Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Lassie! Jules can shoot a cross bow!"


"I was hiding under your porch because I love you."

 I had trouble with U so I had to look movies up. And I found Up. And while this movie isn't a huge favourite of mine I still enjoy watching it from time to time. It is just a lot of fun, and it has Doug in it. And an airship. And now I kind of want to see it again.


 Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

"Mother says I have an acute disposition." "I don't think he has an a cute anything."
"You're sure he's related by blood?"

 Yes, I like this movie. I know a lot of people hate it with a passion but I really liked it. I missed some things from the book, mostly Caspian's line about the round world, but it wasn't enough to make me hate the movie. 
 In fact, I might have to do a review on this one. When I'm not in the middle of a challenge.
  I'm hoping by tomorrow to be caught up on my editing, since I don't have a long day at work. At the moment though I'm falling asleep so I'm just going to bed. Besides, Kitty wants my arm and me using it for typing displeases her. 

 Quote is from Psych. Shawn being impressed by his girlfriend, again 8-D




  1. Up! I love Up! It's so cute! And the bad guy is voiced by the Dad from The Sound of Music I believe... (who also happens to be a Klingon in one of the Star Trek movies. The Undiscovered Country I think. Or The Final Frontier. I don't know. I always get those two mixed up.)
    And I liked The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! I think it was the first movie that I saw on opening day (not midnight... never been to a premier before). Not too many people were in the theater. But I enjoyed the movie. And I love the book.

  2. I'm of mixed opinions about the Dawn Treader. It had really great moments, but Caspian ditched his accent, so the rating went waaay down. ;) Everyone sounded so very English it didn't feel as sincere as the first two. On the flip side, the quotes are hilarious.

    "I found Aunt Alberta's chocolates. And you know what? I licked every one."

  3. I enjoyed Up, especially the opening sequence - so cute and beautiful at the same time. I've seen it once all the way through, and then my uncle watched it in the living room while I washed dishes or something in the kitchen. I'd probably watch it again ... but our library has just instated a new policy where you must make a twenty dollar deposit whenever you check out a Disney DVD (because some people haven't been returning them ...)

    I haven't seen Voyage yet, but I want to. I've read every spoiler out there, and watched every YouTube clip I could find, but that's not the same. Sigh. Someday I'll get ahold of it. Someday.

  4. I do love Up, but then, I love just about everything Pixar makes. The opening sequence really is brilliant... And it has Dug in it, and Dug is hilarious. One thing I have noticed about Pixar movies is that they are better the second time around - even if you *really* enjoyed them the first time.

    I agree with you about all the Naria movies. I thought they were well done, and I didn't really mind the tweaking they did to them. I think the Pevensies really acted like brothers and sisters, and that Georgie Henley was a perfect Lucy.

    (And I tried to comment on the previous post, and I think the computer ate them... I totally love the Dwarvish singing in the Hobbit. It was my favourite scene :-)

  5. ~I really liked Up! I also liked Voyage of the Dawn Trader! There are people who disliked it!? I know my bro went around calling Prince Caspian as Prince Lesbian, but I enjoyed the movie!! My favourite character was the mouse!! ^w^

    ~Oh, to answer your question, I use paint tool sai(yup, done by computer) cause Adobe needs purchasing =)

  6. I thought "UP" was great. Many scenes said a lot without a bit of dialog. Just another testament to Pixar's quality of films.

  7. I never cared for Up but I did like Dawn Treader. It was my favorite book of the series. The scene where Eustace changes back to human is so moving.

  8. You're not alone! I love Voyage of the Dawn Treader too!!!! Even if they did change things, I thought it not being Disney-fied improved it rather tremendously. (and I did like the first two, so that's saying something)

  9. Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favorite Narnia movie! Please do a review on it :)


  10. I loved Up. I thought it was fantastic :)

  11. Up makes me cry the first ten minutes EVERY TIME. :D

    The Voyage Of the Dawn Treader. I get why a lot of people who were huge fans of the books weren't impressed with the movie. But I always liked the movies better, because I think they captured what C S Lewis was trying to convey, and putting more life into it. And I liked Caspian more in the movies. In the VOTDT, I loved the extra little bit about having to conquer the evil in yourself before you can change the evil in the world. *happiness* I LOVED that. :D

  12. I cry steadily for the first 20 minutes of Up. I think their love story is one of the best ever! *Sniffle*

    Yeah, I think the Voyage of the Dawn Treader is mighty fine. Eustace was perfect! Honestly, that kid nailed his roll. Lucy is adorable as always...and Edmond is just cool. I loved the ending bit where Reepicheep goes to Aslan's country. It was handled really well, I thought.

    Well, I hope your editing is going well. :)


  13. Treskie and Amy both said exactly what I would have said about both these movies, so I shan't bore you with YET ANOTHER raving review about UP and VOTDT. Suffice it to say, I LOVES these movies. :)


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