Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"In a hole, there lived a hobbit."

 I am really sorry to everyone who has commented on my blog lately, and which it has taken me so long to reply. I got behind on my writing and have been working to finish this book before the end of June, also I am editing a book for a friend. So, all of my extra reading and writing has kind of slipped. However, being as that is no excuse, I plan to get back on it again very soon. Like, tomorrow.
 Thank you, everyone though, for your comments. It really is nice to know there are some out there who like reading my blog. (On that same note, I really love reading all of your blogs and miss them when I get behind on things.)

 Now, before I go fall into bed and try and remember what sleep is, I have another book review! (This is all part of my book party, celebrating the release of my newest book, A Stretch of Loyalty. I've been reading many wonderful self published and (I forget what they are called. But books that aren't published by big publishers. I know there is a name for it because I got a contract from one of them once...but it escapes me at the moment.)
 I've been reading some really wonderful books, many which surprised me at how much I've enjoyed them. (So much so I am glad I bought them as I can now re-read them as much as I like.)

 Today's was another book which surprised me. I started it knowing I would end up liking it, as I'd read a review on it already. It was the kind of story I love. Kings, swords, quests, and lots of middle ages type adventures. But I didn't realize just how MUCH I'd end up liking it.

 The book is called Truth, written by Molly Evangeline. You can find her blog HERE!!
 Truth is the first book in a trilogy about a girl named Makilien. Makilien lives in town where no one is allowed to leave, and everything is monitored by a ruler none of the villagers have ever seen. All of them believe this man is doing what is right for them and protecting them from the danger outside their walls, but Makilien feels differently.
 Certain there is more to life than what she sees around her, she begins to do something dangerous - she begins to ask questions, determined to find the truth.
 Finally, no longer content with the life she is living, Makilien runs away from home and finds herself caught up in a dangerous war, one which will decide the fate of the land in which she lives.

 First off, what I loved about this book...pretty much everything. There, that was easy. Okay, just kidding. I plan to go into more detail.

 First, the cover. Really, Molly does an amazing job with the covers of her books. This trilogy especially.

 Second, the characters. Usually I just read books for the characters. I will finish a book if the plot is REALLY good and has okay characters, but usually books have to have good characters for me to read them. And this one had them! Every one of the characters I fell in love with. Even Makilien, which is rare for me when it comes to girl main characters.
 I especially loved Halandor, the half-elf who becomes a father figure to Makilien. Their friendship was wonderful, probably because it wasn't the typical friendship. It was more of a father/ daughter one. And if Halandor isn't in the next two books I shall be heart broken.

 Third, it had dragons. Dragons. I don't need to say more, right?

 Fourth, it had elves - with senses of humor! Ennion was delighted. (There were two elf brothers in it who were a lot of fun. They kind of reminded me of Fred and George Weasley or the Stoll brothers from the Percy Jackson books. Always up to something.)

 Fifth, there were enough swords to keep me happy.

 Sixth. THERE WAS A BATTLE! A real battle! And a well written one! I was really impressed. It kind of reminded me of the battle at Helms Deep, only it was so well written out I could actually see it all. (I am speaking from both an author and a reader view point here. Battles are hard to write, so usually they go by too fast, too slow, have little detail or too much. This one was really well balanced.)

 Seven. There were some age jokes in it. (Kind of like in the Lord of the Rings. "How old are you? Sixty? Seventy...surely you cannot be eighty!" Any time you sneak in an age joke with elves there is bound to be some fun. {And yes, I know Aragorn isn't an elf. That was just an example. Just in case anyone felt the need to panic over my Ringer-ness.})

 Now, what I didn't like.
 Nothing comes to mind. There, that was easy.

 This is another book I would recommend, and it is only 99 cents. See, aren't I nice? Recommending all these great books without making you spend the fortune you don't have? 
 The only caution I have is that you should have the second book on hand as well, because, while it didn't have a huge cliff hanger...I still wanted to know what happened next.
 How about all of you? Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a book? Do you have a recommendation you think I should check out for the party? (I have a long list but it is fast diminishing, so if you have suggestions I'd love to hear them!)

 Not saying where the quote is from. You shall have to guess. *Raises eyebrow like Spock.*




  1. I've read all three books, and can assure you that you'll love every one. Book 2 does end with a terrible cliff hanger, though, so be warned! (And I read it before 3 was out. That was torture ... Trust is the only book that I have bought as soon as it came out - mostly because I happened to have the money.) Yes, Halendor is in all three. And the battle scenes only get better!

    I will admit that I didn't connect with Makilien as much as I would have liked, but the rest of the cast was stunning. I need to read them again. And review Trust. I need to review a lot of books.

  2. Oh my, where could that quote be from? No clues... ;) XD Sounds like another fun series! Elves with a sense of humour? That always means fun, right!!

  3. Sounds like a great series! You review so many good books... If only books were free! I'll definitely have to look more closely into this series.

    I don't know if anyone else dies in the Fever Crumb books... I stopped after the first book 'cause Kit was killed off. Grrr.... He was such a good character!

    Yes! There are supposed to be 5 Penderwicks books! The only problem is that the author writes one every three or four years... so they are slow coming. The next one is supposed to take place a couple years in the future (when the girls are 6 years older... or something).

    Inkheart is really really good. It could easily be just a stand alone novel. Dustfinger doesn't get killed until the second book... So you're safe reading the first book.

    xD I have become attached to several of your characters. "I have a baaad feeling about this," says Han Solo. If you kill off one of my favorite characters, we can be even. But don't worry, you wouldn't lose me as a reader. :P

  4. Elves and dragons, sounds cool! I can't think of any recommendations right though.


  5. Cliffhangers are cool I do cliff hangers. My sister Molly is always very angry when she finishes one of my books. I just laugh evilly.

  6. Elves with a sense of humor, dragons, swords, and a really good battle scene? Sounds like a great book!!!
    Thanks for the recommendation!
    Best wishes with your writing!

  7. Sounds like my kind of book! I'll have to pick it up some time soon.

  8. Thank you for such a wonderful review! I am just thrilled you enjoyed it so much. I'm particularly excited that you like Makilien's character. This is coming from someone who typically does not like female MCs either. :) So that makes me happy.

  9. Of course it would be fabulous if you mentioned Brittany's CD on your blog! Thanks for the encouragement! Glad you enjoyed her song!


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