Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I'm Amy's imaginary friend, but I came anyways."

 Wherein Jack Makes Little Sense

 I've now reached the editing point where I find sleep to be overrated and often forget to actually do it. I nibble on things all day because I get side tracked whenever it is time for a meal. And I've been pretty much forbidden to leave the house as I've restored to wearing my editing clothes - in other words whatever happens to be lying on my floor or is easy to get to. The other day this consisted of tights, stripped green and gold socks, a skirt, and a tee shirt with a baggy sweater thrown over it all, and my converses. 

 Living in a college town, most people don't give me a second glance when I do go out in my editing clothes. They probably think I'm a typical student studying for finals. What does have me worried, though, is those who see me armed with large swords and bows.They might be able to explain away my dress code but likely find a harder time explaining my weaponry as I carry them around, looking for the perfect place to get bits of footage for the trailer. (And yes, I just used the word footage. It makes me feel like a movie director. "LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACCCCTIIIOON!") So, if I one day disappear, it might mean I was arrested.

 Or it might mean I fell asleep.

 I went to the library today and raided some new books. Now I have a great big pile again....

 And now the point to this post was lost, not that it ever had a point. I think I will just put it out of its misery and end it and try and edit a little more before I fall asleep.

 An 11th Doctor quote today because I've been missing him and the Ponds and I refuse to allow myself to watch Clara until my editing is done. Therefore, I fix this problem by quoting the Pond episodes at random times.




  1. I live way out in the country so there is no one around to stare at me if I go outside strangely dressed.

    If you get arrested, I will come break you out of jail and you can hide out at my place. :)

    I have only seen clips of Clara's episodes so far. I've been super busy with other things. But, quite soon, I'm thinking of doing a Clara marathon. I want to be caught up so I can see the last episode because... River Song is back!!!!!!!! She is one of my favorite companions of 11. I know BBC is bringing David Tennant and Billie Piper back for the 50th anniversary episode and I'm really hoping River shows up in that one, too.

    Best wishes on your editing my friend!

  2. I bet the weaponry does draw attention. Just say you are out hunting squirrels.

  3. Hahaha, if I was a college student (well, I am, but if I was on campus), and I saw someone hauling bows and swords around, I would probably think he/she was pretty cool. :P then I'd probably stalk that person to see what she was doing with all that weaponry.

    Good luck with your editing! I've decided (ish) to use my free time this month, before I go back to school in the middle of June, to get some editing done on the novel I finished 3 years ago now. I'm eager to get myself reacquainted with my characters. Have you got any good editing tips?

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  4. A library eh? Did you count the shadows....cuz you never know if you run into a Vashta Nerada in a library. Silence in the Library Jack

  5. It's a good thing you can blend in with the locals....not sure how good it would be to be known as the 'crazy writer lady' :)

  6. I wouldn't dare take my dagger out of the house (though for some odd reason I've been running around with a plastic toy knife in my purse ...) because I have a cousin who lives right across the yard and he would want to play with it ... and while the edges are dull, the point is SHARP.

    But I'm cheering for you when it comes to editing! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Have fun with the editing! I probably wouldn't be brave enough to go out in public in any manner that made people stare at me. Although it sounds like fun; and rather tempting. :)

  8. I've missed commenting for quite a few posts, so I'm going to just do a long comment here. :P

    First of all, I was wondering how Oblivion sounds fun. I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but he actually looked pretty good in the trailer for this one. :)
    Ack, I know! Why do movie always feel like they *have* to throw in a 'scene'? It is so annoying!

    Ooh, the Peculiar sounds really good! Published by nineteen? Dang! I am so impressed! :)

    It's hard to be incognito when you're carrying around weapons, eh? You're like, "Don't mind me. I have no wicked intentions with this sword. It's just a prop, I swear!" lol.
    Well, good luck with that!

    I hope your editing continues to go well. Yeah, who needs sleep, anyway? It's so time consuming! :D

    And now I should actually go and get a little bit of sleep, even though it is time consuming. *Grin*



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