Sunday, April 07, 2013

"I was in the coffin." "I was going to check there." "That would have been weird."

 Today is G. And I had G's movie all picked out, then this evening my family and I watched another G movie which I surprised myself by liking - a lot. Therefore, I will be doing both movies.

"I found you!" "You dropped a building on me!"

 The first movie is Game of Shadows, the second of the Sherlock Holmes movies staring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. While I liked the first Sherlock Holmes - much better then I thought I would - I have to admit that I like the second a lot more. My reason for this? The fall. I've always liked the fall, even though it was depressing. And I liked how this movie did it, in spite of the fact they made it worse by having Watson actually be there when it happened and see it. 

 Other things I liked about this movie was the train scene, I now randomly go around shouting, "DID YOU JUST KILL MY WIFE?! DID YOU JUST KILL MY NEW WIFE?!" 
 And then there is Mycroft. I think my favourite Mycroft is the one in the BBC Sherlock, but this Mycroft is a close second. I especially liked the parts between him and Sherlock when Sherlock purposely acted like the little brother just to annoy him.

 The second movie on my G list is Ghost Protocol the third Mission Impossible movie. (No wait, it is the forth, isn't it?)

While trying to decide who should climb up the outside of a 100 story building. Brandt: "I'm just the helper."

 I have never been a fan of the Mission Impossible movies. I've just never gotten into the death defying height stunts and the assassin like movies. The third one is my least favourite out of them all. Kidnapping movies creep me out, and throw in little bombs they can stick in your head and I want to lock the doors and become a hermit.
 Therefore, when I learned of the forth movie I didn't want to see it until I learned Hawk Eye would be in it. *Whistles innocently* Need I also add he was the only reason I wanted to see the new Bourne movie? Didn't think so.

 My family saw Ghost Protocol awhile ago and they all said they liked it more then the others. I might have said something about it having Hawk Eye in it and therefore there being little chance it could be bad. What I didn't know is how much I would end up liking it when I finally did see it.

 Unlike the other movies, this one wasn't a serious. It didn't feel as creepy or assassin like. Instead, it felt more like an actual spy movie. And for once, I actually liked the characters, including Ethan Hunt.

 This time Ethan works with three partners. Benji is the computer geek who can hack anything and has all kinds of cool machines to play with. Yet, unlike the typical computer geeks who help out the dashing hero, Benji actually got to do the field work. Maybe not beat anyone up, but he got to carry a gun and use it.

 Ethan's other partner was Jane Carter. Unlike the typical girl spies who have to act like a man, Jane didn't try and hide the fact that she was scared sometimes. She was as concerned for her partners as they were for her. And she beat up some guys and a girl - and accidently pushed a girl out of a 100 story window. 

 The last and newest partner was William Brandt (Hawk Eye). Joining up with Ethan, he appears to be a bit nerdy, something of a clueless coward who knows every file Mission Impossible has but doesn't know what end of the gun to use. He also seems lost most of the time. This, it is soon discovered, is all a disguise. (Er, maybe disguise is the wrong word. More like Brandt's attempt to hide from a mistake.)
 It turns out Brandt can beat up ten men in the flash of an eye and even manages to snatch a gun from Ethan. And in spite of his gloomy exterior, he provides a lot of comedy relief. The best part was when he had to jump into a huge computer and Benji would catch him. 
 "There is one part of this plan I want to go over."
 "What part?"
 "The part where I jump-"
 "Yes, and I catch you."
 "But I jump into a twenty foot drop."
 "And I will catch you. But we have to hurry because we have to turn the fan off. And like all computers, it will get hot when the fan is off."
 "So I'm jumping into an oven."
 "Yes, and I will catch you."

 If the directors want to make another movie and use this team, I am all for it. I am still surprised how much I liked this movie. I even plan on watching it again soon. (Another plus for it was that they cast Simon Pegg as Benji. He is a convincing computer geek.)

 And that is the end of G. The quote is again from Psych. Same episode as the one I used yesterday. Won't say much more for spoilers sake, but those who have seen it know.




