Tuesday, July 09, 2013

"I don't want to see your face again...till the wedding!" "That's fine by me! And separate honey moons!"

 I am such a happy reader at the moment. I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing better than little brown boxes arriving in the mail. I love brown boxes. Everything needs to be sent in brown boxes. But you know what makes them even better? When they contain books. Nothing makes me happier than brown boxes filled with new books. And I got one today! (Which cheered me up, after my day at work where I got attacked by the ice in front of my boss.)
 All of these new books, and the fact I've not been feeling well, has given me an excuse to not work on the next chapter in Abolished Impracticality. (In reality I'm just stuck and don't really wish to admit it to myself. I should try it one more time before bed though, if I plan to publish it and all of that.)
 I am pleased with The Broken Blade though. It is nice to finally have a good start on the first draft. And I'm keeping caught up on my NaNo. (Speaking of which, how is everyone else who is doing it coming along? I'd love to hear of your progress!)

 Okay, now, enough about all of that. I have another interview for today. (Again, part of my book party to celebrate the release of A Stretch of Loyalty. You can find the link to this book on my side bar.)
 Today, you get to meet my friend Una, and you can find her blog HERE!!

  Una Vanderstroom is a fourteen-year-old, home-schooled, Catholic writer living on a small farm in rural Tennessee.  She enjoys writing in all genres, and reading everything she can get her hands on.  Her current interests are watching TV shows from the 1960’s, reading and drawing manga, listening to a wide variety of music, and trying to get over Writer’s Block.

The Monster Files

    Dr. Ross Collins has been fighting monsters since his childhood.  He and his friend Jeff understand the danger that Fey creatures pose to the human race, and know that’s the reason why people like them—Monster Hunters—exist.  But lately monster hunters have been dying in suspicious ways, and the public is starting to take notice.  Slowly, a plot comes to light: a plot to start a war between the Fey and mankind—a plot that will give the Fey the upper hand and give them the control they’ve always desired.  And it’s Ross and his friends who have to stop it. 

 Thank you for coming today, Una! It is nice to have you!

1.    How long have you been writing? And what first interested you in writing?
I’ve been writing for a couple of years now; since I was twelve.  Believe it or not, I used to absolutely loathe writing, but that changed when I took a particular homeschool writing course.  It was a really great course—took a lot of the tedium out of writing—and it got me interested in creative writing.  And then NaNoWriMo came around in November, 2011 and I managed to finish a novel.  I think that really encouraged me to continue writing.

2.    Do you get more inspiration from real life or from fictional stories?
Oh gosh, I don’t actually know.  I’ve been working so hard on my current story that I haven’t really had time to listen to flashes of inspiration.  Ideas just pop into my head.  I suppose they’re probably equally influenced by fiction and reality, but I don’t tend to consciously think, “Wow, this really gives me an idea for a story”.  Unfortunately, my Inspiration has rotten timing.  When I want a story to write, I have zero ideas for weeks, and then when I’m happily writing on something, I get fifty ideas all at once. 
 I think that is all a part of being an author. From what I've heard it is a common trait. 

3.    What are some of your favourite stories and why?
…The Fairy Tale Novels by Regina Doman, because of the wonderful characters and twisting, occasionally dark plots.  Monster by Miriam Neal, because her character Mir is so awesome and because of the strong message the book has about the sanctity of life.  And also because Miriam is one of my best friends!  All of Michael O’Brian’s novels, because his writing is so beautifully poetic and so Catholic and captivating.  And Winnie-the-Pooh.  I like Winnie-the-Pooh.
 Monster, hurray! I finally own a copy so I get to see what all the wonderfulness is about. (Also, Winnie the Pooh, life is always better if he's around.)

 4. Which story have you been working on the longest? And how long have you been working on it?
Well, I started Magic and Monsters when I was twelve, so that was two years ago, but I haven’t really written on it in a while.  I guess The Monster Files would be the one I’ve worked on for the longest, then.  I’ve been working on this draft since Camp NaNo ended in April.  Before that I was working on the second draft which bears almost no resemblance to the current story.  I guess I started brainstorming and plotting the basic concept…sometime after Christmas.  

