Thursday, June 13, 2013

"It's a whole family of supers! Oooo, this is just too good!"

 Wherein Jack Stops By To Say....

 I forgot. I did have a post for today. I am taking part in a birthday celebration. The birthday is two of Kendra's characters - Kendra and I are co-authoring a book together. She has already written and published two books - written more but published two and some short stories. She blogs over at KNITTED BY GOD'S PLAN

 The birthday party is for Robin and Robert, the twins from her books, Sew, It's A Quest and Do You Take This Quest.

 I had the chance to interview Robin and Robert. Which was a big honour and lots of fun.

 Sorry about the weird background colours. I don't know how to fix that and don't have time to re-type it all up.

  1. How do you two feel about having your life stories told for all the world to read?
Robin: It's wierd.
Robert: We're a prince and princess in the land of Bookania. It was bound to happen sooner or later. We just got it sooner, rather than later.
Robin: It's still wierd.
 2. Have you ever felt like your author is telling your story wrong and have felt the need to correct her?

Robin: Yes, but she never listens. 

Robert: Yes, in our book, she listens to her mother more than she does her characters. But her mother does have good ideas.

 3. I've always wanted to ask a character this, and maybe you can answer since you aren't mine. Do you find a certain amount of fun in keeping important plot developments from your author?

Robin: No. She's the one who keeps secrets. And if she does get stuck, she goes and asks her mother ... grr ...

Robert: Mrs. Rachel does have good ideas sometimes. Like your love of chess. 

Robin: *snorts* Kendra would never have thought of that on her own.

 4. Do you sometimes get tired of having to rule a kingdom? And if so, what do you do to mend this problem?

Robin: Uh ... rule a kingdom? That's our father's job. We're just the prince and princess and we can spend all our time in our garden, should we so choose.

Robert: *coughs* Uh, Robin, you forget that we have to spend a good deal of time in "lessons" learning how to rule when our time comes. 

Robin: You are. I learn etiquette and other such nonsense just in case I should land the frightful position of queen someday. For some odd reason, it is a requirement that queens be good hosts. I hate parties.

 5. Some of my characters and I are having a debate on what should be proper training for royalty. We find it pointless learning all the forks you need to use and with what food, when it seems more important to know what to do if you find a hair in your soup. What is your advice in this matter?

Robin: You learn what to do when you find a hair by watching you mother. Obviously, the correct response is to scream and shout, faint, and then fire the cook when you recover.

Robert: Robin, Mother doesn't respond quite that ... dramatically.

Robin: It seems like that to me. But ... forks? You use forks to get food out of the pot, and that's it - and there's only one sort of fork. 

Robert: I think it's something they do in Kendra's world. Eat with forks. And apparently, there are certain foods that must be eaten with certain forks.

Robin: Sounds confusing. Anyways, back to the question. It is essential that princesses learn how to sew, and princes learn how to swordfight. Unless, of course, their gifts were mixed up by their Fairy Godmother
 6. Do either of you enjoy reading? If so, what are some of your favourite books?

Robin: Reading is fine as long as I don't get paper cuts, and it's about something interesting. Like swords. Robert, on the other hand, if he isn't sewing, his nose in a book - usually a long, dry tome about laws or history, or something like that.

 7. How are you both planning on celebrating your birthday?

Robert: We're on the road right now, but we're planning on resting that day and just have some fun. *Lowers voice* Eric has a present for Robin, but she doesn't know that. 

Robin: Of course, Kendra is also having a big party for us on her blog. Today. Fun.

 8. And lastly, have you ever been attacked by a tapestry?

Robert: Uh ... no.

Robin: Yes.

Robert: Yes? When was this?

Robin: A few years ago. I was just walking along, minding my own business, when one of the tapestries jumped off the wall and pinned me to the ground. I was under there for three whole days! It was awful!

Robert: *raises eyebrow* You're making this up, right?

Robin: Yes. I mean, no I mean ... maybe?

 (If you want to learn more about these two I suggest you check out Kendra's blog and read her books. I've read the first one and it was a lot of fun.)




  1. Robin and Robert are always so much fun to interview.

    Robin doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of Kendra. :)

    'it is a requirement that queens be good hosts' heehee!

    *dies laughing over Robin's description of how to behave when you find a hair in your soup*

    Robin's 'attack' by the tapestry!! Hahahaha!!!!!

    Robert is such a gentleman. :)

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