Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Run you clever boy, and remember me."

 Wherein Jack Joins The Debate And Rants And Sulks

 Many of you know I had a Doctor Who review planned as soon as I finished series seven. Last night I stayed up extra late because I couldn't go to work without knowing what happens in The Name of The Doctor. 

 Those who watch Doctor Who know there has been a lot of debate over Clara Oswald, the Doctor's Impossible Girl. The girl who died twice saving his life, the girl he couldn't explain.

 Many didn't like her for the same reason they didn't like Martha. (This is a common in TV shows and should have a name.) Basically it was the "She's Not Rose" syndrome. Like Martha, Clara's biggest fault was that she wasn't the Ponds. It wasn't that Martha and Clara were bad companions, they just happened to come after some of the best loved companions and had a lot to step into. A lot of expectations they could never hope to fulfill because there is no way either could replace the ones before them. (I need to re-watch the Martha series with this in mind. I think part of the reason I don't like her as much is because I like friendship stories more then romantic ones. But I think I need to give her a better chance. However, she gets her own review. This is all about Clara.)

 Now, I loved the Ponds and their fairytale like story. It was a lot of fun and I loved how they became the Doctor's family. I was sad when they left, not for their sakes but for the Doctor. After all, their fairy tale continued. The Doctor, on the other hand, lost his family. 

 When I first met Clara, or Owsin, I wasn't sure what to think of her. She seemed like she might be fun, but she also seemed like she might turn out to be bossy or annoying. Therefore, I held off judgement until I had a chance to get to know her better.

 The second time we meet her is in The Christmas Special where she is living in Victorian England working as a governess and a barmaid. This is when I began to like her. She loved children, she was curious, adventurous, sweet, and brave, yet not annoyingly so. She still came off as human, getting frightened when the snowmen attacked.

 And then, the more I got to know her the more I liked her. I knew there was some big mystery about who she was, but it never felt like it was slapping me in the face. A lot of her and the Doctor's adventures were like the ones he took Rose on. More fun, and wild and exciting. No horror stories which left me peeking up at my roof for those one know...they kind of looked like...something...and they were there with the president....odd, you know, I can never remember those Aliens. Oh well, you probably know what I mean.

 Anyways, there always was the underlaying mystery of the Doctor trying to find out about Clara, but after awhile I think he too gave up and just enjoyed her company. She was his friend, no matter what else she might turn out to be.So I was very pleased with this. I thought all the rest of series seven would be another complex River Song story. And, as much as I love River, I don't think I could handle another timy whimy companion. Clara felt more like a normal girl.

 Some of the things I loved best about her was that she wasn't all tough. She did get scared, very often. Yet she didn't ever let that stop her from helping the Doctor. She even forced the TARDIS into helping him, which I thought was funny. Clara Oswald, bossing the TARDIS around. And the TARDIS retaliating by saying Clara was full of herself.
 Clara never tried to hide her fear, but she didn't let it control her. I think this made her feel more real. 
 Also, like the Doctor, she can never turn away when a child is crying. She understood children and got along well with them, as well as 11 does. (9 and 10 didn't seem to have this ability. 10 was a little better than 9, but 9 and children/ and families for that matter/ didn't mix. I often wonder what he would have thought if he saw his later self, hanging out with the Ponds, allowing a whole family to travel with him.)

 I have heard a lot of people say they found Clara to be too bossy. I don't really remember this part of her character. I suppose she had her moments, but I honestly found Donna, and even Rose from time to time, to be more bossy then she. (Not that I'm complaining, their bossiness was more for comic relief.)