  1. Hmmm...after the second and third installment, I've all but sworn off the MI movies. I didn't like how they made Jim Phelps the villain in order to make Cruies' "Ethan Hunt" character the new, main character.

    All that said, I'll give this one a shot and see how I like it :)

  2. I haven't seen The Game of Shadows. But I have seen Ghost Protocol. :) I love that movie. It's my favorite, I think, out of all the MI movies. It's hilarious.

  3. Jeremy Renner and Simon gotta love 'em.

  4. SHERLOCK HOLMES!!! Those are the best. Absolute favourites. They are so... clever! :)

    "I'm the other Holmes!"
    "There's two of you? Could this day get any better?"

  5. I *love* both those movies!!!! I think I like Ghost Protocol better than Sherlock Holmes, but they were both amazing. Sherlock Holmes would have a better chance of taking first place if I had never seen/fallen in love with the BBC Sherlock. :-)

  6. I like both the Sherlock Holmes movies. RDJ is just perfect for the part. :D

  7. I really enjoyed both. Thought they were the best of their respective series.

  8. Love both of these movies. This second one is a bit darker but still excellent and perhaps more "intelligent" with the plot.

    Oh! And that scene/quote with Watson frantically screaming at Sherlock about killing his wife is priceless. :)

  9. EEK! Such Good Movies!

    It's funny because I wasn't all that sold on the first Sherlock Holmes movie either. But the second one is awesome. I love it. That bit where they keep showing everybody travelling on their horses and Sherlock is on that pony...LOL! That part cracks me up every time. It looks so ridiculous. :P

    Yep, I'm not really a Mission Impossible person. I always just found them a bit weird. So when my brother wanted to rent the fourth one I was like, "Oh we have to?" (This was before I really knew who Jeremy Renner was, you see. :) And then I totally geeked out over it and it's now one of my favorite movies. The whole cast did a really awesome job. Simon Pegg is totally cool in that one. I babysit for this one family and the Dad is English and looks a Lot like Simon Pegg...and talks like him too. :P He and Jeremy Renner sort of made that movie for me. :D

    Anyway. Now that I went on and on WAY more than I meant to, I'll go! Hehe.


  10. I'm not too into most serious shoot-the-bad-guys-y spy movies either...but Ghost Protocol does sound interesting. I like characters with a good dynamic!

  11. I like action movies. I started watching Sherlock Holmes (maybe the first one??) and just didn't get into it. I love RDJ though.

  12. I love both these movies!

    And Jeremy Renner... :) love him, too!

  13. I LOVE the Sherlock Holmes movies!!!!! I agree with you about liking the second one better, but I have to admit that the scene in the second one where Sherlock is hanging from that hook makes me hurt a little. lol.... I really like Jude Law as Watson. And he's cute with his wife. his NEW WIFE. And I like that it's still Sherlock, but it's completely different from BBC's, you know? Yeah, I really like the Game Of Shadows.

    And ooooooooooh. Ghost Protocol. I had only ever seen parts of one of the other movies. (I think it was the third one actually, the kidnapping and the bombs-inside-heads comment really rings a bell. Ethan's wife is the one who got kidnapped, right? And then he electrocutes himself and she has to revive him?) Yeah. I wasn't impressed with the other Mission Impossibles then. Hahaha. But my dad watched it right when it came on to dvd before we saw the Avengers, and I came in about halfway through. I saw the scene with Benji and Brandt in the plane and was like, "WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!" I had to wait and watch it that evening because dad wouldn't let me start halfway through. Those two guys were my reasons to watch that movie. (Simon Pegg would be the only reason why I'd watch the Star Trek movie. Well.... Simon Pegg and Benedict Cumberbatch now.) I babysit for a family who's dad looks just like a dark haired Simon Pegg. He's from England, so he talks and acts a bit like him too. I told him this and his son agreed, so even his kid thinks he's like Simon Pegg. :D I really, really hope they make a fifth one. I'd totally go see it if it had Jeremy and Simon again. Heck since they're there, Tom Cruise can retire now. LOL!

    And now I have gushed.

    So I'll go.


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