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"What about Moe?" "Don't tell him! You told me, and you shouldn't have. And now I'm telling you, don't tell him."

 My friend and I were chatting the other day and we got on the subject of Prince Caspian, and I realized that, as often as I review Narnia, or talk about it, I somehow always miss doing Prince Caspian. I don't know why, he's one of my top favourite characters from the books. He's probably my favourite Narnian, next to Puddleglum. I have a soft spot for Puddleglum.

 We first hear of Prince Caspian in the book which bears his name. We get to know him as a curious boy who's uncle isn't very fond of him, and who has an aunt with a very weird name. Over time we see him grow into a brave king who sails off into the unknown to discover what happened to his father's friends.

 Caspian has always struck me as the quieter sort. I've always pictured Peter as the king who would never be at a loss for words, or how to handle a situation when dealing with kingdom issues. Caspian, not so much. I don't know what it is that has given me this impression, but to me he has always seemed a little uncertain of himself, a little more childlike than Peter was, the type of young man who stumbles over his words but is loved by all his people.

 I think this might in part be because he didn't loose his temper as much as Peter. (And of course, some of the things he says in the books give me the childlike impression.
 "You live on a round world and you've never told me?! Have you ever been to the parts where people walk upside down?"
 "Where I'm from, the prince has to kiss the princess to break the spell."
 And even when he dies and goes to Aslian's country, he has one final childish request.
 "If it is all right, I've always wanted to see their world.")

 And yet, although he might come off as almost sweet and ignorant, I think this isn't true. We know he was a brilliant sailor, and when needed, he never hesitated to show everyone that he was, indeed, king of Narnia. (The part in Dawn Treader where he storms in on the slave trader and has his men flip the table. I've always loved that bit.)

 I think, because of his quieter nature, Caspian is one of those characters who is often misunderstood. By the time we get to Caspian we've already come to know Peter very well. We've gotten used to a king who is never at a loss for words, and I think too often we compare the two. And we forget all about Caspian's courage and nobleness as a king of Narnia.


 As promised, I have an Iron Man 3 review. And, since I think I'm about the last person in the world to have seen it, there will be some spoilers. But I'll give a warning before hand. Also, I am sorry to put this with my character post, but this weekend was busy so I wasn't able to get it up Saturday as I had hoped.

 If it isn't a well known fact yet, I am a HUGE Avengers geek. I love all the characters, at least the ones I've got to know. And Iron Man is one of my top favourites. I've enjoyed watching his journey - I think he had a bigger one than any of the others. He grew the most, changed.

 I was almost worried he would have changed too much though. That he would stop being Tony, with his witty come backs and his constant jokes. But, like the other two movies, he was never too worried or stressed to take a moment to joke or do something ridiculous to hide how serious everything was. Even when he was having one of his panic attacks, I think that's what they were called, he somehow managed to joke and keep the kid he was with calm.

 There were many things I liked about this movie. One was that we get to see a more "human" side of Tony Stark. He admits to being scared and worried and not knowing what to do. He is Iron Man, he's supposed to have all the answers and be able to do everything, but now everything around him is falling apart and he's at risk of loosing the one thing he has come to care about most, Pepper.

 He realizes that the man the world wants him to be is putting his friends in danger. The world wants him to rush out and kill all the bad guys, like he stopped the Aliens in New York, but he doesn't want that. I think he begins to realize what being a superhero means and he begins to second guess himself.

 And then he looses everything. And this is where it got interesting. Everything that made him Iron Man is destroyed and we get to see him relying on his wits and brains. I think he, and the whole world, assumed that the suit made him Iron Man. But forgot it was really his brilliance. After all, if he hadn't been so smart he wouldn't have had the suit in the first place. And, much like in the beginning of the first movie, he is once again forced to rely on nothing but his brain. And it was cool seeing him do this.

 Also, the kid was cool too. I liked the kid, a lot.
 "But we're connected!" "Go back to your mom." "You're just going to leave me? Like my dad?" "Yes." *Puppy dog eyes while huddling down inside his jacket.* "I'm cold." "I know. You know how I know? *Puppy dog eyes back* Because we're connected."

 Pepper was, Pepper still. I like her, a lot, but I could have done without them living together.