 I think what I liked best about Clara, though, was her friendship with the Doctor. This is why Donna and Rory are my two favourite companions. Donna was his best friend, and it was funny to watch his friendship with Rory - kind of awkward since he was his father-in-law and his best friend's husband, and his own friend.)
 But, unlike Rose and Martha, Clara didn't fall in love with the Doctor. (Though she did kiss him that one time which was just weird. I didn't even think she loved him then, it was just kind of random. But, I suppose it had to be thrown in. I think he's kissed all his other companions, expect maybe Mickey. If he had kissed Mickey he'd probably have been punched. Rory might have done the same, but I think he was just too stunned, realizing his son-in-law had kissed him.)
 But, I felt more like Clara and the Doctor were just friends. Even during one part when it was made to believe otherwise, she didn't believe it. 
"Because if it was true, and it isn't, you'd never admit to it."
 Of course, the kids Clara nannies for call him her boyfriend and they never contradict it, but it felt more like they didn't because they were too busy snickering over the idea and knew there'd be no point in telling the kids otherwise. Besides, it was probably easier to explain him as her boyfriend than an Alien who was a 1000 years old, has two hearts, and takes her on adventures in his blue police box. You know, if boyfriend works, just stick with it.

 However, unlike the Doctor's other friendships, this one felt different. With Donna it was more of a sibling relationship almost. They acted like brother and sister almost, with Donna the older of the two, kind of like a bossy big sister. With Amy and Rory is was more of a family friendship, where they looked out for each other equally. 
 With Clara, I almost felt like he was more of a father to her. He worried about her, looked after her, protected her, almost like he would a daughter. And I thought it was rather sweet, to see him caring so much about someone. (He did care about his other companions, but this one felt different. As if he was more protective. As if he just wanted to make her happy and see her smile.) This might also be because he seems older in this series then he did in the other two. (11, I'm don't mean 9 and 10.) Before he acted like a little boy who needed someone to keep an eye on him. Now he seems to feel a certain amount of responsibility and he takes it seriously. (Oh, and on a side note, I love his new outfit. It gives him a more old fashioned look...and I've a thing for picket watches, vests, and long coats.)

 Anyways, in short, my thoughts on Clara are simple. I like her, a lot. I can't wait for series eight now. I was pleased with all of series seven, and I really liked The Name of The Doctor. It was a sweet, exciting, sad ending without the usually evil Moffat cliff hanger. (Okay, there is one, but it isn't a Sherlock one.)

 Now, Clara aside, some of my other thoughts on the episodes really fast.

 I adore the detectives. I do wish that Vastra and Jenny weren' know...but I still can't help but like them in general. I am glad it isn't made such a huge deal like Jack was. I can easily imagine it away and just pretend they are friends.

 But the three of them, Strix, Jenny, and Vastra make such a cool team. I was happy they were around so much, especially Strix. I kind of fell in love with the potato Aliens the moment I saw them, and he's just so cool. 
 "I'm going to go play with my grenades."
 "Horse, you have failed in your mission. Prepare to die."
 "This better be important! I was about to crush a pathetic mortal."
 The Doctor and he are especially funny together. And I love how Strix can't tell a boy from a girl, always calling Jenny The Boy. I thought she was the exception to his confusion, but then he called a boy a girl, so I think it is just him being an Alien.

 Jenny is also a lot of fun. She's sweet and never afraid to kick someone in the head. Someone said these three need a spin off series, at the moment I am inclined to agree. (I mean, they gave Jack his own spin why not these three. Besides, Jack's spin off isn't even that good. I've not seen it but I've heard enough to not want to.)
 I can only hope these three will be in series eight, with more of Strix, because Doctor Who can always use more of a potato Alien who likes to crush the life out of our pathetic human forms.  

 Okay, now to close because I've gone on for a long time. There you have it, my character for today and my review at long last. 

 What about all of you, who have seen it? What are your thoughts on Clara? How does she rate on your companion liking list?

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    AHHHHHH you watched it!!!! Okay, we need to skype or something because I have a lot to say. (actually...scratch that. I can't skype for a while :( boo)

    Anyway -- I guess it's ONLY ME who thought Clara and the Doctor would have a cute little romance. Alrighty then...but I definitely agree that her story turned out better than River's. I'm just mad about some minor things that had the potential to be so much better but got ignored.....grr.

