Sunday, May 05, 2013

"Can you crack it?" "Of course I can, I'm Asian."

 Wherein Jack Reviews a Movie.

 I went to see Oblivion, the day Iron Man three opened. I was second guessing my movie choices the whole time - what can I say? I'm a huge Avengers fan.

 Anyways, before we got into the movie we were almost killed. 
 While standing in line, my friends began saying that they should have gone with their first instinct and bought our tickets before hand. But, since we all forgot it was opening day for Iron Man, none of us had thought to actually do it. And that is how we got on the subject of the midnight showing.
 "Only the hard core nerds go to that one," one of my friends said.
 I had to inform him that I was one of the hard core nerds who would have been at the midnight showing, or even opening day, if I'd not already made plans to see Oblivion. However, before I had a chance to remind him what a hard core nerd he himself was, he went on.
 "These are the less hard core nerds." This he said less quietly, and while we were inside where we could be better heard. I began to glance around at the less hard core nerds in the hopes none of them heard us. All the while wondering how he could call them nerds when, between the two of us, we had more nerdiness then everyone in the building. 
 Before I could point this fact out to him, he shoved his glasses back up his nose and declared, a bit too loudly, "Nerd alert!"
 At that point I gave up trying to remind him of our own extended nerdiness and pretended I didn't know him. (After all, we were in the middle of a bunch of Iron Man nerds all eager to see the movie. He was just asking to get strung up.) Nerds might seem like a docile creature, but you get a bunch of them all together, and you're in trouble.

 Anyways, since we somehow survived our wait in line, I can now do the movie review some of you asked for.

 I had mixed feelings about going to see Oblivion, ones which got even more mixed when I saw all those people going to see Iron Man. But I was good and didn't sneak into the other theatre. 

 Oblivion is set many years into the future, after a huge battle has been fought on earth, destroying the planet. I'm not huge on those kinds of stories, but they've been growing on me lately so I figured this one might turn out to be good. (Also, it did really well when it first came out which is usually a good sign.)

 I'm not really sure how to review this movie because it had so many twists and turns it is hard not to give away any spoilers. I think it would work best to just list what I liked and disliked about it. 

 Disliked first.

 There was an awkward scene in it I wasn't expecting. Thankfully little was shown, but there was a girl who undressed and it showed from the back. (Really could have done without that scene.)

 In some places the movie felt a bit slow, but it wasn't often and during these moments I would work to get caught up and put together all the new things I'd learned from the last scene. (Note, by the end of the movie I was still a bit lost so my friend had to explain it to me later.)

 One of the twists they did caught me off guard and I'm still not sure what I think about it. I think I will have to watch it again, now that I know it is coming, to decide if this movie will become one I really like, or just like.

 Things I did like.

 It wasn't the kind of, "Let's keep everything this HUGE mystery and then try and cram all the answers in in the last few minutes so there is no chance you will get it." The mystery was slowly solved, which meant I could pretty much keep up. (As I said, the rest was later explained to me, and I might have got it but I watch too much Doctor Who and expected it to have some kind of Timy Whimy ending and it didn't)
 There is even a part where one of the characters actually TELLS the main character what has happened. I wanted to hug him. No one does this is movies anymore. It takes like, two minutes, and helps those like me who get lost. *Smirk*

 The main characters name was Jack. (I seem to have a fondness for that name. *Whistles innocently*

 One of the girls was REALLY annoying, but since she was meant to be I didn't feel bad thinking she was.

 The other girl was pretty cool, not my favourite female character, but still pretty cool.

 The whole destroyed earth was pretty cool too. 

 I'm still convinced the Alien thingy knew the Doctor.

 Part of the movie was kind of predictable, but I think it was meant to be this way. I knew who the Aliens were, but I believe they wanted us to know. So we could sit back and go, "Why are they doing that?"

 Part of the ending caught me off guard, which is always fun.

