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"I'm going to go play with my grenades."

 After my book comes out on the 14th I will be holding a blog party to celebrate. And I'd like to do a series of interviews by my fellow authors. THEREFORE, if you are writing a book, have written a book, published a book, or are planning a book and you would like to join in, please email me at or leave a comment in one of my comment boxes, letting me know. I will email you the questions for the interviews and then post them as soon as you get the chance to answer them.
 Remember, this is for all authors, even if your book isn't finished yet.


 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Frodo and Sam. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. Hiccup and Toothless. Polly and Digory - you know, every now and then. And Luke and Han.

 Some of the most remembered stories in history are stories about friends. Friendship stories have always been my favourite, even over romantic ones. Therefore, for today's character post I decided to look into some of these classic friendships.

 First off, there are the friends who are closer than siblings. (Sherlock and Watson. Sam and Frodo.) These kinds of friendships are one of the deepest kinds. They are the friends you know you can always count on. Even if they lost their family, even if their family left them, these people know they can always count on their friends. And they would do anything for that friend. They would travel all the way across Middle Earth to face what would likely be certain death. They would willing rush head first into danger, without asking questions.
 This is also the kind of friendship that is most misunderstood. Not many people can grasp how a friendship can be this deep and often think there must be some kind of romance involved. (As it says in the Bible, "There is a friend who sticks closer then a brother.")

 The mentor/ student friendship.
 This is usually the kind of friendship where one character is much older then another. (Luke and Kenobi. Gandalf and Frodo. Gandalf and Pippin. I'd say the Doctor and his companions, but usually they are the ones who act older. Tintin and Haddock - to an extent.)
 Usually, these friendships turn into more of a parent/ child type of relationship. The older character begins to feel a kind of parently protector for the younger one, especially if the younger one has lost his parents. (Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson could even fit a little into this one.)
 These kinds of relationships are a lot of fun to work with. There are a lot of possibilities, such as making the older character grumpy and unsociable and then forced to spend time with a bright eyed, cheerful youth. (Up). Or the older character the wise, guiding force in the younger character's life who does all he can to keep him alive and safe, all the while knowing one day he is going to have to step back and let him make his own mistakes.

 The forbidden friendship.
 Toothless and Hiccup, my favourite forbidden friendship of all time. To warring tribes, and the two unlikely characters who brought peace. Forbidden friendships usually end in broken hearts and war, but sometimes a happy ending can come out of them.

 The opposite friends.
 This is my favourite, next to the brotherly friendships - or maybe tied.
 Spock and McCoy. Han and Luke. Rodgers and Tony. Legolas and Gimli. Tintin and Haddock - again, to an extent.
 Take two opposing personalities and throw them together. Instantly you get tension, flared tempers, bickering, and somewhere in the mix, an inseparable bond that never breaks.

 The love/ hate friendships
 The friends that love to fight. Any and every chance they get.
 Polly and Diggory. Jill and Eustice. C3P-O and R2 D2.
 They are the kind that express their friendship just by fighting.

 Boy/ girl
 This one is harder because most times people think it is romantic. But sometimes, it is just friendship.
 Harry and Horminie. Doctor and Donna. Doctor and Clara - though there is some debate here. Percy and Annabeth - though theirs later did turn romantic. Luke and Leia, even though they were brother and sister.

The Best Friends
 This can be between just two people or a whole group. The friends always try and help each other, even when a part. The fight, they annoy each other, they separate for awhile sometimes. They have their fall outs, and can't stand each other sometimes, but in the end they are always there for each other.
 Tintin and Haddock. Ron, Harry, and Horminie. Doctor, Rory, and Amy. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimili. Merry and Pippin. The complete Fellowship. Thorin and Company. Puddleglum, Jill and Eustice. Luke, Han, and Leia. The Avengers. Caspian, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy.
 These friendships work well together, when they're not trying to kill each other.

 What about all of you? What are your favourite friendships? What are some you can think of that I didn't list? And what kinds of friendships do your characters fall under?

 Don't forget. These posts are part of my book's release. I am holding a giveaway for one free, signed copy of the book. If you are interested in entering all you have to do is write your own character post and then let me know you've done so. I will be announcing the winner on June 14th.

