Friday, June 28, 2013

"There's not much to see. I used to live here you know." "You're going to die here you know."

 Wherein Jack talks about writing, the life of being a hermit, and other random bits of her life.

 Ever since getting back into writing, crushing my inner editor -crushing isn't strong enough. It is more like I shoved her down the basement stairs, turned off all the lights, and locked the door with twenty blots, then posted the Marines to keep watch. It is a satisfying feeling, having her locked up again, being able to write without her voice nagging in the back of my mind.
 "You call yourself an author? Look at this!! I've seen better stuff written in dark, creepy, bathroom door stalls!"

 As I was saying though, having silenced her I have locked myself back up in my room, for I've again discovered just how much I love first drafts. (Okay, so it is a re-write, but it is close enough to being a first draft to feel like one. Blank document, characters rushing all over with no care of following any set plot - any set plot by me. They follow their own plot well enough.)

 A lot of things have been happening which I never thought would, and Peter is once again surprising me. (He's been doing this since I first met him. He's like that shy person you meet every time you order coffee. The moment you meet them you think you know everything about them - but then you get to know them and realize you know nothing.)
 He is very quiet like that, and always came off - to me at least - as a simple character. This has slowly changed over time until he has shown himself to be one of the most complex characters I've ever worked with.

 But it hasn't just been this book keeping me locked up. With July fast approaching, I've been trying to decide which story will be written during Camp NaNo. I've narrowed it down to two, but haven't exactly settled on one.

 I've considered doing The Broken Blade, as I'd like to at least get the first draft of the first book FINALLY written. This would make me very happy. But, once again, the characters have only just informed me of new elements in the books. I have a feeling if I was to attempt to finish the first draft in a month it would be rushing it and it would turn out badly. (More so than most first drafts.) I think I shall have to break all of my writing habits and continue to go at these books slower. (I hate writing first drafts slow. It is like torture.)

 I also had considered a new series which has been bouncing around in my head. Though it doesn't have a complete plot yet - hence another disaster in the making. That idea didn't last long.

 My last idea, and the one I'm probably going to go with, has been re-written ten times. It is a story with a story behind it which could fit into a book itself. It has some of my fondest writing memories, and the first rebel character I ever met - the one who started it all for me. And it is one I'd like to finally get the final draft done on and publish. (I say final draft with caution because I've been writing the "final" draft for at least five re-writes now.)
 The book recently took another change, but I think this might be the last time the plot tweaks itself - mainly because I plan to make this the last time. 

 All that said, it is very likely I will end up going with this book. But I plan to say nothing about it until July 1st - just in case I decide to go with The Broken Blade. 

 For now, I plan to enjoy the last few chapters of Abolished Impracticality. I also plan to start stalking my photographer until he helps me get the cover for it. I hope to reveal that soon - you know, once I have it made and everything.

 And that about sums up my writing life. So, I will leave off dorky ending lines and leave you with...well, nothing really, because John ate all the cookies - again.

 Quote is from Star Wars, the movie I would have been watching this weekend if I'd been able to find it anywhere. (I shall just have to stick to the first one.)




  1. Wow, it takes a lot to keep your inner editor locked up! Good choice on the Marines - they are the toughest branch of the army.

    It shall be interesting to see which novel you decide to do for Camp NaNo!

    O.O That's so sad that you can't find Episode Six of Star Wars! But really, any Star Wars is better than no Star Wars!

  2. I don't lock up my inner editor because I hate messy first drafts. However, I usually distract Sandra with a movie or something while I write. (It's usually whatever my little sibs are watching.)

    Heh heh. I completely understand when it comes to your last story idea. I have one story that I have (re)written completely four times, (three of those times in script format) and attempted three or four more rewrites. I always begin with "This is how it's going to be and I'm not going to change it this time!" but always ALWAYS, I'll have made a major plot change by the end and I'll need to rewrite it. (Although I liked the last script. I only rewrote it because I wanted to turn it into a book.)

    Good luck! I decided to do my dragon story that's been festering in my brain since I was studying the Greeks. It has nothing to do with Greece ... except for the fact that the main guy was originally named Jason. (His name is now Jyson.)

  3. JOHN. Shame on you for eating all the cookies. What are we poor commentors supposed to snack on, mmm? I demand a banana!

  4. Good for you! Locking up the inner Editor is what I'm the worst at. he hangs around me like Alex Rover and says "You can't do tha. Why is he stil in that cave? shouldn't you just kill the wolf? whatever happened to the giant anyway?" Inner Editiors are mean. Usually I send him for coffee. And then tear my chapter apart. Lets say I'm having a hard time with my current stories. Its changed on me. *SHRIEK!*

  5. I can't lock up my inner editor... but I placate her with cookies and promises of letting her attack whatever I've written once I've gotten a certain number of pages finished. It's a pretty good partnership we have going. (and hey, I get to have the cookies, too... so... win-win!)

    I love Star Wars. I maybe 4 copies of each of the original trilogy? LOL Yes, I'm a nerd.

    P.S. Loved your interview answers! You're scheduled for next Friday, I'll let you know when the link goes live.

  6. You need to start storing your cookies on a high shelf. And you might also want to put John on an exercise program. I can't imagine all those cookies are doing good things for John's weight.

    I don't mind my inner editor until she won't let me write because I can't figure out a good way to say what I want to say. I also don't like her when she tells me that my book is no good or it needs more work than I expected. She isn't always right about the second one and she is never right about the first.

    ~Robyn Hoode

  7. HAHAHAHA! Your description of locking up your inner editor is PERFECT. I loved it, it made me giggle. Especially the bit about marines, because I love marines.

    I was going to do Camp NaNo, but.... I'm lazy, and this is my last summer off... Well I'm going to get a job soon, and I just don't want to spend my day writing, which is terrible. haha. But I'd rather be outside, so I shall wait until November to do it again, and I shall rock the show then. *giggle*


  8. Hi, Jack! *wavewavewave!*
    I just wanted to pop on and wish you good luck with your Nano! May the word count be ever in your favor! *Smirk*


  9. Haha, LOVE this quote!!!!

    With that elaborate lock-up system, is your inner editor staying put, or has she broken out? :)

    First drafts are wonderful.

    I LOVE STAR WARS!!!!!! If we ever meet face to face, we should see those movies, too.

  10. I always enjoy reading about a writer's journey, since we all have our own story to tell and not one is the same. We're kinda like snowflakes, aren't we? :)


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