 So, there are my pros and cons. I have to say, this didn't make top favourite for me but might get higher once I see it again. Now that I know the big twist they use I won't be expecting something else and I think I will enjoy it a lot more. 
 Another reason I don't think it made top is my own sense of humor. The wonderful, romantic scene at the end - I kind of giggled uncontrollably through it. 

 Every part of me wanted to shout, "HARTON FENTON MUDD!" But I refrained myself - be proud because it was a lot stronger urge then the one I got to sing during Les Miserables.)

 *End the maybe spoiler.*

 I think it is one I would recommend, but not to youngerish kids. (And I would warn about that one awkward scene.)

 Okay, and that's all I have for you. I've lots to do this week, which means I'm going to spend an hour or so reading. (I take every chance I can get. *Grin*)

Quote is from Grimm, a conversation between Nick and Wu. (Wu is one of my favourites.)




  1. Good review! I was wondering about this movie. Maybe I'll get around to watching it someday. It looked pretty cool.

    Why? WHY? Why did you want to shout Harcourt Fenton Mudd??? Why?

  2. Oh, that does sound pretty okay. I may wait for it to materialize on the DVD market before I watch it, though.

    I am PROUD of you. PROUD! I would totally have ditched Oblivion and gone in to watch Iron Man 3. I am going to watch that TOMORROW!!! (hopefully) with a couple other sisters. *swoon*

    We had an Avengers party today, with Avengers-inspired outfits and we made Avengers-related aperitifs, like "Iron Man Salsa" (which was red with yellow tortilla chips), "Hulk Dip" (which was guacamole. Next time I think we'll call it Hulk Smash, and serve it with purple-coloured chips, if we can find them), and "Captain America Cake", which was yummy chocolate cake decorated quite admirably by Maria, so that it looked like Steve Rogers' very cool shield. We had shawarma for the main course. Yumminess! The result being, I am in quite an Avengers mood, and would love nothing better than to watch Tony Stark star in Iron Man 3. I loves him. So much!

    And that Grimm quote makes me more determined than ever to actually watch that show. I must needs do it. One day. After Merlin. And Robin Hood.

  3. ~I watched Oblivion too! I really liked the twist where they were all clones! I did NOT expect that to happen! And I was glad the ending turned out the way it had ^w^ My mum didn`t seem to enjoy the movie though =( And where I live, they censored the `scene`.

  4. I liked all the twists and turns. I could've been just an average science fiction film, but that made it even better.

  5. Oblivion looked really good! But I'm glad you warned us about the awkward scene, because now I shall just wait until it comes to DVD so I can just zip right past that bad boy. :)

    WE ARE PROBABLY GOING TO SEE IRON MAN 3 TODAY!!!!!! *Boing boing boing boing* I am so excited. Lalalalala. Ahem.


  6. Oh, and I really must watch Grimm. Very much must.

  7. Oh, when I went to see Warm Bodies there was an advertisement for Oblivion. Well, after you're review, I'd certainly like to see it, though I might just wait for it to come out on DVD. After all, I'd rather see Iron Man 3, and I only have so much money I can spend on movie tickets!

  8. I've been wanting to see Oblivion for quite looks pretty good, and after your review, I will probably have to give it a shot!(:

    I really want to see Iron Man 3. There is just one problem, though...I haven't seen Iron Man 2 yet! Ahhhh! It used to be on Netflix, and right when my sisters and I were about to watch it, we found they had removed it!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  9. I loved how you said you were a hard core nerd, the nerdiest of them all. That sounds like me. And my sisters. Gee imagine if we all got together and got weird?! *Grin* I love reading your blog. It always makes me laugh. You are awesome. Cheers!

  10. Okay, Jack, I saw Iron Man 3!! There were like four quick "scenes" of ladies in bikini outfits, which is totally irritating, but otherwise the movie was so good. Tony is SO GOOD!!! :)

    And, at the end of the movie - the very, very end, after you've sat through all the credits - it proclaimed that, "IRON MAN WILL RETURN". So, I was relieved. :)


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