Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"He is your sister's son after all." "He is? I thought he was your sister's son!" "He better not be!"

 I have a writing update coming on Saturday. A lot changed on me while writing Abolished Impracticality. Right now I'm kind of on hold while waiting for my copy of Haphazardly Implausible to arrive. I want to read it over before I write anymore - to ensure that I don't forget anything important. 

 For today, however, I have a new book review for all of you! This book was written by a blogger I met through the A-Z challenge. Her name is Jenelle Schmidt and you can find her website and blog HERE!!

 Jenelle is currently working on a series of books, the first one which is already out and the second which will be out soon. (Very excited for that one.)
 The first book is titled King's Warrior. It is a kind of Lord of the Rings type of adventure filled with dashing heroes, evil villains, tons of excitement, a few wizards, and so many fun characters I was always meeting someone new - and growing to love them.

 The basic plot of the story is Princess Kamarie setting out to seek help for her father, who is preparing for war. Her job is to find the king's warrior, a man who is more than he seems. Along the way she meets many friends and foes, and learns a lot about herself. (That was probably a bad summery, but it had so many wonderful twists and tuns it is hard to sum it all up in just a few words.)

 When I first met Kamarie I didn't think I'd like her. She was one of the know-it-all princesses who felt too typical. However, as the story went on, Kamarie grows and learns from her mistakes. (Though not all of them, she never really looses her rash tongue which keeps getting her into trouble. However, I came to love this characteristic of hers. Think Pippin.)

 I adored Oreayn, the wonderfully brilliant squire who travels with Kamarie. He was everything a hero should be, daring, brave, and yet with just a touch of fear.

 However, my favourite character had to be Brant. There were times I wanted to throw my shoe at him because he REFUSED to tell anyone anything about himself - but in spite of this it made me love him all the more. He had this slight annoying mysteriousness, as if he took a great deal of pleasure in keeping almost everything about himself in shadow. He was grim, gloomy, and at the same time warm and loving. (If my suspicion is true and book two is about him I shall be one happy reader.)

 Other things I loved about this book were the dragons - everything is better with dragons - wonderful Yole, the griffin, and the other mythical creatures. It was a lot of fun to read. If you like adventures and fantasy I would recommend it - and it is on sale until book two is out! So if you want to read it now is the time! (See, I can promote books. *Grin*)

 There were some places in the book which felt forced, but not enough to take away from the general story or likableness. Nothing to diminish the fun I had reading it.

 And now I am going to close - and go off to read another good book I'm in the middle of. (I went on a book shopping spree the other day, so you can imagine what I've been spending my after editing rest doing!)

 Quote today is from Get Smart, where his aunt and uncle are trying to figure out which one he is related directly to.




  1. I need to go on a book shopping spree. I haven't been on one in so long. I think it was back in January. That was so long ago!

  2. Sounds like a really cool book!

  3. Now that I'm basically done with school, I should be able to read more. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must see if I can get my hands on zat book. Zat book sounds lurvely.

  4. I WANT a book shopping spree so bad! I need some monies though. Lots of monies...

  5. Thank you, Jack! And, yes, book two is ALL about Brant. :)

    1. Yes, Brant is pretty tight-lipped. Of course... he annoyed me the entire time I wrote the first book as well, as I had no idea who he was until the last 20 or so pages! (editing had to occur later... but he was worth it)

  6. The book sounds good. I will have to put it on my to-read list. :)

    ~Robyn Hoode

  7. The book does sound intriguing...I'll put it on my list of to-reads!
    I recently went on a the library...And it was very exciting too :p

  8. This book sounds fantastic! Thanks for the review!

  9. Thanks for your note! I will definitely put this book on my to-read list. :)


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