 I have finally finished editing my book. This week I will be working on the final uploading and all that, so it will be ready by Friday. This also means I'll be devouring a lot of the books on my to-read list - reviews sure to follow - and spending a lot of time outside. AND it means I get to write again! That's the best part about finishing the editing. *Grin*

 Don't forget to contact me if you are interested in being interviewed! I'd love to have as many of you as possible.

 Quote is from the potato Alien from Doctor Who.




  1. Some of my favorite friendships in the liteary world are Eustace and Reepicheep (after he becomes a dragon. That was just so ... so!), Theiry and Suzie (from the Peleg Chronicles by Matthew Christian Harding. They're both orphans, or "foundlings" and they decide to adopt each other as neither has a family of their own. So sweet), Fergus and MacDougal, (Also from the Peleg Chronicles. This is very much a Sam/Frodo relationship, but without the ring.) and ... um ... oh! Lulu and Evelyn (From the later books in the Elsie series) and I know there's more ... (and I don't feel like restating any that you have on your list.)

    I agree that boy/girl friendships are too easily twisted into a romance. (Just talk to Louisa May Alcott! Her fans insisted that Jo and Laurie marry!)

    And sign me up for an interview, and if you'd like, you can exchange the favor and post on my blog in some way. (Guest post ... character interview ... I'm open to ideas!)

  2. Great post! I really like these character ones. You have a really great handle on characters. How do you do it? It's definitely a gift, I think.
    I've always liked the best friends one the best, I think. Even if some of the friendships eventually turned romantic.... I think of the old books I used to read. The three siblings from The Enchanted Castle (by E. Nesbit) and their friend whose name I'm sure starts with M but escapes my mind right now. Or Maia, Finn, and Clovis from Eva Ibbotson's Journey to the River Sea... The Penderwicks books (the sisters friendship with Jeffrey). I also just love reading about one on one friendships - like Frodo and Sam or Holmes and Watson. To me, they are the best.

    Yes, Spock, McCoy, and Bones go camping. It is SO hilarious. The whole movie is kind of silly (though there's a great Scotty scene. He's like, "I know this ship like the back of my hand!" and then turns around and bumps his head, knocking himself out) but it has some GREAT parts in it. The camping is both at the beginning and the end of the movie... I would just watch the whole thing. But that's just me. It's Star Trek five: The Final Frontier.

    Oooo if the books have more detail than the movies, then I would definitely like reading them. I've always wanted to read some Star Wars or Star Trek books... but I never know where to start because there are SO many of them.

    Hee hee, I agree. Once the Doctor, always the Doctor. I saw a friend of mine today, whom I hadn't seen for a couple years, and he was wearing a Weeping Angel t-shirt. So of course I had to ask him what he thought of Matt Smith leaving. He said he really likes Matt Smith, but he's interested in seeing who will be the next Doctor.
    Who would you like to see? Personally, I hope they pick someone older and unknown.

    YAY! Another Jar Jar Binks fan! You are the first one that I've met that has admitted that.
    I agree... the first one is a little dry, though you are right, it focuses on the characters more (plus I LOVE Darth Maul and Qui Gon Jinn's standoff at the end). The second movie is kind of annoying with the whole forbidden romance thing.... But I, too, love the fight at the end. And also the water planet, where Obi-Wan goes. He is totally amazing in the first three movies.
    Ugh. Anikan is my problem as well. He was WAY too emotional to be DV. I couldn't see him turn into the Darth Vader from the original trilogy. Have you seen Star Wars Episode 2 in five seconds? Check it out on youtube. It's pretty accurate.
    I'm not sure if it was bad acting or just a bad script. Maybe a bit of both. I will say this, though.... Anikan had super cool hair in the third movie.

    P.S. I sent you a short email just saying that I would be interested in doing an interview... but I'll tell you here too. =) Also, like Kendra, I would offer to let you guest post on my blog.... but I think almost all my followers that follow my blog, follow your blog, so there wouldn't really be a point. Unless you wanted to, of course.

    Anyway, goodnight.

