Friday, May 17, 2013

"I asked myself, 'What would Henry do?' And I took them!"

 I am just popping in for a fun announcement  I will be back officially on Monday and join in on the Great Clara Debate. 

 A month ago, or about that amount of time, a friend of mine and I decided we would start a project together. Her name is Kendra, she is the author of Sew, It's a Quest which I did a book review on awhile ago. You can find her blog HERE!!

 We have decided to write a book together! (And I just realized how bad I am at making book announcements.) Part of me wants to keep a lot of it secret so I can make huge announcements over a long period of time just to see if I can drive anyone crazy. But, that makes me sound evil, so I shall refrain myself.

 I don't think we really have a summery yet though, so I cannot release that. BUT I can release the title.

 The Worth Of A King.

 Which will give you some idea of what the book will be about. *Grin*

 Anyways, I am very excited about this project. The story is about two siblings. Kendra will be writing from the sister's point of view and I the brothers. 

 And, that is all I have time for because I have to get ready for work. As I said, I will be back on Monday, with lots of reviews and fun stuff.

 This quote is from the same episode of Psych as the Mexican Lassie one. It is a conversation between Shawn's dad and Jules' dad, after her dad stole something from a gang leader.




  1. Hi there! Dropping by from the worst/best movie remakes blogfest. so lovely to meet you! and hurray for your new project!

  2. Ooohhhhh, this new project sounds very exciting!!!!!

  3. Working with someone else would be cool. And challenging.

  4. Oh cool! That's very exciting! =D I can't wait to hear more!

  5. Oh, sounds like a fun project! Have fun with it :)

  6. Oh, your little co-writer won't let you keep all of the secrets! Now that it's been announced ... Well, I won't tell how it'll end, but anything else ...

    Speaking of which, how shall we have it end?

  7. Your collaboration sounds very promising...Sometime soon I want to read Sew, it's a Quest. Good luck!! (no pressure or anything, but now we are all extremely excited---don't let us down. ;P )


  8. How exciting! I can't wait to learn more about the book! It sounds like it shall be quite epic.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  9. Oooh, I've tried to co-write a book before. I think it's really hard! But that could just be me. I have a problem with finishing things I start. lol. Note the letter game on my blog. :P But I hope you have a lot of fun with that. It's cool to see what happens when your ideas and someone else's ideas mix.

    I've heard a lot about that Psych in Mexico and I want to see it so badly! I'm trying really hard to hold out and not watch any of season 7 until it's out on DVD that way I can just have a whole season of awesomeness to look forward to. But dang!


  10. Co-writing is super fun! Once you get a system going, it isn't hard at all. Cait and I just finished our first co-written book and it was so much fun. I hope you have a great time writing it. Brother and sister? Sounds great!

    I just thought I'd mention that it's a little bit difficlt to read your posts in the light blue font when it's over the white-grey areas of the green background. You might want to consider a darker font colour? :) I still love your background, though.

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