Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"My name? It would mean nothing to you, but back home they call me Tintin."

 This was supposed to be a brilliant post where I gave a wonderful update on my editing and writing. However, I've just spent the last hour and a half fixing all my book files in an attempt to find a map and all the information on A Stretch of Loyalty. 
 And what does that all mean? Well, one is that my book files are all neat and in order...FINALLY! But it also means I'm tired and don't want to look at another computer file the rest of the night. Therefore, I shall just be doing the challenge and watching something mindless for a little while. 

 Today's letter is P which means I am going with...PRINCE CASPIAN! 

"Did you kill my father?!"

 I know there has a been a lot of debate about this movie, mostly about it being different from the book, but I still love it. I think it was well made and I love the whole story. It is a movie I never tire of watching though, sadly, my family does *Smirk*

 Now, I shall leave you with this tiny, short post.

 Quote is from the Tintin comics. Whoever guesses the right one gets one of John's cookies! (If he shares, that is...)




  1. I have not read the books and only seen I think the first movie. I've been wanting to see more, but it hasn't happened yet. LOL
    Have a great day! I'm a new follower.
    My A-Z

  2. Hurrah for neat computer files! Good job!

    I enjoyed Prince Caspian.... except for that kiss at the end *shudder.* The rest of it was good, though.

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Pick me! Oh! Is it from Cigars of the Pharoh? Either that or the Black Gold? Or one of the other ones where Tintin gets lost in the desert... There's lots of those. It probably isn't Cigars of Pharoh now that's I'm thinking about it. But I can never remember the one it is from. It's one before Haddock, though, right?

  3. Prince Caspian is my favourite of the 3!! Well, I mean, really the first is my favourite...but I still loved the second so much. I didn't mind their deviations at all! (I'll refrain from my crummy opinion of third though ;)

  4. No Princess Bride?

    I didn't love Prince Caspian, but it was still a good movie.

  5. What a pity that we missed the brilliant post... but congratulations on organising your files. That is deadly tedious work that.

    Thanks for the tag! I shall try to get to it within the next few days. You always ask the best questions.

  6. I thought the movie was rather well-done. The BBC made versions of the first 4 movies and they're word-for-word identical to the books and to be honest, Prince Caspian in movie form is kinda boring. All the action pretty much takes place before the reader (and the Pevensies) even get to Narnia. I'm with you as one of the few who really liked the new movie. I enjoyed Dawn Treader, too... I really, really, really wish they'd do the Silver Chair (and the Horse and His Boy... and the Magician's Nephew)...

  7. Ah, I thought this was going to be about Tintin...I really enjoyed that movie :)

  8. They did deviate from the book too much, but if you go back and read it, there wasn't a lot there. I enjoyed it.

  9. All of the Narnia movies are good, regardless of how accurate they are to the books.

  10. THESE MOVIES ARE AWESOME!! Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favorite but I love Caspian too. "For Narnia!!!" I'm glad you liked my Oswin theory. I dreamt it up while laying in bed one night

  11. I probably wouldn't have minded the changes ... if it weren't for Susan. URGHHHH!!! I just can't stand what they did to her character (Nor will I take it sitting or lying down ...) Moving their arrival to before the attack, fine. Making Peter have issues with becoming a kid and peasant again, acceptable. Putting Susan on the front lines in the battles when Lewis SPECIFICALLY stated that she didn't like that sort of thing - that's not fine or acceptable. And don't get me started on Suspian ...

    (Personally, I have some theories that make Ramadu's Daughter of relation to Susan ... but I'm not posting them here.)

  12. I know a lot of people weren't all that pleased with Prince Caspian or the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I loved them both. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader a little more... Edmond is my favorite. :)

    Sadly and slightly shame-facedly, I don't know what Tintin book that quote comes from. *sniffles* I really must read more of those stories. They are delightful, and yet, I never remember them when I go to the library! I wonder why that is? Tell John I hope he enjoys his cookies!

  13. Oh, I have done that. Doesn't it just burn your bacon when you spend hours and hours looking for THAT SPECIFIC FILE, and think, "Gee, I should just tidy up these files while I'm looking," and waste all that time tidying and not do any writing at all? Drives me utterly insane with myself.

    The file usually stays lost, too. How. LIKE. it.

    I loved all three Narnia movies. I'll be honest. The first one probably followed the books the closest. But, the way Lucy is introduced makes her seem a bit more of the gentle, saintly kind, while Susan is the protective big sister. Since I'm all about protective big sisterness, I didn't mind that her character developed into the Warrior Maiden kind. She ended up being a sort of Narnian Eowyn. And I loved that.

    I liked Prince Caspian so much! I preferred it over the books. If you go back and read the books again, they are incredibly quick reads, and the battles are nowhere near as long as I remember them being when I first read the series in my pre-teen years. Prince Caspian developed really good tension between all the characters, and I didn't mind Caspian and Susan having a cute little relationship. What I didn't really like was the "boy feud" Caspian and Peter had. I'm glad it cleared up pretty quick, but for the first little bit of their relationship it was all like, I'm better than you are!

    Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favourite. I loved the Catholic symbolism so, so much, and there were just those LINES that made me cry!

    Coriakin: To defeat the darkness out there, you must defeat the darkness inside yourself.

    Reepicheep: We have nothing if not belief.

    Aslan (to Lucy): You doubt your value; Don't run from who you are.

    Now that I've finished my "In Defense Of The Narnia Movies" (LOL) I wish John happiness with his cookies, and hope he enjoys the rest of Brian Jacques' books. Has he read Marlfox yet? I found those villains exceptionally creepy!


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