Thursday, April 04, 2013

"You think all round fruit is apples." "No I don't." "What's that?" "A tiny apple." "And that?" "A Halloween apple."

 While trying to think up an E today I kept coming up with blanks until I remembered a movie I haven't seen but am dying to.


 Many bloggers I follow have been going on and on about this movie, a friendship story staring (in the words of Shawn) wait for iiiiiiitttttt! Jamie Bell! *Ahem* We all have that one actor we would love to crash into and steal a button off his shirt when he is trying to keep from falling. Well, Jamie Bell is that one actor I like. (Any fellow who can bring Tintin to life in such a brilliant way automatically warrants a stalking from me.)

 But, Jamie Bell isn't the only reason I want to see this movie. From what I have heard it is a story about friendship - and I LOVE friendship stories - and it has some cool battles in it. Mix that in with Jamie Bell and the movie is bound to be amazing. Now if only Netflix would have pity on me and put it up. (Hear that, Netflix?!)
 In other news, I missed a day in the Merlin Blog Party so now have two to catch up on.

 Day Three I was supposed to list my favourite knights. I have only met one knight, but he is so amazing and dashing and sweet and daring that I know he will remain my favourite even after I meet the others. 
 Right. Lancelot. 

 I like the other knights, the nameless ones who fight for Uther and help Arthur on his hunting trips. I especially liked them when that thief turned into an insane wizard and tried to kill Arthur. They were all willing to die to keep Arthur alive. But they've not surpassed Lancelot yet, in my mind. (The fellow left because he realized Arthur loved Gwen and she loved Arthur - at least I think that was the general drift. I don't really know who she loves at the moment. But either way, I admired him even more after that. Besides, that episode was just a lot of fun.)

 For the next part of the party I missed there is a Merlin tag. 

 1. Who is your favourite character? (Can't answer with Gwen, Arthur, or Merlin.)
 Gwen wouldn't make my list. I know, naughty me, but I've this thing with girls who fall in love with the heroes I like. Then the heroes turn into saps and spend all day thinking about their girls and I want to throw my shoe at their heads. *Ahem* moving on.
 I CANNOT believe I am saying this...but since I cannot pick Merlin or Arthur, I think next in line would be Uther. I know, grumpy old Uther who has an undying hate of magic, where just one hint and he's ready to take your head off. But he does care about his subjects and those under his care, and let's face it - it keeps things lively at the castle with his constant, "IT'S MAGIC! IT MUST BE DESTROYED!" And Merlin cringing with his, "Great, time to get in the middle of it all and save everyone." Besides, he married a troll - and that is just funny. 

 2. Who is your favourite villain/ antagonist? 
 The wizard lady from series one. The, "MUST KILL ARTHUR AND UTHER AND MAKE MERLIN'S LIFE MISERABLE!" girl. I like villains with good back stories and ones not so dead set on revenge, but every now and then we need the old fashioned villain who will stop at nothing to KILLL!!

 3. What is your favourite Arthurian creature?
 There was a griffin in one episode, wasn't there? One Arthur fought. (I like griffins, I want one for pet.) Also the dragon and unicorn.

 4. Which is your favourite episode from each season?
 I've only seen series one and half of series two. series one the episode where Arthur helps Merlin fight for his village. wait, that one is tied with the poisoned cups. And in series two, so far...the troll. (It just cracks me up Uther marrying a troll. I'll never get tired of that.)

 5. Least favourite episode?
 Haven't found one yet.

 6. Which series is your favourite. 

 7. Did you "cheat" to watch any of the seasons before they came to the USA?
 Didn't have to. I know everything that happens. 

 8. Your thoughts on Uther?
 As I said, he is one of my favourites, but it is a love/ hate relationship. 

 9. Favourite knight?
 I only know one, and I think he will always be my favourite. Lancelot!

 10. Least favourite knight?
 Haven't met enough to have a least favourite. 

 11. Which death impacted you the most?
 Arthur's...and I haven't even seen it yet. Though I just found out today that Lancelot I might have a tie. (Pardon me while I go and sob again.)

 12. Describe "The Diamond of the Day" part 1 and 2 in five words.
 You are picking out one episode...this can't be good. I haven't seen it, but if you are making a point to mention it here...
 "Time to start my sobbing."

 13. When did you first discover Merlin?
 Not sure. I know it was a year or so ago and I believe it had a lot to do with Anna. I am not sure if I found of it before she mentioned it, but I know it was because of her ranting about it that I watched episode one. THANK YOU, ANNA!!!

 14. If you are a big fan of Merlin, what do you call yourself?
 I will go with Anna - as I've never called myself anything - and refer to myself as a Dragonlord, because that is cool. 

 15. You're thoughts on Mordred?
 I've only seen him as an adorable little boy, and I like him. WHY MUST YOU KILL ARTHUR?!