    Oh, and how she's not some tough, fearless warrior princess -- that was good too. Amy was like that, and I love her, but it's good to have some variety in a companion. (By the way, if Amy had always been written the way she was in Vincent and the Doctor, I would be one happy camper. Just saying)

    And what did you think about River's ending? Personally I loved that -- it was so sweet to see the Doctor finally act like he cares about her, after being kind of indifferent for a long time. If I were a big cry-er, I probably would have been weeping during that scene.

    But yeah, anyway, I ADORE Clara and I hope we get to know her better in later episodes, because I feel like there's a lot we're missing out on. Her dresses are so adorable, too...I envy her wardrobe a lot. She and Joan have awesome clothes.

    One last thing: I'm curious what you thought about the 'secret Doctor' or whatever, at the very end. For the moment, I'm trying to stay calm, but I also have a plan of attack in case Moffat decides to be a jerk and mess something up. People have been saying he's the time war Doctor, but he BETTER NOT be, because that was Eight. And I am inordinately attached to Eight. And I will fight Moffat on this if he pretends like he doesn't exist.

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Strax and the gang. Jenny is fabulous, I love Jenny. Honestly, I don't have any feelings, positive or negative, toward Vastra or Strax, so if a spin-off meant they weren't going to be in Doctor Who anymore, I would be okay with that. Except then Jenny wouldn't be in it. Maybe it would be sort of like the Sarah Jane adventures and the Doctor would pop in every now and then.

    I did not have very high hopes for the finale, but I was pleasantly surprised. Overall, it was a good episode. (The Whispermen were kind of stupid, though -- what was the point of them, actually?) But I quite enjoyed it and I can't WAIT for the 50th anniversary.

    This is already way too long. I'll stop now.

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  3. Ok so I'm curious. What IS the doctor's name?

  4. Oh gracious... I REALLY want to read this post... but I haven't seen this series, yet, so I'm going to hold off. Sadness.

    Yay! I'm glad you get my references! Watching movies in my family is sort of like an Olympic event. We watch the movie (pausing it and discussing if we're at home), then have dinner or dessert and discuss our favorite bits/quotes/what we liked/didn't like/etc afterwards. We quote our favorite movies in daily conversation, and expect each other to know which movie we just referenced when we do! (Which confuses people who don't know me well, and makes close friends go, "Um... I'm pretty sure you're quoting again, but I have no idea what that's from."

    When I'm not at "home" with my family, I get a little out of practice, so the blog has become my outlet for references and quotes. Nice to know someone appreciates that aspect of it! :)

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  7. this season was just amazing. I love doctor who and will no matter what they do, I also love Moffat and the crazy characters he creates. I just want to say before I continue that all this comparing clara to amy is pointless, she is a different companion and should be. It would ruin the old character if someone new came in to act just like the old one. That would spoil the memories, and going back to enjoy those adventures. I loved clara the first time we met her, and have come to love her even more now after seeing half a season with her. she is totally not bossy which I agree with you is nice. very nice. I love how there relationship is different in some way i cant explain, more sweeter or caring, in some way. the forehead kisses and little hugs to make sure she's ok makes the doctor seem more human that ever. I dont mind if they dont end up liking each other or if they do, its all good with these two. I know there have been complaints about this season, but I really dont know why, it was adventurous and amazing. it must be hard to cram so much into a small time, so sure there might be a few episodes with little to them but a fun adventure. what ever im not going to rant about peoples fickleness here, not right after you just wrote a amazing post ! Im so glad someone else liked this season as much as I did.
    Oh and the kiss between clara and the doctor in the christmas Ep I now love more than ever, because she was saying hello to him after so mush time. she was seeing him physically after the asylum for the first time since Trensalor. Think about the time y aspect of that, when the doctor first meets clara in the asylum she's already been through his whole life and had the season 7 part 2 adventures with him. so why wouldn't she kiss him. its a beautiful story I love that she's so willing to help him even if it means she'l never really have a life. The companions have always been willing to die for him but I dont think none of them have been like this except maybe river. Who's my favorite character. Ok so they all are. But I think wel will be seeing her again. that little crumb of a spoiler before she disappears is just too Moffat to leave it there. I loved this post of yours and could go on for hours but frankly you have said all that needs to be said and I should be waist your time reading this or my time writing anything more. Oh I will say Im so pleased that you are a whovian I dont think I knew that, maybe I did, I dont know. blessings.
    Oh and i just had to his new outfit is amazing, what about the change of vests, mainly the velvet one, OMG the doctor in velvet, I melt. I's so glad we didn't really learn his name.