4.    When do you like to write best, in the evening or morning?
Evening.  I guess I am more alert in the mornings, but after I do school in the morning, I somehow manage to get through the rest of the day without doing much of anything.  Which is why I generally write just before bed.

5.    Do you hope to publish your work someday?
Doesn’t every writer?

6.    I've read that you have five younger siblings. Do you get a lot of ideas for your stories from them?
Noooo.  Definitely not a lot.  One of the stories I worked on for a while evolved from a remark one of my brothers made, though.  It was called Waking Shadows and involved a guardian angel, a plot to assassinate the president, a high-school student, and a ghost who had overheard the bad guys discussing plans.  I asked my brother Sebastian what I could do to make my main character unique, and he was in an unhelpful mood, so he snapped, “Make him dead!”  Well, I did.  He was a ghost. 

7.    When you aren't writing, what is your favorite passtime?
READING.  Reading anything I can get my hands on, re-reading my own books, finding free Kindle books online, even reading the help guide on my computer when I get really bored.
 That's what I call board.

 9. If you could enter any book which would it be and why?
That’s mean.  You’re trying to make me choose one book out of thousands!  -_-  I’m trying to think of a book I could enter without getting killed within three seconds.  It’s harder than you’d think.  Okay, I’d like to enter Inkheart.  Simply because it’s an amazing story with an awesome plot and I think I’d get along with Meggie.  And I like Farid. 
 If you're wishing to live, doesn't Inkheart kind of defeat the purpose? *Grin*

 10. And if you could meet any character from anything you've ever read, who would it be?
THAT’S EVEN MEANER THAN THE LAST QUESTION, JACK!  Okay, probably Jo March from Little Women.  She’s another girl I think I would get along with nicely; we’re both tom-boys and love writing.  And I once had a friend tell me that I reminded her of Jo.  
 That's me, full of mean questions. Ooo, I love Jo. I should go back with you and meet her as well.

 Thank you, Una! It was fun getting to interview you!

 Quote is taken from Oscar. 

 And that is all, I have a chapter to write, and lots of new books to flip through.




  1. Ooh, a book about monsters! That sounds like a blast! I have a hard time coming up with monsters, so I tend to stick to pretty standard monster things, such as dragons and griffins.

    I always liked Jo best. I never liked Amy. She was such an... when she burned Jo's book out of spite, I was so mad! I could have shaken her to pieces along with Jo, and I thought Marmee should have punished Amy for that mishap. I mean, that was weeks... months worth of writing, up in smoke.

    I have to stop thinking about it, or I'll get palpitations.

    Good luck with your future novels, Una! Sounds like you're well on your way. And don't you HATE when you're sitting around for inspiration, and when you're caught up in the middle of something else it decides NOW is the time to hit you with it?

  2. Nice to meet you, Una! I wrote (kind of) about monsters too...it was awesome fun! Inkheart would be SO fun to visit...dangerous, but fun. ;) Great interview!

  3. You don't see too many monster books floating around these days. Consider me intrigued! And I agree with Una–those last two questions were nasty. It'd be better if there were a wardrobe to Narnia that had bypasses to other universes in the fictional realm.

  4. Hi, Una! I look at your blog from time to time, so I already know a bit about you. :)

    Hi, Jack! Camp NaNo is going okay. I've written over 4000 words-- my goal is 15K. I could be writing more... ;)

    ~Robyn Hoode

  5. Love those delightful brown boxes that come in the mail!! I'm waiting on a couple myself... :D

  6. New books - lovely!

    And lovely interview too. I second Jessica's comment about the monsters... They have intrigued me as well.
    (Although I must admit, I'm chuckling to myself because the last two or three interviews have all started the same way "So and so is a *insert age here* (former)homeschooler who....")

  7. Make him dead - funny that worked!
    And happiness is boxes of books, especially when they are your own.

  8. Hi Jack! *Wavewavewave!*

    Nothing brightens a day like getting a wonderful brown package in the mail! It's the best...especially when they contain books. ;)
    The ice attacked you? I hope you left it out to melt!! How very rude of it.

    Hi Una! :D
    Fun interview. 'Make him dead!"....LOL! That cracked me up. It sounds exactly like a conversation my sisters have. *Snicker*



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