Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"A bit of earth, a bit of Alien, a bit of...whatever that is."

 I've been meaning, for awhile now, to begin a series of posts detailing some of the things about the lands in which my books take place. I have finally decided to do these posts on Wednesday, and I will be doing them on all three books I either have published or am currently writing. (The Haphazardly Series, A Stretch of Loyalty, and The Broken Blade.)

 I'm going to start with The Broken Blade - even though I know the layout of the land less than any of the others. (Oh, random bit of something I forgot....I need to get in contact with the someone who offered to help me with the map! See, that is how my life has been going lately, if my lack of blog reading and commenting hasn't been enough of a hint.) Anyways, I've been working a good deal on The Broken Blade, the characters have kidnapped me every chance they get, and right now it is the world I've been sucked into and is fresh on my mind.

 The biggest thing with Nightshade - the land in which The Broken Blade is set - is that it is like the characters. Each time I sit down to write I learn something new. 

 I won't start pointing out cities and such until I have a map and you will all be able to see what I'm talking about. An overview should at least get you started.

 After the king of Nightshade was killed, and died without an heir, no one ever bothered crowning a new king. Instead, everyone divided and went their own ways. (More detail on this later.)

 The humans appointed Lords who were too look over their states. In each state there are villages, farms, mines, fishing ports all depending on where the state is. It is the Lord's job to make sure his villagers are well feed and protected. (Not many of them actually carry out this duty. They are more concerned with themselves and while they don't over tax their people or treat them with cruelness, they just don't really care about them.)

 The Lords are the final law in their state. Sometimes they all meet together but if a state falls under attack or if a Lord needs advice he is pretty much on his own. It is a fend for yourself culture.

 Since the Lords haven't ever really proven themselves to be good or caring, the people don't really respect them. A Lord could pass a new law and no one would care or obey it. Also, since there are no longer soldiers or knights, the only one who can re-enforce it is the Lord and the few men who serve him. This has discouraged new laws from being made and aside from there being no king and the lands being divided, Nightshade hasn't changed much in the last hundred years.

 The only form of leadership or law enforcers are the Rangers, but they keep to themselves and don't get involved with the Lords or villagers. They are the only lasting regiment of the days when kings reigned. (I will do more of their back story later as it would take up a whole post.) The only important thing you need to know about them right now is that they keep to themselves.

 Nightshade is a large country and is scattered with mountains and forests. A lot of the mountains are very tall and hold many long forgotten secrets - or memories which have become like the blade, bed time stories most people don't believe.
 The humans keep mostly to the East side of Nightshade. It is rare for them to travel past a mountain range which divides the East of Nightshade from the rest of the country. The East is mostly farm land which some good sized forests and craggy cliff faces which stand by the ocean.

 Winters in the East can be cold. The damp from the ocean makes the wind bitter, leaving one with a feeling that it gets into their bones. In the other extreme, summers can be unbearably hot and humid. 

 Since the East is mostly farmland, a lot of the people have had to become farmers to survive. Those who live in the forests make their living cutting down trees and selling the wood to the farmers. There is a barter system set up between the two peoples. The fishermen have the same system set with the farmers but like to get their heating supplies from the coal around their ports so they don't deal much with the woodsmen.

 And that, I think, is a good introduction start. I've set up a board on Pintrest - you know, that place all authors hang out when they don't feel like writing - and I'm filling it with pictures of what I imagine Nightshade to look like. (Here is the LINK!!!!! in case any of you wish to see.)

 For next week, which book would you like to hear more about? Would you like more on The Broken Blade, if so, would you like to hear about the Rangers, more about the Woodsmen, Farmers, Fishermen, or something else? (Feel free to let me know any of your ideas or what you'd like to learn about. I'm hoping to keep these posts fun, and not like boring history lessons.)

 And here I end. I have a book I need to get back to editing.

 Quote is from Doctor Who, when the Doctor and Rory are trying to find Amy after she's vanished on the wonderful planet the Doctor took them too for a holiday.




  1. Pinterest! I love Pinterest! It is the bestest place to go and waste time when one does not feel like writing.

    As for me, this looks to be a magical book, so I'd like to know more about the magic. I loves magic, I does, yes preciousss!

  2. I am loving this review! I am a huge fantasy nut so whatever book that has dragons, hobbits, elves, dwarfs and wizards is always fun to sit down with a cuppa and read.

    Pinterest, and Tumblr are my life since I spend everyday on there, next to writing out my book and fanfics. Now that you mentioned books I think I am gonna lock myself in my room and type out the rest of my chapter of my book.


  3. Yup, that is the definition of Pinterest: where writers go when they don't feel like writing. I often go there under the guise of doing "research."

    You reminded me of a bunch of things I need to do, too. Whoops, better get on that asap...

    Anyway, I love learning how kingdoms work and fit together, and where everything goes, and all that wonderful stuff. I am hopeless when it comes to actually figuring out how that looks on a map, though. Nightshade kind of looked like a long obstacle course in my mind, with nothing no the side of the plot. But I can't wait to see the map, whenever it's finished :D

  4. Oh, this also reminded me: I started watching Merlin!
    It's so good! It's all medieval and magic-y and awesome and...and... *tries to breathe* I thought it would be weird at first seeing Jethro from Midnight being all sweet and sorcerery (sorcerererery? whatever), but it's not, and Colin Morgan is perfect for the part! He looks a lot like Benedict Cumberbatch, now that I think about it. The cheekbones, perhaps?
    Anyway, just felt like I should come here to fangirl instead of annoying my family.

  5. Next time I need any world building done, I am coming to you.

  6. Sounds like a fascinating place - and sounds like a place rife for mischief and trouble to abound. Awesome :)

  7. Aw, I love that quote :D

    Your book sounds,........ AKJHSKFJklfnwoeijrnljfo!!!!! I must read this masterpiece. Sounds like what I need, especially after such a terrible week in the reading world. I swear, I haven't finished more than 2 books in 7 days. I know right? Its an outrage! None of them have that nice feel I need. Loving the name too. Nghtshade. It sounds like the kind of place you'd find Merlin. or Rumplestiltskin. Or Dragons and queens. YAY!!!!

  8. Dang girl. That's a heck of a plot. I must read it. :D


  9. I need to make talking about worldbuilding on my blog, because I really do enjoy talking about it.

    Oh, sweet pinterest. I spend way too much time there. WAY too much time there.

    Nightshade sounds like a lot of fun to write about. Love the name. Love countries divided against themselves. Love mysterious rangers. I've noticed that you've been stealing a lot of my dragon pictures ... so could you please talk about them???? The rangers would work too.

    Andrew's "better" life mostly involves stumbling into a crazy world where the responsibility of an entire island is put on his shoulders. (And this is an island about the size of Greenland ...) Yeah ... it makes a man out of him. He also gets Clara ... also a mixed blessing.

    1. Oh, and we can always talk about Dialcia ... if we can arrange to do it the same day. That'd mean we'd have to wait until after August, but oh well.

  10. Ooh very interesting! I can't wait to hear more about Nightshade! (That's such a cool name, by the way.)
    Hmmm... I think it would be cool if you kept talking about Nightshade for the next few weeks, and then move on to the next world.


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