Sunday, June 02, 2013

"He doesn't like you." "I'm sorry about that." "I don't like you either."

 This is my third attempt at today's character post. I have a new book bouncing around in my head, with just bits and pieces, and nothing I can really work with yet so it has me very distracted. I like getting new book ideas, and usually I write the first draft down as soon as the idea comes to me. But I can't even start this one, so I'm doing major brain storming, but the characters are having fun keeping everything secret. I'm only now just learning their names.

 But, about today's character. I think I've done him before, awhile ago. But right now, I'm visiting space and all these wonderful space captains. Also, I think I managed to turn a friend of mine into a Trekkie - if you're reading this, you will have to be a Trekkie, not a...I forget the other geeky name for it. But apparently, they two geek groups don't get along, and I ended up as a Trekkie, so I dub you one as well so we can get along.
 As I was saying though, between our talking about Star Trek, me reading Star Wars, and watching the first movie, and watching the old Star Trek TV shows, this character was bound to show up.

 Captain James T Kirk of the Star Ship Enterprise. 

 I started this show about a year ago. I didn't ever think I'd watch it because I had a bad experience with The Wrath of Khan, the first Star Trek I ever saw. (For those who love this movie, you have my admiration. For me, I just can't get over the bugs.)
 Anyways, so my first meeting of Kirk was associated with bugs and I didn't want to get to know him more. Also, the movie was very serious and people were dying all over the place. And then a friend of mine, one I trust when it comes to TV shows - she also was the reason I watched Sherlock - began to talk about it. So, naturally, I watched one, and another, and another, and another. And then I watched the new movie, which made me want to watch all of the original series. 

 The Kirk in the TV show isn't much like his older self in the movie. He is less serious, more of an adventure seeker. He has some typical captain traits (his ability to sweep a girl off her feet just by smiling at her). (That should be a pick up line. Instead of all those, "I seem to have lost my number, can I get yours?" fellows can just say, "I'm captain of the (insert title here)" It works for everyone else.

 Okay, anyways though. It wasn't Kirk's captain-ness that got me to like him. Of course, he is a brave captain who cares more about his crew than himself. More then once he is ready to die if it means they live. He gets very upset when any of his red shirts die - even though we all knew they were going to the moment they beamed down with him. I've tried more then once to tell him this but they never listen.
 He knows what to do in all kinds of dangerous and seemingly hopeless situations. More then once he will get his crew away from an enemy bent on killing them just by using his head and not panicking. He never runs away from a new mystery and he is always willing to help other people when they need it. (Basically, he's a pretty cool captain and there's a lot to admire in his captain-ness.)

 But that is just one side of him. The more serious, commander side who still cares about his crew and treats them as equals. The other side of him is more mischievous. This comes out most when Spock and McCoy decide to go at each other. Sometimes Kirk will step in between them and stop them from fighting, however, very often I've noticed he will just make things worse. And then when they are eyeing each other, not sure if they want to punch each other or not speak anymore, he just sits back and smirks. He's doesn't always play the peacemaker, but the friend who likes to pick on his best friends. (I think it just shows how close of a friendship they have. You can't do something like that unless they are your best friends.)

 Also, he has his moments where he simply gives up being the nice captain who is out to make friends with every new Alien he finds. Sometimes he has no problem in telling someone he doesn't like them. (I'm thinking of the robots in I, Mudd. "You want us to go away? Why?" "Because we don't like you.")

 And I think all of that, put into one person, makes him one of the coolest characters to ever appear on TV. 
 Don't forget, these character posts are in honour of my newest book coming out June 14th. They are part of a giveaway I'm holding (I will be giving away a signed copy of my book, A Stretch of Loyalty.) If you are interested in joining all you have to do is write your own character post and then leave a comment telling me you've done so in one of my comment boxes. I will read your post and add your name to the drawing. You may enter more then one time, just be sure and tell me each time.

 Editing is nearly done. Once I've finished this round I plan to review the paperback edition of the book I've ordered, to check the cover and formatting, and read it once through like I would a book I've not written. But, everything is going as planned, so far, so it should all be ready by the 14th.

 After this one is out I plan to sit down and finish the final draft of Abolished Impracticality (more news on this after the 14th) and get the first draft of The Broken Blade written.

  Quote is from Star Wars, a couple of Aliens who don't like Luke. 




  1. Hee hee. I recognized the quote right off. I even said it out loud, in the voices of the characters. Ah... I love that scene. Anyway, I think I will have to get these Star Wars books out of the library and read them some time. You are making me really want to.