  8. So, we just watched the last episode last night and I LOVED it!!

    I wasn't expecting to like Clara (suffering from the Not a Pond Syndrome, as I am) but I honestly don't get all the dislike for her. She's awesome! She's cute, she's brave even when she's scared, she's funny.... I don't think she's bossy. I think she's a spitfire. (and I agree with Clair, her wardrobe is SO CUTE.) I loved how they explained the impossible girl part! I actually did tear up several time in the last scenes.

    I really like their relationship, too. I like how you said he's more like a father to her because I kind of felt like that too. I know Moffat's been hinting that there's going to be more to their relationship in the later seasons, but I kind of wish he wouldn't. He and River are perfect. (And she's in for the 50th, I think, so she's not dead yet.) With the Doctor, I tend to definitely like friendship stories more over romances. Call me what you will, I like it when the romances actually have a chance of working out; and what with the Doctor regenerating and never really aging and stuffs, I don't see him actually ending up with a human girl. And I like how Clara is just friends with him.

    Companion wise, I think Clara is defo one of my favorites. I think it's Ponds, Donna/Clara, Rose.

    Did you notice, btw, that he said, "This won't hurt a bit..... I lied" just like River and Rory did? Aaaaaaaah!

    His new outfit is awesome. Bella doesn't care for it, but I think it's kewl. :D

    And now I should go because I'm technically supposed to be doing something else. Hmmm. I should just email you sometime instead of commenting books like this. lol!

    Cheers and God bless!

  9. Well oh well. Now I dunno if I'm going to do my review. Yours was so good!

    Ok I'm going to say it first off. I do miss the Ponds. I miss them more than any companion except perhaps Donna. I loved their relationship with the Doctor, I loved their 'married life' I just loved THEM. I have to say I didn't like Clara too much at first. I thought she was cute enough, especially when she became modern, but I just wasn't as attatched. She annoyed me and I didn't know why. But then I sort of let her grow on me, repeating to myself that she WAS NOT a Pond and I shouldn't expect her to fill their shoes. When I watched "the Doctor's Name" I finally fell for her. She is a brilliant companion and I do like her. I like the Doctor - Clara relaionship and I really hope this doesn't become a romance story because sometimes it is nice to have FRIENDS. I love how protective he is - in fact Clara and the Doctor remind me of Romana and Four :D

    Oh yes. Poor Martha. I do like her, she is sweet and bold but she had the worst season and the worst luck. and well... she wasn't blonde.

    Did you cry when the Doctor said goodbye to River? OMGOSH THAT WAS THE WORST MOMENT EVER!!! I cried.

    When John Hurt turned around I just... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  10. Everywhere I turn, there is Doctor Who. Maybe this summer I'll bother to pick up the series and try again.

  11. I have only seen two with Clara but I was surprised how much I liked her. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her. I just need to find a way to get my hands on the next season! :)

    Anyway, I'm in a bit of a rush, so I must go now. But I tagged you if you want to do yet another tag. If not, I understand, but Hey!


