Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Great good? I am your WIFE! I'm the greatest GOOD you are EVER gonna get!"


 Aye, Z, which means the challenge is over. Which means I will now have to come up with posts all on me own. Hmmmmm....

 The only Z movie which comes to mind right now is Zorro. Though this isn't a favourite of mine, I did like it more the last time I saw it. I've always like Zorro though. A dashing hero in a mask who has a cool sword.

"Do you know how to use that thing?" "Yes, pointy end goes into the other man."

I like the old TV shows more then the movie, and I didn't like the second movie at all, but the first was fun and I re-watch it from time to time.
 I'm getting caught up on editing, finally. My mum gave me a spiny office chair so now I can sit at my desk and spin in circles while I pretend to work.

 *Warning, now that the challenge is over, be prepared for my random, editing posts.*

If you don't know what the title quote is from you've really missed out.




  1. I ADORE that movie! I shan't say which it is, in case you want people to guess. Let me just say, I loved Frozone in that scene. LOL. Best scene in the whole movie. :)

  2. ~THE INCREDIBLES!! That was like the most memorable quotes from that movie ^w^ How come they didn`t make a sequel?

  3. Haha.... I quoted the quote in your title in a homework assignment the other day... Every time I hear "greater good" I think of that scene...

    Spiny chairs rock. And I've always wanted to walk around in wood shoes all day too. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to in Holland.

    After you commented that I needed chocolate for finishing... I went and got chocolate. Mwahaha. Chocoooolaaaatteee..... Mmmmmwahaha.

    I haven't seen Larabee in Get Smart yet. But I look forward to his (her?) entrance!

    Haha it is a wonder that Four hasn't gotten tangled in his scarf. He could hide in that thing.
    Oooo he travels with a time lady? That's kind of cool!
    I wanna see the one with celery too. I think he's five though, isn't he? 'Cause six is the one that looks like Will Ferrel and the guy from (the old) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mixed together.

    Michael Farr's Tintin books are wonderful. He has a few of them... I can't remember what his other one is called but it talks about each of the books. It's great!

    Yeah... I know Azog is somewhere in one of the books. Either he's mentioned in The Hobbit, or he's in the Silmarillion, or he's in the extra stuff at the end of Return of the King.
    I didn't mind him too much.... He added another element to the movie, which was cool.
    I think P.Jackson did add a female... A female elf. That shall be interesting.

    Have you heard all the news about the 50th Doctor Who special? Ten and Rose are coming back and it's titled "The Doctor's Name." How ominous is that?

  4. That quote is from my favorite scene in The Incredibles.

    I haven't seen Zorro in ages. I don't think I ever saw the second one, but I liked the first well enough. Like you said...a dashing hero in a mask with a sword? Count me in.

  5. Oooh, that spinny chair sounds dangerously fun. ;)

  6. The Incredibles!!!

    I can't think of any other Z movies, either.... hmmmm.

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog during April... I look forward to random-editing-related posts :)

  7. The first one was fun!
    I know, we have to think of posts again. Scary.

  8. OOOOOO! An Incredibles quote! I love the Incredibles, and that scene just might be my favourite. "Hooooneeeeyyyy? Where's my Super Suit???

    I wasn't crazy about the Zorro movies either, although I really enjoyed the sword training scene in the first one. And Antonio Banderas does make a decent Zorro. The old TV shows... were those the old Disney Zorros with Guy Williams? Those were fun.

  9. Zorro's cool. I like Antonio Banderas a lot.


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