Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"This contact represents you. And my eye represents my eye. I've got my eye...on you!"

 There are extents of nerdiness I think. There is comic book nerd, which most cool boys suffer from. There is sports nerd, which is not really a nerdiness but is lumped in because it doesn't have a name. Then you have Science Fiction nerd. The people that love Star Wars and such. And this has different levels. You have the ones who watch the movie, the ones who quote the movie, and the ones who dress up like Chewie and Hans Solo and grunt at each other while waiting in line for the next movie.

 Then you can go even deeper. Taking it a step further, you get the Trekkies and the....Whovans? Is that what they're called? I call us all Doctor Who geeks but I think they have their own special name, like Trekkies. Once you reach this stage of nerdiness you can done your glasses with pride, along with your Star Trek uniform and bow tie. You quote lines from the shows and no one gets it, and when someone does you go out and find pet Tribbles.

 Sometimes I think I've reached the deepest level of nerdiness one can get. Though I do have my limits. I can't talk Clingon and I misspell Chekov's name from time to time. Also, I don't know what line of the Shadow Proclamation you need to quote to get the Slitheen to leave the planet. BUT, anyhow....

 The point of all this is to say that I picked up the Star Wars Trilogy books at the library today. Which I think digs me even deeper into nerdhood. I've made it to chapter two, reading between work and editing, and have come to realize again just how much I love the story. Which brings me to the real point of all this. Today's character.

 I like meeting misunderstood characters and studying them. And if ever there is a misunderstood character in Science Fiction it is Luke Skywalker. (In fact, I think I heard some groans just over the mention of his name.)

 When Luke first appeared on the big screen I think he fast became one of the best loved heroes of his age. But since then, he seems to have fallen by the wayside and dumped in the category of whiny and a wimp. 
 Reading the book, and being reminded of parts of the movies - I really need to see all the movies again, it has been too long - I have again come to the conclusion that this is a very unfair judgement. 

 What we know of Luke is that he works on his uncle's farm, on a very boring planet which is mostly desert. Okay, all desert. Luke wants to join the army, or do anything fun, but he has promised to stay another year on the farm.

 Then one day he and his uncle buy a couple of droids, and one of them has a hidden message, which Luke sees part of. The druid runs off, Luke follows, and when he returns home he finds his home destroyed and his family dead.
 Something like that would be hard on anyone. And things only seem to get worse when he learns his only friend now is a hermit who goes by the name of Old Ben. Together the two take their new druid friends and set out into the wilds of space.

 Like many characters, Luke dreamed of fighting, but when he actually gets his chance it turns out it isn't as grand and exciting as he assumed. His life is in constant danger, as well as the lives on his friends. He is facing impossible odds, an entire Empire which vastly outnumbers the rebels he joins up with. And somehow, the hope of the whole galaxy is now resting on his shoulders, because he discovers he is the last of the Jedi. You know, going from an orphan farm boy to the most important man alive can't be easy.
 And if that wasn't enough, he learns his father is the vilest man alive, the one causing most of the rebel's misery. And the girl he likes turns out to be his own twin sister. I think he's the only hero in history who didn't get the girl...

 So, maybe he does despair sometimes. And when he looks at the impossible odds he is facing he does want to give up once in awhile. But anyone with half a brain would do the same in his place. It can't be easy, having that many people putting their hope in you to save their lives.

 And somehow, his fear and uncertainty over shadows his courage and loyalty. Nothing ever stopped Luke from saving his friends, even when it seemed hopeless. He rushes off to save Hans, coming up with a wild rescue plan to do so. He kind of reminds me of Percy Jackson, the kind of character who will risk the whole world to save a friend - and somehow manages to save both.

 Also, he's a pilot  - a great pilot. He needs points for that alone. (Ahem...sorry, I've a thing for pilots.)

 I think too often we get an idea of what a hero should be and it gets stuck in our head until we overlook other heroes and scoff at them. We think all heroes should be dashing, confident, and completely sure of themselves. But I think true heroes are the ones who are afraid. Who understand what their actions might cost, and who face their fears and do the right thing anyways. When they have no chance of winning, they still fight for what is right, and this is the kind of hero Luke was.
 I have a quick editing update. I fell a little behind with holidays and everything. Also, I got sucked into a really good book which I need to review soon.But I think I'm caught up again. I am now on the reading it backwards stage.

 I also discovered I forgot pretty much everything I learned when publishing the first book, so I'm behind again. I just sent out today for my personal copy of the book, which I will look over to make sure the cover and formatting looks good. 
 Also, tomorrow I don't have to work late, so I am hoping to make some good headway on the trailer. Maybe even have it ready for a June 1st release, but don't hold your breaths.

 I'm very eager to finish editing, because once I've done so I can finish writing the second draft of Abolished Impracticality. And I love writing more than editing, so it will be wonderful to be able to do some. Also, I want to begin working on The Broken Blade again, and drafting my newest book idea. (It needs a lot of drafting. I don't even have a full drawn plot yet, just a couple character names and broken bits and pieces. But that is the fun part, filling in all the blanks and having the characters snicker and go, "You were WAY off!")

 Anyways, I will now go so I can finish editing one more chapter before I go to bed and read...or watch Star Trek. Depending which wins out.

 Quote is from Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. And whoever guesses who is speaking gets one of John's cookies. (Don't tell him I said so.)




  1. puq chonnaQ <------- fork in Klingon. Mwahaha... I actually did not know that. I had to look that up. But I do know that Kapla! means success.... or something.