    The Wrath of Khan.... I don't blame you for not liking the bugs. I HATE that part. It is so creepy. But I do enjoy The Wrath of Khan. I'm just glad your first Trek experience wasn't The Motion Picture. That one drags. A lot.

    Trekkies and Trekkers. No one can quite agree on the difference between them - but they hate each other. I'm a Trekkie because it was the first term I heard. Plus, it sounds cooler. :P

    Very nice post! You are really great at character analysis (and making your own characters memorable and like friends).

    I hope your new characters give you their names and their plots soon. It's no fun waiting around with a wonderful idea, only to have it postponed by one thing or another.

    Can't wait for news on Abolished Impracticality!

  2. AAAAAAAAHHHH! You mentioned me! Okay. But seriously though.

    Have no fear! I am a Trekkie, all the way. I had never even heard of the name "Trekker" before....Well, it's not as fun to say - or as cool sounding. Huh. You only saw Star Trek last year? For some reason I thought you had seen them all when you were growing up! :-/ Guess not.

    This is quite ironic as I was just going to do a post about Kirk very soon. o.O Great minds think alike, eh? ;) Oh perhaps it is simply because we were both Trekking-out last night...... *grin* That was fun, by the bye.

    Kirk is just so cool. See, I liked Kirk from the new films - I really did. To me he was like a more troubled/messed-up version of Arthur.....but who actually learned from his mistakes and grew up. {*cough* *cough* unlike Arthur did *cough*}. I had no clue anyone could be cooler than him. THEN. I saw the original series. Gee, whiz. He's got to be up there in the top 10 favorite character list. Like seriously. He's just awesome. And....."unflappable". *snickers*

    And his smile. Heehee. Anyone who doesn't fall in love with him after seeing him smile so charmingly at them, is just....crazy.

    Great post! You'll probably see one similar pop up on my blog soon.


  3. I was always a big fan of Capt. Kirk...just not of William Shatner and that's what has always kept me from being a rabid 'Trekkie'. I really started enjoying the show during the Next Gen series, then went back and appreciated the original series a bit more...especially the dynamic between Kirk, Spock, and Bones.

    I'm really liking the new movies, though, and hope they continue in the direction they're going.

  4. Glad you got past the bugs and started watching the show. I've been a big fan since that very first series. Although I admit I like Picard as a captain better.

  5. Kirk....ehhh not my favorite captain in Star Trek, but he is a good captain. I liked Picard and Ben Sisko better than Kirk or Janeway...

  6. Excellent post. I have not watched many of the original Star Trek tv episodes (though I've always wanted to), and it's been a LONG time since I watched any of the old movies.

    I do love Kirk. Though I'm not a huge fan of him in this latest movie... more on that later.

    Of the TV captains, I think Archer is hand's down my favorite, though Janeway has a very special place in my heart as Voyager was the first Star Trek series I ever watched. (the movies don't count, particularly as I watched them in a completely haphazard order with many years between them)

  7. A Star Wars quote on a Star Trek post! The universe will now explode!
    Spock and McCoy have always been my favorite Original Trek characters. In general I enjoy Star Trek, particularly the films or recent TV series.

    Here is a link to your blog party tag thing that I want to enter. It is not exactly a "Character Post" but I hope it counts.


  8. Hello fellow Trekki friend! is there a show we don't both love??..... Ok, You need to become a Oncer. Watch Once Upon a Time! NOW!

    I love that friendship too. I think some of the best stories are about friendship, which is why I like Arthur and Merlin, Merlin and gwen, Donna and the DOctor, Ponds and The Doctor, John and Sherlock - I like Love as much as the next person but FRIENDSHIP. There is something special there. and yeah, Kurk is a mischief maker. He would have been the trouble boy in school *Grin* My favorite captain. I would never have fallen for Spock. Kurk all the way. I do like Spock though. the only vulcan who can have no emotion yet be sarcastic. He and bones are hillarious and so are he and Kurk, though they are more friendly. the three together are just spectacular! I'm so glad you like Star Trek. And I have to watch star wars. Even if its terrible.

    I need to write to you about DOctor Who. I will do a post but it may be a while. Did I tell you I watched Classic Who I've Sorry I haven't been commenting lately :)

  9. I've seen the first fifteen episodes and the first three movies, and bits and pieces of the other episodes and movies. (and have read some of the novelizations) I must agree that the Kirk/Spock/McCoy dynamic is one of the best.

    Keep up the good work on your editing! You will get it done by your deadline! I believe in you!

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