 16. Do you like the soundtrack? If so, what's your favourite song?
 I do, I just don't have a favourite.

 17. How did you feel when you heard the news Merlin was ending?
 Depressed. Heartbroken. Then I found out HOW it ends and sang into the depths of despair. 

 Good bye for now. I have some morning to do, thanks for reminding me of all the reasons I have to sob, Anna.

 Quote is from Psych. Shawn and Gus are talking about fruit, which Shawn thinks is apples. Cherries and pumpkins. I'm waiting to pull this line on someone someday.




  1. *stops self from fangirling incessantly over The Eagle and it's soundtrack*

  2. *chokes on chocolate* I just looked up Jamie Bell on IMDb ('cause I haven't heard anything about him since Tintin came out)... did you know that Jamie Bell got married last October? That's why I choked on my chocolate. I was so suprised!

    I didn't know brussel sprouts came from brussels either. Though, as you said, it makes perfect sense.

    I think I will just let my character run wild.... He doesn't show up for awhile again so I don't have to worry about it right away.

    Cartoon-Tintin does need to says crumbs and great snakes more often. Though I guess they can't do much about it since it is 20 years later.... ("Crumbs? That's not very Tintin-like!")

    The Hitchhiker's book isn't very good... But I don't remember why. I think with the book there was more profanity and bad stuff than the movie. Also I was left with more of a feeling of "why did I just waste my time on this?" The movie isn't so much that way, since it is shorter.

    I haven't read any Quick and Flupke either. I'm not sure about them being on the back of the books... It's been awhile since I saw the three-in-one-book Tintin's. I used to get them out of the library all the time... and then I got all the Tintin books for Christmas one year.

  3. THE EAGLE! ESKAR!!!!!!!!!!!! (Love that movie so much.)

  4. I LOVE The Eagle!!!

    And I love the episode of Merlin where Uther marries the troll. That one is hilarious.

  5. I haven't seen the Eagle yet either.

    Okay, bear in mind that I LOVE the Merlin show. However... I do also enjoy mildly mocking aspects of it internally as I watch... for example (to go with the whole knights thing)... how the nameless knights are ALWAYS standing around a fire warming their hands... which is good, because of the sheer amount of sneaking around people have to do around them, and if they weren't warming their hands over fires, they'd probably be at their posts and Merlin and Morgana and various other characters would not be able to so easily sneak in and out of the city.

    Speaking of which, it's a good thing there are so many pillars in the castle to hide behind... and amazing that nobody ever looks behind them.

    Also, the fact that there are like 7 knights... but somehow Uther manages to lose hundreds of them on a rather consistent basis.

    Okay, I'm done. I love the show, despite its flaws... or perhaps, slightly, because of its flaws. Gwain is my favorite knight. Gaius is my favorite non-Arthur/Merlin/Gwen character. The dragon is my favorite mythical creature. :)

  6. Great line from Psych. Haven't seen that movie yet.

  7. ooooh, I can't wait until you see The Eagle. And I'm going to keep this short because if I don't I shall gush and embarrass myself. :) lol... But I will say that it IS a really great friendship story, and those horrible creepy people who try to make out that there's more between them are just stupid. Haven't they ever heard of old-fashioned friendship!?

    Hahahah. That Psych episode. That part was so funny. And the end? "Shawn, why am I wearing this necklace?"
    "Because you're a fool."
    Hehehehehe. I loved Shawn and Lassie in that episode, because they view cults the same way I do. *smirk*

  8. Hello, Jack! I like friendship stories, too. This sounds like a good one!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  9. Ah, yes! The troll queen wins ALL the villain awards from me. I mean, seriously. She eats horse poo at the royal table. It doesn't get much better than that.
    You get to know the knights a lot better in the later seasons. (Of course, I still need to finish season 5...I missed a few episodes somewhere along the line.)

    I've never heard of this 'Eagle' movie....

  10. That Psych I just re-watched that episode yesterday. It's so funny! I love Shawn in that one. *Snicker.*

    Jamie Bell is FANTASTIC in the Eagle. *Nods* I loved him as Tintin, but I never really paid much attention to that actor until The Eagle. And now I am a complete and total Jamie Bell fan. :D *Pssst...he has rather amazing eyes.*

    Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I just haven't been online much this last week.

    It's a little late but, Happy Easter!

  11. I would like to see The Eagle now :) I'd never heard of it until now so ya Netflix do you hear that? I've been thinking about getting Netflix too

  12. How did I miss this one?? Adding it to my list of must see movies.
    A to Z buddy
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  13. I saw "The Eagle"! I love that movie. Great movie of friendship, comradeship, standing out in a prejudice world, and self-sacrifice. It was amazing. And I love the era, the Celtics still roamed Britain in wild, nomadic tribes and the Romans could only attempt to subdue them.


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