Just like you said, Captain. You hit a wall, you push through."

 8 The Lord of the Rings, which includes The Hobbit
 "There's plenty for the both of us, and may the best dwarf win!"
 "He was dead." "He was twitching!" "He was twitching because he had MY ax embedded in his nervous system!"
 "Fight for me, and I will hold your oaths fulfilled! What say you?"

 7 Howls Moving Castle
 "May all your bacon burn!"
 "Can I have it please?" "Well, if it means that much to you."
 "Sophie! What have you done?!"

 6 Oscar
 "Not Lisa, our other daughter." "What other daughter?!" "Our other daughter who is not Lisa!" "We don't have another daughter who is not Lisa!"
 "It's like disarming Germany!"
 "Leave!" "Do I have to, boss? Every time I leave I get behind!"

 5 How to Train your Dragon
 "Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile!"
 "We're dead!"
 "I'd do something stupid." "Good, but you've already done that." "Then I'd do something crazy."

 4 Rise of the Guardians
 "Tooth! Fingers out of mouth!"
 "Sorry about the kangaroo comment." "It's all right. It's the accent, isn't it?"
 "We were all someone before we were chosen." "You should have seen Bunny!" "You promised not to mention that!"

 3 Les Miserables
 "Who cares about your lonely soul, we strive toward a larger goal, our little lives don't count at all!"
 "Who am I? 24601!"
 "ValJean, at last! We see each other plain!"

 2 The Avengers
 "Put down the hammer!" "No! He loves his-"
 "I got it! I...understood that reference."
 "Oh, and there's one more person you managed to make mad. His name was Phil."

 1 Sherlock Holmes, both of them
 "Did you just kill my new wife?!"
 "I found you." "You dropped a building on me!"
 "I'll admit, it is not my best disguise."

 This Psych quote is from the one where Shawn and Gus get together with their geeky friend to look into Alien sightings. This is one of the ones were I got almost every game and movie reference they did.




  1. Avengers and LOTR - very cool! Sherlock Holmes almost made my top ten, as did the Narnia films.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest.

  2. I thought Tin Tin was a pretty good film...good choice!

  3. I have seen every single one except Howl's Moving Castle....

    OSCAR!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know anyone else knew about that! The "Get the HECK off my atrium!" bit cracks me up every time. :D

    Hehehehe, reading this whole post I kept giggling like, "ooh, I remember that line. And that one. And that one! ooooh! lol.

  4. could you put The Avengers so far ahead of The Lord of the Rings?? Surely there's been some sort of misunderstanding??

  5. I am quite happy to say I've seen all the movies in your countdown and love them all myself. Well...I have yet to see the Les Mis movie. But I know the musical by heart and I've sort of youtube stalked clips of it so I feel like I've seen it. ;)
    I can't believe you've seen Oscar! Hardly anyone knows about that movie. And it's is SO FUNNY! "Get rid of him...expeditiously." *Snicker.*

  6. Sherlock Holmes! Yes! I LOVE that movie! And Narnia... "You might want to call me?" "Oh, shut up." :) Love them.

  7. OOh, I've seen all those movies! Except Les Miserables, and as Amy said, I've heard it so many times I FEEL like I know the movie as well. :) And Howl's Moving Castle, but I read the book! Does that count? I need to watch it. I know you said it was good.

    I love them all too. :D

  8. You and I certainly love the same movies!!! The girls and I just watched Rise of the Guardians - so much fun! We loved the yetis. I love the imagination that would combine yetis and Santa Claus. And finally, a reason for saving teeth. Who knew they contained memories of childhood??

    I need to watch Oscar again, too. It's been too long!

  9. SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!!! Love. A lot.

    "You steal my clothes."
    "We have a barter system."

  10. Those are awesome!! I love like, almost all of those movies...A few of them I haven't seen. :D funfun.

  11. Starting at the top, I loved Narnia.

  12. Sherlock Holmes made my list as well. :) Great picks. I love how you put your favorite quotes for each one.

  13. What a great list! Loved the quotes you added for the movies. :)

  14. Oh you've seen Oscar!!!! :D

    "Oh that's wonderful!... wait no its not, who's the father?"
    "YOU HAD A CHILD WITH THE NEW MAID??!" :-P that movie is sooo convoluded. And all those movies are the ones I like except Howl which I have yet to see *smile* I rank them about the way you do also.

    Would you be interested in a Merlin blog party?

  15. I've seen/heard of all of those movies, sans Oscar. Thus, I ask- what is Oscar?

  16. OMG!! You made me realize I forgot about one of my most favorite movies--How to Train Your Dragon. I dragged EVERYONE to the theater on my birthday to watch it. Love! <3

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  18. Just dropping in from the blog hop. You've got a great list! I never had the chance to see "Rise of the Guardians" yet, but I hope to change that as soon as it's released for home viewing. :3


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