Wednesday, May 01, 2013

"This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hitchcock."

 Wherein Jack rambles.

 I found out I don't have to go into work tomorrow, so I plan to throw on some comfortable clothes, curl up in my chair with some tea and dried fruit and blankets, and spend most of the day editing. It sounds less painful when I throw in the tea and Josh Groban's CDs.

 Tomorrow I'm hoping to get started on the cover for A Stretch of Loyalty. I realized today that I'd done it again, not gotten anything done I'd hoped to and will be rushing around doing it all last minute. But right now, if I can get the picture, I'll be doing okay.

 I've also gotten to the stage where I don't want to edit anymore. This happens about the middle of the book. About this point I want to declare the book a disaster which can never be fixed, stuff it in a document, and start with a brand new idea. It doesn't help that I'm missing Peter and the Air Pirates. 
 I've found so many mistakes in this book it feels hopeless at the moment. (More then once I've found places were one handed Stefan will miraculously sprout another hand, only to loose it later.

 I have to keep reminding myself this is all part of the editing process and refuse to allow myself to toss the book. I've set myself a goal though. As soon as I finish I plan to buy the second half of series eight of Doctor Who and spend a good, long day watching the Doctor and Clara's adventures. I might have a Monk marathon as well. Monk or Firefly, haven't decided which yet.

 Anyways, that is where I am at the moment. My photographer and I are still planning on getting a trailer done, just we ran into a lot of set backs so are looking into other trailer options. Hopefully I will have it done fairly soon, but I can't make any promises. (The one thing I am determined to do is have the cover out by May 14th, a month before the book is released.)

 And now I have to go....aye....edit some more. If I finished in good time there is a new episode of Grimm with my name on it. *Grin*

 Quote is from Quigley Down Under.




  1. Go Jack. Go Jack. Go Jack. You can do it! You can do it! Edit edit edit up a storm!
    Nice incentive to get it all done too. I'm looking forward to the cover and what you have cooked up for it!
    Have you seen Firefly? Is it any good? People keep telling me it's great... and then telling me maybe I shouldn't watch it because one of the female characters is... erm... has a bad job.
    People keep dangling this great sci-fy show in front of my nose and then yanking it away... I feel like a starving lion. It doesn't help that we own Firefly!
    Sigh. I'm done.

    Good luck on your editing!

  2. @Abbey, Firefly is very good, but as you mentioned, it does have downsides. I watched it, but I would recommend proceeding carefully. There's one episode in particular that I remember skipping most of -- "Heart of Gold" I think -- so there's that. Oh, and also "Our Mrs. Reynolds." So really, I would just ask your parents if they think it's okay.

    So Jack -- I envy you! Today it is FREEZING and I have to be out lugging boxes and crates all over the place. Would that I could sit by a fire and drink tea...

    Anyway. EEEEP! I am so excited for new trailers and books and such...Also, "A Stretch of Loyalty" is a fab title. Um, is this the book cover you were telling me about, by the way?

    I suppose it's slightly worth mentioning that I sometimes do editing work for people...just putting that out there. Mostly it's been for ESL students and such, but if you get terribly desperate, I'm willing to help you out. Of course, I suppose that means I would get to read it...(so I probably don't have any ulterior all, muhahaha)

    I'll stop advertising now. So, when you say series 8, do you mean Classic series? I'm really confused. Some people have been telling me that Clara is in series 8, and other people say she's still part of series 7. Either way, I really enjoyed the latest episode. You'll have to tell me what you think of Clara so far.

    (I miss Peter and the Air Pirates, too!!!!)

  3. I bet it's nice not having to go into work, am I right? And curling up with dried fruit and tea and blankets sounds delightful, especially with Josh Groban singing in the background. :D

    So, in the everlasting Clara debate< what do you think of her? I've only seen three episodes and one was the Christmas special, so I still haven't made up my mind. I know she is Not a Pond. But other than that I'm not sure on a scale of one to ten how much I like her. Right now she's about six. lol.


  4. Hurrah for no work!!! I love days like that, albeit I get very few of them. :( Still, better to be productive I suppose. :P I have been doing the last polishing edits on my book and I know what you mean about just wanting to throw it in a doc and leaving it to doomsday... but I am going to persevere with you and get it done. Blah.
    Hehe... :D

  5. I love Firefly (I don't recommend it... but I do love it). I can recommend Serenity unreservedly, though. I haven't seen Monk, but lots of my friends seem to like it.

    Keep at the editing!!!! It's the bane of our existence as writers, but it DOES make us stronger, and better at writing our first drafts down the road! Eventually, parts of the editing process become fun!!! (either that, or you can cross my name off the "sane authors" list) LOL

  6. Editing is a love-hate deal. I totally relate when you talk about getting to the point where you just don't want to do it anymore xD

  7. Good luck with the editing! Honestly, it's my favorite part. It's like pulling teeth to get me to finish a first draft.
    One day I will have to sit down and watch more Doctor Who. I catch episodes with friends. I really enjoy it, but I haven't sought to watch the whole series yet.


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