 The ending was a little weird, but I should have saw it coming because I've watched the cartoons, and the cartoons are based on the comics. So, I kind of thought it might happen, but didn't want it to.


 I'm talking about how he repaired his heart. I don't know why, but he seems more like Iron Man with the glowy thing in his chest. I know, that probably sounds weird. Also, the fiery Pepper, still not sure what I think about that. Except that, HE NEEDS TO BUILD HER HER OWN SUIT. Because that would be cool.


 In short, I enjoyed it a lot. And it will be added to my superhero collection. And I hope the rumor of them killing Tony in the second Avengers is just a rumor.

 Now I need to go. I've started work on the trailer, so hopefully it will be up soon.

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 Quote is from Atlantis.




  1. Oh, I'm trembling in my boots about The Avengers 2. All the terrible things they could do... >_< Kill Tony? It's possible. I read somewhere that he wanted to retire...*gasp* The whole thing would be soooo wrong without Ironman. And I agree with the arc reactor in his chest. It was...weird. But I totally adored the whole movie. IRON MAN!

    (Mind you, have you noticed how NO one important has actually DIED in any of the movies?)

  2. I loved Iron Man 3!! It was amazing. I agree that Mutant-Pepper was just plain awesome. I mean. What a plot twist! I'm still not sure how I feel about the ending. It was kind of perfect, and kind of wrong, both at the same time.

  3. Iron Man III was more about Tony Stark than Iron Man. I really enjoyed it.

  4. Iron Man 3 was a great movie! The twist at the end was certainly entertaining.

  5. Puddleglum rocks. 'Nuff said. But Prince Caspian is pretty cool too. I like him.

    I am definitely the last one to see Iron Man 3. Of course... I would probably need to see Iron Man 1 and 2 first... and maybe all the other Marvel movies... Heh heh.. haven't gotten around to those yet. Maybe someday.

    Eepp!! You saw the end of Elementary!! (Beware readers of this comment! Spoilers to come!!)

    I suspected she was alive and working with Moriarty. And were it not for a review of an Elementary episode I read a few weeks ago, I would have never suspected her to actually be Moriarty... But WOW that was brilliant!!! I mean, Moriarty and Irene Adler are described as the only people who can outsmart him/are on the same level as him. I think it's absolutely brilliant to make them the same person!
    I'm starting to really like Joan and E-Lock's friendship as well. I'm pretty sure that they've been cleared for a second season.

    And finally... here is my entry to your contest:

  6. I really like how you said that about different kinds of heroes. There's never just one way to do something. Completely different. XD

    YES! I agree totally with you about Iron Man! I loved SO much about it, but there were things I was just like.... "why?"

    I really which people would just get married in movies instead of moving in. It sounds so much better when they say, "this is my wife" instead of 'girlfriend' *sigh* I just pretend they're married

    I'm also glad that you agree with me with the whole getting his heart fixed. Like.... I liked it.... but it's just not the same with his glowing chest (which sounds REALLY WEIRD written out like that. lol) I think it's realistic, but I miss his arc reactor.

    And Pepper. I didn't mind her turing all fiery since Tony ended up fixing her up anyway. ... But I thought that last fight was a bit odd. I dunno why. Overall... I think I like it less than the first movie and little more than the second. I just love tony so much. :D

    And now I ought to go. What if I just posted my character post on Tony to enter your contest? Would that count or is that cheating?? I'm guessing probably cheating. lol. Oh well, it didn't hurt to ask. *wink*

    God bless!

  7. I loved Caspian in the books and the BBC movie, because of his innocence ... but Ben Barnes, while he's a great actor and all that ... I don't think he played a far too confident Caspian, which made the "you rise, too," scene in the end almost awkward. Sigh.

  8. I loved Caspian, too. He was one of my more favourite characters. And I have not seen any of the BBC Narnias, but I've seen the Narnia movies, and I LOVED Ben Barnes as Caspian! Muchly, muchly.

    Yay! I'm glad you liked Iron Man 3! If they kill him in Avengers 2, I think I'll have to kill somebody myself. That would totally ruin it for me, I think. :)

    Now I'm off to see what your contest is about. Geronimo! :)


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