  12. Hi, loved the review and agreed with most of it. Clara is brilliant. I wasn't sure of her either at first but now I really like her. About the thing you said about Jack's spin-off. In my opinion, you are wrong. Sooooo wrong. Torchwood was brilliant. It needs getting used too but it's more adult than DW and it's funny and...brilliant. I really recommend it to you. The Doctor gets these little mentions throughout the series which I loved.
    I hope you'll reconsider watching it.


    ps: If you do watch it and you didn't like it: Sorrynotsorry. :)

  13. I did up a post for the challenge. Decided to do another of my favorite characters who has been getting some bad publicity these days.

  14. I did not watch part two of Series 7 for a long time because I too suffered from Not-A-Pond Syndrome. Now I have managed to put my lovely Rory and Amy to rest (not without a pang, mind!) and I was able to give Clara her well-deserved chance.

    I loved Clara. In my companion rating scale, it's 1.)Ponds, 2.)River, 3.)Clara/Donna 4.)Everyone else - except Jack. I don't like Jack. He gives me a slow, creeping pain. :)

    I thought Clara was cute, funny, spunky, and I liked her relationship with the Doctor. I did like his protectiveness of her, like, he's already seen her die twice, and he does NOT want to see her die again! I loved that. But then again, Eleven has always been my favourite. :)

    Unlike Jack, I don't MIND mind Vastra and Jenny. I guess my biggest irritation with it is, for Pete's sake, Vastra is a LIZARD LADY! And Jenny always calls her Ma'am, (or mum, like she's a serving girl), and they don't ACT... yanno. It's that whole, "We gotta add this angle otherwise people will think we're intolerant" mindset that irritates me to no end. That being said, if ONLY they'd left Vastra and Jenny as friends rather than the other thing, I'd like them quite muchly. As it is, I do kind of hope they get a spin-off series so that they leave Doctor Who. Aren't I awful?!?!?!?

    The Whispermen creeped me out. I hope they become more prominent bad guys in the next Series. I'm not sure what I think of John Hurt. I was like, "That's the DOCTOR!? No way!" LOL

    And now I'll leave. If I think of anything else, I'll enthuse later. :)

    1. BTW, when I say, Unlike Jack, I meant unlike Jack HARKNESS (or Captain Jack, if you will), not lovely Jack Lewis Baillot. :)

      I don't like Jack Harkness. I don't MIND Vastra and Jenny. I hope that is now clarified. (Or Clara-fied!!) I know. Bad pun. Sorry.

  15. Hi Jack ~ sorry it has taken me so long to comment. I am behind on all my blog-reading. I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your character anaylsis posts. The one on the Pevensies makes me want to read the Narnia books again. I really loved them when I was growing up, but went through a period in which I couldn't really stand Lewis's fiction at all. After the movies came out, though, I re-read all the Narnia books, and discovered that I had grown back into them again.

    And this post makes me think I might give the new season of Dr. Who a chance after all. I saw a number of episodes with 9 and 10 and had no opinion on Dr. Who at all. However, I *loved* the dynamic between the Ponds and the Doctor. I turned into a fan of the threesome, rather than a straight-up Dr. Who fan, which meant that once the Ponds were gone, I sort of lost interest again. But this reviews makes the new series sound quite good, so I might have to give it go after all.

    Oh... and thanks for the last comment you left. I am glad to hear that you enjoy reading my trivia. It is things like St. Brendan's voyage that make me love history so much - the odd, almost mythical, in the cracks stories that influenced the history of the world as much as battles, and kinds. I have no idea why school history books are always so boring!

  16. Ah, Clara, the Impossible Girl. Before Season 7 the Ponds were my favorite companions, however I have to say that Clara completely won me over as my new favorite. While I like Rose, she was never my favorite, Donna was my favorite pre-11 companion.

    My only real problem with Season 7 was Vastra and Jenny for the same reasons you do, but Jenny annoys me, although Strax was hilarious.

    The aliens you are thinking of are the Silence I believe.

    Why are the rules for the blog party and how long do I have to do it?


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