Friday, July 12, 2013

"He's dead, Jim."

 Wherein Jack...talks

 I wasn't sure if I would end up posting today or not, mostly because my cord fell on the floor and I was feeling too lazy to get it and my battery was dying. If I'm fast I might not have to get it at all.

 Anyways, it is Saturday, and it is the day I usually give book updates. So I forced myself to open a new post, though I'm not sure where to go from here. Surely none of you wish to hear me say, "NaNo is going well. I'm where I should be." There, I said it anyways.

 Doing NaNo in the summer wasn't my smartest idea, reading was. Either way, it has helped me get over those Broken Blade runts I keep hitting and which keep bringing me to a dead stop, so it was worth it. Still, not sure if I will be doing Camp NaNo from now on. *Insert characters snickering.*

 And now that I've gotten all of that out of the way, what should I talk about? Whenever I sit down to just talk I realize how dull my life sounds. (This might account for my lack of friends outside of the internet.) It isn't as if I go out and party, or whatever else one might do if one is sociable. (I might try it someday just to see what occurs.) 
 My idea of doing something fun is going on a long walk with a book, finding a nice little place I can sit down and get something to drink while reading said book. Points if it rains, or if it is cold and I get to dress up in scarfs and long coats.

 Not that I mind these kinds of outings. I find them enjoyable and get restless when I can't go on walks. I start to pace the house and stare at Peter's name on my open document, trying to figure out why he is just standing there doing nothing. (Some of my characters have informed me that I am supposed to do part of the work in their stories. And here I thought they did it all.)

 So, basically, is there a point to any of this? Sure! *In a sing song voice* I'm reading a book most of you might have already read. And if not you should. (I shall not reveal the title, evil me, till I do the book review. MAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

 But, to give a more update of what I've really been up to.
 I am now very close to finishing book two. I've had trouble with the last few chapters - it being summer and all and me wishing to be outside on our swing with my book - but I am happy with this second draft. Although, a certain someone did a certain thing I didn't wish him to do. And I sulked about it till he showed me that it had to happen for the sake of the cliff hanger ending. (Oh dear, did I say cliff hanger ending out loud?)

 The best part of this second draft though, is that I was better able to understand Peter. I've become even more fond of him than before, which I didn't think possible. (I'm a naughty author, I have a favourite character. *Inches away from Steed.*)

 I've also discovered that Kitty likes to forget her wonderful gracefulness whenever I'm working. She will walk across my desk and knock everything over, and when that isn't enough she will look for books to knock over - and let's face it, I'm not on a short supply of books. I'm starting to wonder if cats really are the best pets for Authors or if I should go with a bird or a friendly little Alien from another planet. (If you get that reference you get two cookies.)

 And now I shall end this prattle. *Insert clapping and cheering.* Mostly because my battery is close to shutting down. (See, I wrote a whole post on an almost dead battery. *Bows grandly*

 Okay, so that is it. I'm going to try very hard and get back into commenting and blog reading this next week. Once I have book two done it will give me more time for blog work. My goal is to have it done this week, but we shall see.

 For now I leave you, with a classic quote from Star Trek




  1. THAT is impressive. I don't think I've *seen* anyone type that fast. Ever. What is your average wpm? Out of a curiosity. :)

    Glad to hear about your NaNo going so well! I'm glad I skipped it this time. The time I have, if I can even call it that, is mostly nil, and I devote all that nil to working on my Writing Assignment. (See how important it is? I Capitalized it.) And to Medical Transcription. (Which is also important, because of the capitals.)

  2. Good job on Camp NaNoWriMo! For some reason, it's tougher than regular NaNo... Because it seems like there has to be time to do other things. Like school. And reading. I'm glad you're working out those quirks, though!

    Also, I'm glad I'm not the only dull person in the world. We could get together and be dull together.

    Noooooooo! Not a cliffhanger ending!!

  3. I was tired to yesterday, didn't get hardly anything done. Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading some of your stories.

  4. You would enjoy your book reading here - we've had a lot of rain.
    They say cats are graceful. I'm not buying it.
    And I wouldn't know how to go out and have a partying night life either.

  5. I always wonder what normal people do, IE non writers ;)) what do they do all summer long. The best times are walks and loads of books that delight the soul. These are no drama friends. well its a one sided drama I suppose. But I also guess you cant consider them friends. Shudders I shouldn't have said that. I'm so glad to hear your nano is going well. I always stare in amazement at how fast you writers seem to wip out books, whilst I trudge along. I'm not complaining or anything.
    I am convinced that cats are the best pets for writers. Altho it is a bit distracting when your cat tries to play with your pen as one writes by hand, or thinks that the taping sound of the keys is some conquerable prey. I need to know that that book is, you do know how to intrigue a person.
    Happy writing ~ Rachel Hope
    P.s. You do come up with the most interesting titles for your posts. how you keep it fresh baffles me.

  6. I have to agree, I don't do much, especially in the summers. (Plus really big parties kind of scare me.) It's a good time to read, write, learn an instrument, stuff like that.

  7. I have a serious lack of friends outside the internet too (though I don't mind in the slightest). Holidays for me mean - good books, not much socialisation, loooots of walking. It's SO hard to explain to non-reader-writer-friends that doing these kinds of things make me really happy. :P They're the weird ones, eh?

    CONGRATS your near-dead battery feat. *hands congratulatory watermelon* You deserve a serious hi-five for that.

  8. I spend more time with internet friends than I do with those that aren't on the internet.

    Glad to hear Camp NaNo is going well for you. I need to get some serious work done on my NaNo novel. I didn't do any writing at all on Friday, but I was at Six Flags. :)

    If not a cat, then a hedgehog would be the best pet for an author. :) Or something else unusual.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Internet friends get the finer things in life, such as Sherlock insanity and the heart broken understanding of loosing a Doctor, even though you know you will end up loving the next one. Real life friends, at least from what I've noticed, tend to pat your hand awkwardly and say, "Isn't that nice, dear?"

      Six Flags is the perfect excuse for not writing. 8-D

      I speak from personal experanse, Hedgehogs are the perfect author pet.

  9. I decided to drop Camp NaNo. I really enjoy the book I was working on, but I have some higher priorities at the moment.

    It's amazing how second drafts can bring out hidden sides of characters you knew so well. I've come to the conclusion that I like second drafts almost as much as firsts.

  10. HAHAHA! "Whenever I sit down to just talk I realize how dull my life sounds." <---- THAT. Oh my gosh, I can so relate. I like my life, I think it's nice. It's not epic and exciting, but it suits me fine. Until someone asks me what my idea of a party is, and I'm just like... "Staying at home, eating good food, and having a movie marathon. WHAT'S UP!" And they look at me like I need to get out more. I hate parties. lol.

    You know, though. I've always wanted to go out by myself or with a friend and walk to a little cafe. That's always sounded like so much fun. hee!

    But anyhoo. Don't you hate it when you feel like you SHOULD be doing something, and you'd rather do something completely different? (here, referring to you wanting to read over NaNo.) No bother though.

    I'm impressed by the fact that you wrote a nice post with your battery almost dead. How fast do you type, girl!? Haha!

    And now I shall cut short this comment, because I think it's weird.



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