Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"If you ever do anything to hurt her I will discharge my weapon." "You'd shoot me?" "Repeatedly."

 Wherein Jack worries about what is living in her fridge.

 There has been an open pack of hot dogs which has been in our fridge for about a month, at least. And it hasn't gone bad. Should I be worried?

 Castle in the Sky.

 I saw this movie last week. I rented it because it was made by the same man who made How's Moving Castle. It is filled with air pirates, airships, and flying castles - in other words, an instant like for me.

 The story is about a girl named Sheeta and her new friend Pazu. Sheeta was a farm girl kidnapped by a group of solders and later nearly kidnapped by a band of pirates. They are all after her necklace which is magical. 
 Sheeta escapes all of them and meets Pazu, a miner boy who is determined to find the flying castle his dad once saw, and prove to everyone that his father wasn't a liar. Together they join forces, later siding with the pirates - the band consisting of a husband and wife and their sons with the mum being the captain.

 I don't call many plots cute, but this one fits the description. Sheeta and Pazu are adorable, and the pirates are great. Yet, in spite of it being a cute story, it is still very exciting, with a good many chases and and fun plot twists. This is a movie I could watch more then once and never get tired of. 
 And thus ends today's letter, and here begins Day Two of the Merlin Blog Party. If you wish to join in you can find all the details HERE!! at my friend Bella's blog.

 Today is when we pick an under appreciated character to blog about.
 As I've said, I have only made it to series two, so I don't know of a lot of lesser characters. And the one who does come to mind is a chap who's name I don't even remember. But those of you who have seen the show will likely know who I am talking about.

 In one episode Arthur uncovers a rich tomb and a tomb raider decides he'd like some of the treasure. Posing as a new servant, this man tries to make Merlin look like a horrible servant, weaseling his way up until it is he who is Arthur's personal servant, enabling him to steal the key.

 Later on, this man is turned evil by magic, but of course, Merlin saves the day.

 What I like about this man so much is that he wasn't the typical, "I MUST KILL ARTHUR!" villain. He was just a thief who messed with magic. He had nothing against Arthur, he just wanted some jewels and gold. And while I like the "MUST KILL ARTHUR!" villains, it was nice to meet one who wasn't dead set on killing the future king. Therefore, he is my under appreciated character.

 And now I need to go. I should have a writing update for all of you soon. (When I can write it without making a post book length.)

 And what about you? Have you ever seen Castle in the Sky? Have you ever seen a movie you would term cute? Which little known Merlin character do you like?

 Quote is again from Psych, and it is one of my favourites. In the episode, Lassie finds out Shawn and Jules are dating and is mad. (After all, Jules is his partner, and if she is dating Shawn - the man he cannot stand - it means Shawn will be around more then before.) Through the whole episode, Lassie pouts - to put it mildly - and makes it known to Jules just how mad he is.
 It isn't until the end of the episode that he comes around, as much as Lassie can do. Hooking himself up to a lie detector with no one around but Shawn, he tells him he will kill him if he ever hurts Jules. And it is a cool part, because it is one of the few times we are reminded that Lassie has a heart. *Smirk*




  1. That one really does sound pretty darlin. For some reason the floating castle is ringing a bell with me but for the life of me I can't figure out why and I know I haven't seen this one. Ooo that's going to drive me a little crazy until I figure it out. LOL. Thanks for the movie suggestion. I think I'm gonna add it to my list :)

    herding cats & burning soup

  2. I can't see the picture :( I like pirates when they're on your side . I like castles but I've never been inside a real one .

  3. Is that the episode where Shawn's hooked up the lie detector earlier and says he loves Jules? I love that moment in that scene where you see both Gus and Juliet lean over a little in order to see the results.

    Haven't seen Castle In The Sky. I'm getting the feeling I'll end up saying that a lot about your film choices this month.

    And I don't know if they count as little known characters, but I really enjoyed Tristan and Isolde's appearance.

  4. I have never heard of this movie you speak of...However, I do like cute movies. (I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I like cute things xD) As for Merlin characters...I loved the troll queen. She's a favorite of my group of friends who watches Merlin with me.

    Bellamy! That's what his name was! That's really cool you got to see the exhibit as well.
    Ooh, yes, store workers do that too! I thinks its the worst at restaurants. That is why I avoid overly-themed restaurants.

    I'm certainly very excited to read it! And I know what feeling you speak of. It's a pretty awesome one!

  5. Ooh, that movie sounds good. I'll have to look it up. :D I love cute plots. lol

    Ooooh, that Psych. Hehehe. The way Lassie hooks himself up to the lie detector and tells Shawn he will kill him.... and then Shawn looks at the machine and realizes that Lassie is dead serious. *snicker* I also appreciated that Shawn was ALSO telling the truth when he said he loved Jules. So much happiness. lol.

  6. Pffft. Lassie was more than sulking. He was being such a little brat! But it was funneh. I love Lassie. Brattiness and all.

    Our Easter was fabulous. We had so much food! (That's the Italian way. Celebrate great holidays with good food, good wine, and lots of conversation.) We sang the Mass at our Chapel... Mass I, which is also called Lux et Origo. (This is what the Kyrie looks like. It's Gregorian Chant. Bootiful stuff. http://www.ccwatershed.org/media/pdfs/12/06/19/16-10-06_0.pdf) We sang and did beautifully, if I do say so myself.

    I have not seen all of Merlin yet, so I am not joining in the party. Soon... soon... :)

  7. Castle in the Sky looks like it's something I might be interested in..I'll have to give it a look :)

    And, yes, I'd worry about that pack of hot dogs and, whatever you do, don't read the ingredients!

  8. Hm, well, I wouldn't worry too much. It really is horrible how many preservatives and other things that were never intended for humans to eat are in hotdogs. I don't let myself think about them when I eat hotdogs. Otherwise I would never touch the things again. :D

    Castle in the Sky- I love the title! And the plot sounds great. The mother pirate is the captain?! I'm putting it on the list to look up!

    Oh, yes, that character's name is Cedric. He was very interesting, although there were a few times I just wanted to punch him in the nose. :)

    I think I have a long way to go yet before I come to that Psych episode.

  9. I haven't seen Castle in the Sky (or Howl's Moving Castle, for that matter, though I've read the book and want to watch the movie at some point).

    Sure, lots of movies have "cute" plots. I think I.Q. is a great example. (Hmmm, most rom-coms for that matter, LOL) Another one would be "Savannah Smiles" super cute plot.

    Favorite unknown Merlin character... hmmm... there's an episode (it's later, don't want to give any spoilers for ya) but the guy who plays "Dudley" from the Harry Potter movies shows up. I really liked him. My sister says he shows up again later, so I'm looking forward to that!


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