  3. Congratulations on the end of editing! (for now) I sent you an email, would love to be part of your interviews!

  4. Jack! You didn't mention Halt/Will in the Mentor/Student friendship!! *crosses arms and pouts*

    ;) No, I'm kidding. Of course. Great post!

    I have to go right now or I'd make this comment longer. I'm sorry. :(

    And, sorry, but I can't help reading your conversation about Star Wars in the above comments.....stop bashing Ani! o.O Did I seriously just call him....Ani....? Oh dear. I need help. Actually, funny story, I used to absolutely love Anekin. Like, he was my favorite character. *shakes head* I'm over him now, though. Though, even at the end of "Revenge of the Sith" I still feel an eensy-weensy bit sorry for him by the end. :( Poor chap. Though, he totally deserved it. The brat. *cough* No. My all-time favorite Star Wars character is Obi-Wan....the younger version from the prequels with Anekin. <3 Sorry. Totally going off on a rant here. ;)

    Anna :D

  5. I enjoy strong friendships in stories. My first book was all about brotherly friendship.

  6. Heavens, there are so many friendship stories I can't say which ones I love most!

    I like Howl and Calcifer's "frienship" (if you can call it that) and Christopher and Millie's in The Lives of Christopher Chant. I also adored all the Lord of the Rings ones you mentioned. :) And I can't think of any others at the mo'.

    Honestly, I can't say what kind of friendship is my favourite to WRITE about. At the moment, I've got two friendships that are dealing with boy/girl relationships, and I'm pretty sure those are going to become a bit more of the sweetly romantic kind. Then I have a couple where the MC is "going it alone", and really hasn't got a friendship, which is SO sad. :( My poor characters. Then I have a couple brother/sister relationships, and one that is a twin sister friendship, so I guess I'm all over the place with my friendships!

    I like them all. :)

    I would LOVE to do an interview on your blog! :)

  7. Friendships are way more fun to write than romances, I'll say that. I've managed to get around it sometimes with characters. When an author does it well, it makes me feel awesome for those characters, because they have the best interactions.
    Personally, though, I like writing those love/hate relationships. This is very self-evident in the book I'm publishing soon-ish. (Kat and Kadet) One of them thinks they are besties for life, and the other is only their friend because it's their job to keep the other from getting their head hacked off.

    Also, I've emailed you about the interview. I love that sort of stuff :p It sounds like fun!

  8. I LOVE friendship stories..they do make me so happy and you named some of my favorites. (Luke and Han...the Doctor and Donna...SHERLOCK and WATSON!:)

    As I have written a book (though who knows when it's going to be published...I'm the laziest editor EVER) I'd love to do the interview thing. Sounds like fun! I'll email you shortly :)

  9. Excellent post!

    All of the ones listed are excellent examples! I always like to good friendships in fiction, most of the best fiction revolves around that theme to some degree.

    I too wish there where more "Boy/Girl" relationships that were not romantic. Contrary to what Hollywood would want us to think, a man and a woman do not always have to have romantic relationship, I know from personal experience. Another great example of that would be Joan Watson and Sherlock from Elementary. While there is some slight romantic tension in a few episodes, it is kept mostly a friend relationship.


  10. ~*guiltily looks at feet* im one of those who misunderstands friendships and classifies them as romance.... *hides under a cat*
    Especially for John/Sherlock(Johnlock) x_x
    ~I agree with James, most girl/boy relationships are bound to end up in romance(bless Elementary) It just doesnt work that way! Not in real life anyway. I have friends who are friends with the opposite gender but dont get romantically involved!
    ~Um, whats the interview thing about? Ive never been interviewed before ._. I wouldnt mind trying, but im nervous ._.

  11. Friendship stories are always fun to read! I find it better than romance because in friendship, there is always this sense of adventure.

  12. Congrats on finishing your edits! Such a HUGE accomplishment. And yaaaaay for your upcoming release!!!!

  13. Yay! The editing is finished. :) Finished is always a nice feeling.

    Hm, one day I think I'd like to pull off a boy/girl relationship that doesn't turn into a romance.

    I sent you an email about interviewing.


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