    Anyway, Luke Skywalker is pretty cool. Despite being a little whiny, I think he's a great character. He grows a lot over the films and he's very loyal. Star Wars is such a great franchise.... I need to re-watch the movies sometime soon as well.

    I'm glad you are making good headway on your editing! Keep going! You can do it!

  2. Here! Here! Jack! Well said! I always liked Luke - it's nice to know I'm not the only one who does. *smile* Oh, and let's not forget how he tried SO hard to change his father and to get Anakin to see how stupid he was. Which he did! <3 {Anakin is a character with a special spot in my heart. A small spot, but a special spot, nonetheless.}

    Anyway, I don't have time to comment long right now. I just had to say that I appreciated and loved this post on a character which is sadly underestimated by........everyone.

    S.I.C., (............if I was in a space ship, would that make me Spock.....? O.O *mindblown*}

  3. I'm a reformed/re-converted Whovian...having loved the fourth and fifth Doctor before 'falling from the faith' and giving up on the show in the 80s.

    I didn't go back, immediately, when it resurfaced, but found my way back eventually and have been a huge fan (probably bigger than when I first discovered the show) ever since :)

  4. Yes, we're called "Whovians"

    I have always loved Luke! I really enjoyed your post today. He is a sadly unsung movie hero in our time.

    Went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness last night... review coming shortly!

    When you're done reading the original trilogy - you should totally read the Timothy Zahn "Thrawn Trilogy" (starts with "Heir to the Empire") ... they are absolutely fantastic. If you love Luke, you'll love these books.

  5. Who doesn't have a thing for pilots??? Hahaha... great post, Jack. Loved it.

    And good luck with the editing and everything. Always exciting!

  6. I'm a pilot! No wait, my main character is a pilot. Damn.
    Luke acts like I imagine most of us would act if thrown in that situation.

    1. Well, since you are the one who created the Cosbolts, naturally you'd know how to fly one if you ever got your hands on one. So, basically, I suppose that makes you a pilot.

      Yes, I agree!

  7. This is a great post! I've always had a thing pilots.


  8. I know some Klingon from watching Next Generation and DS9, nothing to major in that realm. I am a whovian and have been for a while now; but the problem is I am behind in episodes, dang it.

    Congrats on becoming part of the Star Wars club.....I am a Anakin person myself and have been for ages. And the person who quoted that was that big bulky African American officer that watch that guy int Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs(I've seen the movie many times)

  9. I've always wanted to read the books, but I have gotten around to it. I like Luke Skywalker. Though I must admit he does come off as a bit whiny sometimes to me. But through all he's been through, he still has the courage and strength to do the right thing even when he knows he could likely loose what little he has. That is always very admirable to me. And he believed in his father when his father had long lost all hope in himself. Unlike Anakin, he refused to given in to temptation. It would have been so easy, even his father wanted him to, but he stood his ground. And he's a great flyer; that's always a plus in a world of spaceships.
    But my favorite character is R2-D2. And if the Falcon could be considered a character, R2 would have some competition. :)

    Character posts? For your next book? That sounds awesome! Now what character should I talk about. . .

  10. I love Star Wars & Star Trek too! Great stories - I've only seen a few Dr. Who episodes but they're fun too! I like the underdog heroes too - people who battle from a position of weakness are fun to follow! :)

  11. Honestly I have never understood the hate towards Luke, he is my third favorite hero in all of fiction after Han Solo and Indiana Jones, although I am bias since Star Wars is my favorite franchise ever. Luke has even more character depth in the expanded universe novels, he is such an underrated character.

    In terms f being a fan, I actually fall into multiple categories that you listed, Star Wars, sci-fi, comic book, Whovian, and sports. But I believe you may have forgotten about Fantasy fans, like my personal favorite fantasy franchise, The Lord of the Rings.

    The correct term is "Whovian", which I am as well.

    I no Trekkie, but you spelled Klingon wrong, it's a "K" not a "C".

    Excellent post and awesome blog, you have a new follower.


  12. Hi, Jack!
    I've meaning to comment on every post since the one about the Pevensies and your defense of Lucy. Needless to say, I've fallen a little bit behind. :)
    I really enjoy the Narnia books--more now than I did when I was little--and I loved your look at the characters. It actually made me want to re-read the series again.

    I just started watching the next season of Doctor Who and I am really enjoying Clara. I've only seen the first two, but I'm impressed with her so far. And I do love Matt Smith as the Doctor. :D

    Okay..Iron Man. I feel the same way about the new movie! I mean, I loved Tony, but there were a few things I just wasn't sure about and I was frustrated with the little 'scenes' that they just *had* to throw in.
    Tony being all cool without his suit was awesome...
    The Mandarin NOT being the bad-guy was a little disappointing.
    And I just don't know if I liked the Pepper thing.
    Oh, and I was so conflicted about removing the arc reactor! It was sort of good and I got why he'd do that.
    But HE'S IRON MAN! He's so cool with his arc reactor! Ghaaaaaa!
    Contrary to how I might sound, I actually really liked the movie. I think I'll enjoy it more the next time I watch it. I loved Tony's character SO MUCH in this one. I just would have made a few little changes if *I* had been the director. lol.

    I've only seen the Star Wars movies once in my whole life. Which is a bit strange, considering the fact that I am a little bit of a nerd...or is it geek? Anyway, I'd like to watch them again I think. Even if it's just for Han Solo. *Smirk*

    Anyway, that's that!



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