Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Oh look, my tax dollars. Here to arrest me."

 Well, I did it. I finished the, more like the third or forth...round of editing. Now I plan on taking a nice long break, reading lots, watching Doctor Who, and maybe having a Monk marathon before I start another round of editing.

 But at the moment, aside from my sleep deprived body demanding I crawl into bed, I feel like this.

"Free, free, free!!! Jack is FRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

 I don't think I'll be on much this week. I will for certain be on on the 14th for the cover reveal, but other then that I will be too busy sleeping and trying to recover for the next stage of editing. So, enjoy your week and, in the words of that buff dude who's last name I cannot even begin to hope to spell, "I'll be back."

 Quote is from National Treasure 2.




  1. HURRAH! Congratulations on finishing your edit! You deserve a break before diving into it again.

  2. I love that quote. To be honest, Riley is the main reason I watch those movies. He's awesome. :)

    Well, I'm so glad that you made it through the whole editing process! Enjoy your break...and Monk marathon sounds pretty fun.


  3. ~Congratz on completing the edit!! ^w^ I love that quote `i`ll be back` I even read it in his voice xD
    ~Dr Who!!

  4. Yay! Congratulations on finishing up your editing (for the meantime, haha)! I'm hoping to maybe do some editing of my own this starting tomorrow...maybe if I write myself a schedule I could at least somewhat stick to it. I really want to work on fleshing out my characters more, really tapping into their faults, among other things, and then fix some of the plot bunnies that are slightly inevitable when doing nanowrimo. :P and then working with the writing style much to do, haha!

    I can't wait for the cover reveal!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  5. congratulations - I'm still on draft #2 and am stuck, but keep plugging away. Enjoy your freedom

  6. Get some sleep and congratulations!

  7. Woot! Go Jack! :D

    I can't spell that person's name either. I freak out and go, "THE TERMINATOR GUY" instead. :D

  8. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Good work! And get some sleep. You need it.

  9. I congratulate you on finishing this round of editing! Enjoy some Doctor Who and sleep why don't you;)

  10. Oh, I know how that feels...I've also had moments where I argue with myself like Gollum. At least I don't have a ring I call my 'precious.'

    Also, I need to watch National Treasure again, now. Not the second one, because I didn't care for it...but yes. That's the plan.

  11. thanks for share..


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