Friday, April 05, 2013

"You stabbed everything in this man's house."


 Aye, today's letter is F. I know many of you are huge geeks, so maybe you have some idea of which movie I picked for F.

 Fellowship of the Ring.
 Because, in spite of all the new fandoms I've joined, I will always love The Lord of the Rings. 

"I think the enemy would look fairer and smell fouler." "He's foul enough."

 It is hard, almost impossible, for me to pick a favourite out of the three of them. I like the second because it is when we first meet Faramir. I love the third because of the final battle and all the other cool things in it. But the first will always be a special to me. It is how I first learned of The Lord of the Rings. 
 It is when we first get to visit the Shire, before the world is effected by all the crouching evil. (Also, the Dark Riders, those are still creepy no matter how many times I watch it.) And then there is Aragorn, when he was still Strider, who wielded a flaming branch. 

 So yes, as much as I love the other two movies, this one will always be a tad bit more special. 
 And now, more of the Merlin, thingys. If you want to find out more about it you can visit Bella HERE! or Anna HERE! (Also, Anna is having a Merlin giveaway! So you should check it out!)

 Bella is holding a challenge to come up with a Merlin inspired outfit. I shall be working on mine tomorrow and posting it soon, so you shall have to wait for that. 

 Bella is also doing a quiz, which I'm going to muff since I haven't seen many of them, but I will give it a try.

 1. When Merlin first met Arthur, what was Arthur doing?
 Being a prat with his buddies.

 2. Merlin was dubbed Prince Arthur's manservant after he did what?
 Saved his life, for the first and not the last time.

 3. Who was the first person to call Merlin "Emerys"?
 Mordred, wasn't it? 

 4. Morgause awakened the knights of Medhir to attack Camelot. How many of these legendary knights were there?
 Huh? Does this mean I have somehow managed to miss some spoilers?! There is hope yet - or it means this girl was in series one and I just forgot names and certain events. That sounds more likely.

 5. Sir Percival was wounded with a crossbow during a quest which led to the discovery of what?
 Merlin's magic? Morgona's evilness? Uther's troll wife? (Sorry, ever getting over that one.) The fact that Arthur is, in fact, a prat?

 6. Merlin fell in love with a Druid girl who was cursed to change at midnight into what?
 Um, it would be cool if she was a dragon but that isn't likely. A unicorn? Ooooo, is she a griffin?!

 7. What was the first thing Merlin said when he reached Camelot?
 "Oh look, an evil king who hates magic. I'm otta here!" Okay, maybe not. "My, what tall buildings." Or maybe it was, "My name is Merlin, but most people call me idiot." ANNA! There, that's the quote!!!! See, told you I'd remember.

 8. Who was the first person, besides Guais, to discover Merlin had magic?
 Lancelot? It seems there is someone else, but I don't remember. Or are you talking before Camelot? Will?

 9. Merlin was once poisoned by a cruel enchantress. The only thing that would save him was...?
 That thingy in the cave that Arthur had to go after. A flower? 

 10. In series three, Uther told Guais a secret about Morgana's father. What was the secret?
 That he wasn't really her father, Uther is. Though I though Uther already knew this. (And that was a wild guess. I know there is some connection between the two of them, and I am certain I saw somewhere that she and Arthur are half siblings....but I am not completely sure.)

 11. When did Morgana first realize she had magic?
 When she set her bedroom on fire and Uther went, "THERE IS A SCORER IN THE CASTLE! KIIIILLLLLL!"

 12. In which episode did Arthur become a simpleton?
 When he got the donkey ears?

 13. Did anyone besides Arthur ever wield Excalibur?
 Aye, that knight. By mistake, so Merlin threw it into the lake. Probably came close to stabbing his girl.

 14. The hapless king of Mercia was framed for whose attempted murder?

 15. What object did Arthur have to recover from the devastated land of the Fisher King?
 His donkey ears, he missed them.

 16. Who was the last person to discover Merlin had magic?
 Arthur. *Sob* 

 17. Who freed the Great Dragon from his 20-year imprisonment?
 Merlin? Even though he, at this moment, hates him.

 18. In series two, morgana was betrayed by which friend?
 If Gwen betrays her I will throw something.

 19. In series 4, why was Gwen banished from Camelot?
 She put the butter knife in the marmalade...and back in the butter! (I think she is magically turned evil, which will make Arthur mad.)

 20. What does the mandrake root do to its victims?
 Turn them evil? 

 21. What was Arthur's Mother's name?
 I don't remember. 

 22. When did Morgause first appear?
 Series four?

 23. In series five, which knight died for Gwen?
 NOOOOOO!!!!! He dies for her?! (It is Lancelot, isn't it?) Pardon me, I need to go have another round of helpless sobbing.

 How would you all have done on the quiz? Do you have a Merlin inspired costume? Which Lord of the Rings movie is your favourite? 

 Quote is from Psych....I don't remember which episode. Can anyone help me out?




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  2. The Lord of the Rings are some of my all-time favorite movies. And if I had to pick a favorite of the three, I tend to lean toward the second one, but they're all fantastic.

    I don't remember which Psych episode that quote's from either, but the episode where Arthur becomes a simpleton is the one with Tristan and Isolde, I think. I remember it contains Arthur's line "I'm very annoying."

  3. I could never get into the LotR films, for some reason. I did enjoy "The Hobbit", though.

  4. I love The Fellowship of the Ring, though honestly I've watched it enough times without the other two that I'm a bit (a little bit) sick of it.

    ~Robyn Hoode

  5. LOTR is the greatest set of movies ever made. Far better than the books!

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  7. LotR is definitely one of the greater things out there. I agree-it is hard to choose a favorite between the three. (I still side with Return of the King, because Awesome Battles.)
    That hard. Morgause was series 1, I believe. She died somewhere along the lines...Now I'm gonna have to go get seasons 1-4 from somewhere and re-watch them. And then find season 5 and watch it in its entirety. Yup.

  8. My son was a LOTR fanatic. He owned all the movies and extended versions. Read all the books several times and listened to the books on tape when he went to sleep.

    Dropping by from A to Z. It's my first year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist

  9. Despite the fact that our family owns three copies of this movie (one of them the extended version) I don't think I've seen this all the way through. I need to have a LotR marathon one of these days ...

    I probably would have failed the test since all I know of Merlin is what I've read on wikipedia and ... what Maryanne tells me. And since Maryanne is my own character, all of her information is subject to question.

    1. And I think I'll do the A-Z challenge next year. This year was just too ... lack-of-my-own-computery.

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