Tuesday, April 09, 2013

"Why does the head of a greeting card company need body guards?" "Because us employees don't like him too much."

 I for...


"Quick, kiss me." "It didn't work." "It was worth a try."

 Right! The weird, dream movie which had a very twisted plot. (It was about dreams, and dreams can be twisted. They start in one place and end in a completely different one.)

 I have only seen this movie once and didn't think I'd like it at all. But by the end of it I wanted to hit play again and start it over. I didn't really care for the main character, but I liked his one partner - that fellow who looks like Tom Huddleston. (I don't remember any of the other characters, except for the girl. Another reason I need to see it again)

 It was a fun movie though, just with one of those plots you cannot expect to get on the first viewing. 
 Day Seven in the Merlin party. (This post might be kind of choppy. I was editing and you know what that does to me. In good news though, I have an editing plan, FINALLY, so should be able to get everything done on time.)

 For day seven, we can do a post on anything we like. Bella did one on Merlin and Arthur's friendship and I like that idea so well I am stealing it. (I know, real creative, right?)

 When Merlin and Arthur first meet they cannot stand each other. Arthur thinks Merlin is annoying wimp, an idiot. And Merlin thinks Arthur is a spoiled prat. But after Merlin saves Arthur's life and is made his manservant as an award, they are kind of forced to get along.

 Since I am only on series two, their friendship is still growing. But I've seen enough of it to really admire it. Merlin is one of the few who isn't afraid to tell Arthur what he thinks and give him a sensible slap when he needs it. He even mocks him a few times, implying he is dim witted or lacking in the charming department. 
 And, of course, Arthur NEVER hesitates to tell Merlin what he thinks of him. They spend a lot of time bickering and calling each other names. But, when it matters, they are there for each other.

 Both are willing to give their lives for the other and when Merlin was accused of stealing Arthur ordered him to flee the castle before he was arrested. So, while they do their best to make each others lives miserable - such as Merlin feeding Arthur rat soup - when they really need a friend they are there for each other.

 I think there's is one of the best fictional friendships ever done. (Right now I have them tied with Sherlock and Watson.)

 Guess what?! I finally used up all my Psych quotes...I should have more when Hulu unlocks all the new season seven episodes. But today's is from Get Smart, a conversation between a banker and Larabee about the Chief.




  1. I have seen only a small part of Inception. Someday I need to watch the whole movie. I've heard that it is really, really good. Plus I love complicated stories so... yeah. It sounds like the perfect movie for me.

  2. I have been woefully negligent about commenting on blogs lately, but I really have enjoyed the last few of your posts particularly. I really want to see Inception. It looks very intriguing to me, and Kat assures me that I'd like it, but I have not managed to get around to it yet. I did see Ghost Protocol - I will admit, rather reluctantly, because I have never had the slightest interest in the Mission Impossible series, and I don't like Tom Cruise. To my surprise, I enjoyed it exceedingly, but I think that is because I was so taken with Benji and Brandt. They were such fun characters, and that 'jump and I'll catch you" scene was hilarious. I still do not have the slightest interest in any of the other Mission Impossible movies, but I am very glad I saw Ghost Protocol.

    Good luck with the rest of the editing and re-writing. Hogan sounds like a cool character. I already like him from reading that post :-)

  3. Inception! Awesome movie. I watched the first half, and had to stop because we ran out of time for something. So then we watched it the whole way through, so I didn't get completely lost with the whole dream-in-a-dream-in-a-dream. I've had a dream within a dream before. I think someone was trying to incept me. :)

  4. ~I watched Inception a long time ago and I remember being very confused. All I remember now is his `totem` and.... was it still spinning at the end? o.o

    ~Also, Merlin! My mum watches it(and loves it) but I never took the time to join her! She used to watch it during the time when I was in school.... Horrible mum!

  5. What?!! "I" isn't for....Iron Man? (I'm shocked!) XD Okay, well, I do LOVE Inception, so I won't say to much against it. And you don't like Dom? He's awesome. (So is Arthur...er, he is the best part of the movie.) The plot is spectacular...except for the snow scene. I thought that was a little meh.

  6. Inception is one of my top ten favorite movies of all-time :)

  7. It was a very strange movie - intriguing but it made me think too much. I'm more into mindless entertainment. :)

    Laura Eno – A Shift in Dimensions

  8. I've still yet to see Inception...but it's on my 'to be watched' list!

  9. I've only seen it once, as well... and I missed the first 5-15 minutes (I'm not sure, exactly).

    Have I mentioned that I LOVE Merlin/Arthur? I'm kind of a sucker for anything remotely resembling an Arthurian legend, and this show is perhaps my favorite portrayal/take on the story, just because I love the way they've taken all the old themes and twisted them slightly. My second favorite would be the Merlin movie with Sam Neill, though it could just be that I love Sam Neill... and I also love Stephen R. Lawhead's Pendragon Cycle of books.

  10. I saw Inception once. :) I did like it a lot, I thought it was clever, and complicated. I just thought it went on a tiny bit too long. I LOVED Tom Hardy in it though, and Joseph Gordan-what's-his-name.

    Awww MAN! I liked the Psych quotes! LOL.

  11. Inception rocked!
    No more Psych quotes? The horror...

  12. I've never seen Inception, though I heard it through the floor. My parents were watching it back when it first came out on DVD in the basement, and had surround sound blasting. My sister and I were playing some board game on the living room floor. Every time something exploded or made a big noise, we could feel and hear it xD

  13. Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge. Incidentally, you have also been honored (cursed?) with nomination for the famed? Liebster Award. Feel free to ignore this if you are not into chain Blogging Awards, but if you feel like having some fun with it, take a peek over at http://taochild.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/atozchallenge-it-is-i/ for details and explanations. Keep up the good work! :D

  14. Ah! I love Inception. :) I wanted to see it again after the first time too. Unfortunately, my mom is not a good person to watch anything "weird" with, no fantasy, and especially no sci-fi. After Inception was over the first words out of her mouth was, "I don't get it." Same thing with John Carter. If it has some kind of time-warp, my mom is thoroughly confused. But I loved the whole concept of Inception, and the atmosphere in the movie was perfect.

  15. I am so glad you liked Inception! That's a movie that I think I'm the only one in my family that liked it as much as I do... hang on, that line is a bit complicated.

    *Deep breath, Katrina, deep breath*

    That is one movie that I liked when the rest of my family didn't seem as keen on it as me.

    Did that make more sense? I hope so, because I'm not trying it again! I really loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it, and Tom Hardy. Best. Characters. EVER!

    I was sort of hoping it was going to be I is for Iron Man too, but, oh well. :) Inception is a brilliant film. I feel in the mood for watching it all of a sudden. :)

    I am SAD you have no more Psych quotes! Maybe you ought to start posting Merlin ones, once you start getting more involved with them. :)

  16. I loved Inception. You are right though, you need to watch it more than once to get all the plots and sub plots. Such a great move.
    We Are Adventure

  17. Loved it. Bought the soundtrack. My 12-year-old loved it, too! "That is my new favorite movie of all time!" she said. There's a great YouTube clip out there explaining the music being slowed down like the way time does in the dreams. SO cool.


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