Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Please let me shoot your boyfriend. Just a flesh wound that he can walk away from."

 Some of you were trying to guess which movie I'd pick for T. Many saying I should do The Hobbit, even though it might be cheating a little since The isn't really it's title. BUT...I already had T's movie picked out for awhile, and if using The Hobbit is cheating then so is using this movie. Therefore, I'm just going to be all pirate and throw rules to the wind and double cheat.

 First is The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

"I'm going to kill him!" "You may not have to."

I saw this movie right before it went out of the theatures. I didn't think I'd like it until my mum read the book to my brothers and I, then I REALLY wanted to see the movie because I liked the book.
 Well, I instantly fell in love with it and for Christmas my parents bought me the extended edition. I can now quote it all the way through. And I used to watch it right before any new Narnia movie came out - you know, when there were still new Narnia movies coming out. I was especially looking forward to them doing The Silver Chair and The Horse and His Boy. (There, more T movies too.)

 Okay, anyways, now to my second cheating movie.

 The Hobbit. (Because, really, how could I do this challenge and NOT mention such a brilliant movie?)

"You know my name, you just forgot that I belong to it. I'm Gandalf! And Gandalf" "Gandalf! The wizard who made such excellent fireworks!" 

 I've seen it three times already and am DYING to buy it. I loved everything about it and I didn't mind the pale orc even though he wasn't in the book. 

 I have decided one thing though after seeing it so much. The dwarves, when forced to flee their home, shouldn't have taken jobs as Blacksmiths but as singers. They could have started their own band and won over every girl in Middle Earth. I even like their singing more then the elves - though I have always liked deep, rumbling voices best. 

 Anyways, singing aside. This rates right up there with The Lord of the Rings for me and I'm very excited for the other two - okay, a little less because I know how they end. Oh yes, and the spiders. But Martin Freeman kind of makes up for the spiders. (Kind of)

 And lastly....guess what I have?! That's right! A new Psych quote. And since I had a guessing game for the last quote I'll do the same for this one and make everyone who has seen the show guess who is speaking to whom.
 P.S. for those who guessed on the last quote. It was from the 11th Doctor while on board the pirate ship.

 And that is all.




  1. I'd say that was Lassie talking to Juliet.
    I thought the first Narnia movie was a perfect adaptation of the book.
    Singing? They could've had their own Broadway act for that matter!

  2. I really need to finally watch The Hobbit :)


    I adored little Lucy the instant I saw her. She reminded me so much of one of my younger sisters, especially since when it came out they were both about the same age. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mr. Tumnus! If I have any kind of complaint about the Narnia movies, it's that Mr. Tumnus is NOT in them all.

    THE HOBBIT... I have no words for this movie. Well, maybe one. AWESOME! I loved the Dwarves singing in Bilbo's home. Coolest moment ever! I wish they'd made the song a bit longer. It's quite an epic poem, really, and they only used two or three lines from it. I mean, What?!?! (In a very Shawn-and-Gus way).

    Gandalf is always amazing, and Martin Freeman as Bilbo is perfect. Just, perfect. Excellent choice, Peter Jackson. :)

  4. Both of those are excellent movies. Have you ever seen the old BBC versions of the Narnia books? I believe they did Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, Dawn Treader, and Silver Chair.

  5. For someone who didn't care much for the book, I really like The Hobbit on film. I guess because it was such a vibrant film while the book seemed to bore me with details.

  6. Oh I DID know the Doctor Who quote after all!

    I love the Narnia movie - especially the talking animals. It's such a great movie.

    And The Hobbit, one of my favorites! Although the Pale Orc (Azog is his name, I beleive) is in the books... He's just not that prevelent. I think he gets beheaded or something.

  7. I LOVE the post title! Is if from anything?

    I did like the Narnia movie, except I think Susan came off as a bit of a bitch. I loved The Hobbit!

  8. LWW was, if I remember right, the last movie my family managed to see in the theaters. I liked it pretty well, though there were a few added scenes that raised an eyebrow (although the one where a dryad is sent to tell the boys of Aslan's death is the only one I absolutely didn't like) and I didn't like the fact that Lucy's hair was brown (she's blond in the books) ... but then I saw a picture of the real Lucy (the one mentioned in the dedication) and she actually is a pretty good face match, so I'm fine with her now.

    Mom and I are scheming up a way to watch the Hobbit, but we're not sure when that's going to happen. We're going to wait until all three movies are out to buy a three-set of the extended versions (Mom says it's cheaper that way) but everything I've seen of it looks pretty good.

  9. I don't remember this quote... so either it's from the newest season or it's just one I don't remember... but I'm guessing it's from Lassie to Jules.

    I love these movies, too!!!

    The pale orc totally annoyed me, but wouldn't have so much if they'd named him Bolg (who actually is a part of the Battle of Five Armies) instead of Azog (who died in the battle of Azanulbizar). Yes, it's a technicality...

  10. Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins is just...amazing! And as many have stated about Azog, yes he is barely mentioned in the Hobbit book same with Legolas as well.


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