Thursday, April 18, 2013

"You're just going to tell him his new lady friend is a troll?"

 Today is the hard letter of....Q! Except I have a favourite movie which has saved me from too much thinking.

 Quest for Camelot!!

"Oh! I didn't realize you're..." "Tall? Handsome? Ragged?" "Blind." "Oh yeah, I always forget that one."
"You've never sang before, have you?" *Punch*

 I've loved this movie since first seeing it years ago. It has a cool sword, a quest, knights, and a dragon. Definitely all the makings to make the list of movies I will never get tired of watching. I also quote it constantly. (And it was where I first got my desire to write a book about a quest for a sword, which over the years has turned into The Broken Blade.) So I'm very fond of this movie.

 And the Arthur in it is pretty cool, though thanks to BBC Merlin I shall never get used to seeing an old Merlin and a young Arthur together.
 Well, with the release of A Stretch of Loyalty only two months away - even less since it is now the 18th, I am working extra hard on editing. I've also discovered I have a bad habit. I realized I CANNOT edit unless I have a deadline I am really close to. I need to fix this before I get myself into big trouble.

 Right now I am doing a ton of editing, a chapter a day and these are long chapters. (Remind me again why I wrote them so long?!)
 I'm also trying to get the cover done - by this I mean at least get the cover picture taken - and the trailer started. It would help if winter would take a hike and allow us frozen Westerners to crawl out of our homes and thaw. (Right now I'm hiding under my heated blanket with a little space heater warming up  one arm.)

 So, I will now apologize for getting behind on emails and comments - again. I am going to do my best to get them all answered but when I'm not working I'm editing - and trying to finish writing Abolished Impracticality. I am almost at the end of it, I just need more writing time! (Working a real job is very overrated. Who came up with real jobs anyways?)

 Don't give up on me in the email department. I hope to have most of them answered tomorrow, before I begin my massive edit of the day.

 Right now I am going to crawl the rest of the way under my heated blanket and pretend it is going to be summer when I wake up.

 Quote is from Merlin.




  1. I've never seen Quest for Camelot, though I want to. I'm actually stealing/tweaking the title for one of the Bookania Quests. (One which I'm really looking forward to, even though it's not for another twelve books or so ... But my Peter's one of the main characters - as well as his big sister, my FCE - and Robin and Eric, I have a truly horrid twist for them in that book)

    And I'm working on getting Stretch edited for you. I've read it through, now I'm doing a nitpick read to catch all the grammar errors and "didn't she already do that in the last paragraphs." Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to do some more in the car. (I emailed it to my Kindle, since I edit best there, where my brain is in "this is a book, treat it as such" mode.)

    I can't wait to see what you come up with for the cover art!!!

  2. Real jobs *are* overrated. I am lucky, since the job I have is one that I also mostly enjoy, but I can't say that I would miss it if I were able to never go to work again. I have had people inform me that I would be *bored* if I didn't have a job. I tend to laugh at these people. Little do they know (evil chuckle)!

    Good luck with the cover picture, and with the editing. I understand about needing deadlines. I sort of need something hanging over my head to motivate me too, otherwise, I go about like MacBeth, saying, "Tomorrow and .... tomorrow." :-)

  3. Eek! Sounds so cold!! Good luck with all the editing. I like rewriting more then first-drafting or editing, I've discovered. It suits me. ;)

    But question...what is this term you used, "real job"?? It sounds...foreign. :P

  4. Not sure if I've ever seen this movie...I'm going to have to check it out! :)

  5. I have only seen Quest for Camelot once, but I liked it. It's been years...

    An editing we will go! Death or Glory!!! (preferably glory)

    ~Robyn Hoode

  6. What is this? A movie based on the Arthurian legends I haven't seen?! This must be remedied!

    Also, I share your sentiments on editing.

  7. I remember watching that film but it was years ago.
    We are warm and humid here - join us!

  8. Yeah... I've kinda taken the month off from writing/editing... this blogging challenge is far more time-consuming than I thought it'd be.

    I love Quest for Camelot, too (of course, the Cary Elwes/Bryan White voices for Garrett don't hurt). The music is just beautiful. This one doesn't get enough acclaim, but it's definitely up there with all the Disney princess movies IMO.

  9. I work better with deadlines too! When I don't have deadlines I'm more along the lines of "Tommorrow! Tomorrow! I'll do ya, tomorrow!" and then nothing gets done. lol.

    I haven't seen Quest for Camelot but it looks good. Is it on netflix?

    Ugh, real jobs. Who was the fool came up with that idea? *sigh*

  10. I LOL'd at the thought of a space heater warming one arm. I understand that feeling. And if you try standing over them with your skirt capturing all that beautiful heat, the anti-fire thingy kicks on, and turns your space heater OFF. What is up with that?!?!

    Good luck on the edits! I'm right there with you. :)

  11. Editing to me is not the fun part of writing, it is a chore, but the math types love it, like my husband.


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