Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"I'm never late for breakfast, just early for lunch."

 Since tomorrow will be the last interview for my book party, it means this is my last review for said party. (Though certainly not my last review ever. I have a good many more to do at later dates.)

 I had a bit of trouble picking which book would make it into this last post. I have at least three I finished for the party, three which I liked a lot. But there was one I laughed over so much that it won out for that alone. (We all need a book we can giggle over every now and then. Especially when they arrive in brown boxes when one is in dire need of a good laugh.)

 Therefore, here it is...

 The Princess and The Sage, written by Anneliese Blakeney. You can find her blog HERE!!!!

 The Princess' governess has left - and she wasn't the first. None of them can endure The Sage (he insists you use Capitals) and his oddness. Deciding The Princess no longer needs a governess, The Queen appoints The Sage to become her tutor. 
 Naturally, The Princess isn't happy. She is a princess after all, and The Sage is now making her do all kinds of undignified things! Such as opening a lemonade stand, playing Pussy with a dignitary, and - horrors! - having a trumpet lesson in a swamp! How will The Princess endure? Or, probably a better question, will The King ever get the answer to all his Whys?

 One should know right off this book isn't meant to be taken seriously. It is a fun story which makes little sense, and at the same time makes almost too much sense. (I'm actually not sure if I can explain it very well, so I will just advice you to read it. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you love funny stories.)

 There is so much to love in this book, but I think its most endearing quality is that it is just a fun story. Very often we think we have to read serious stories with deep meaning behind them. Sometimes though what we really need is a book which makes no sense, but just makes us laugh. A kind of light hearted story for those days when Life is especially mean and nothing is going right for us. (And sometimes those stories are very hard to find.)

 One of the best parts of this book is The Sage, who is never late for breakfast, just early for lunch. He was delightful, the kind of character you can love because if you knew him in real life you would cringe whenever he was around.
 He acted like a five-year-old at times and at others he was the only one with any wisdom. (One of my favourite parts was when he ran down the stairs, hugged the Princess and yelled, "MUMMY!" before walking off as if nothing had happened.)
 He kind of reminded me of Howl in many ways. That kind of childish adult who you just had to love even though deep down you had a feeling you should not be able to stand him.

 I also, surprisingly, liked The Princess. She was probably the first, and maybe only, princess I've ever liked. (Like I said, maybe. I think there are others...ah yes, Princess Leia, she is a likable princess.) That said, yes, I liked The Princess a lot.

 The King. I loved The King. Everything about him. How he drew pictures in his porridge and how he could only ask so many Whys? on the weekends.

 Next on my unnumbered list would be The Queen's secluded headaches. Something all Queens should do, it makes life a bit easier when you seclude your headache for an evening when you don't have company coming over.

 And at the same time, there was a kind of underlaying message in the book, one which surprised me. In the beginning the Princess refused to do anything undignified, but by the end of it she found she missed the Sage's insanity when he wasn't around. She began to look at things differently, and to realize life isn't all about acting so much with dignity, but on how much you can help others just by taking time to do things they enjoy. (Actually, this is so well written you don't even notice it, it isn't as if the book was written to teach this. It is just there, hidden and tucked away in a delightful story.) But I think it is still a good point. How often do we act like solemn adults, saying the right things at the right time so everyone will like us when maybe all they really need is a smile and a bit of craziness to brighten their day.
 There, did that make any sense?

 Either way, this is one book I could recommend to everyone. In fact, I think it would be very tragic if you went your whole life without reading it. *Blink blink* (Sorry, there were some statues near by.)

 And now, thus ends my book party. Of course, naturally, not my reviews. I have lots more reviews, but *in a newsman's voice* this blog will now return to its regularly secluded programming. (Haha, as if it ever had one.)

 Oh yes, but before I go, and before I forget again, do any of you fellow bloggers have sponsors? I've gotten another request for a sponsorship, but I would like some more information on sponsors in general before I agree to anything. So, if any of you have tips I would be most grateful for them, or just a kind of what to expect.

 Yes, I took a line from the Sage, what can I say, I love his reasoning when it comes to food.




  1. Sounds very interesting. I might have to check it out.

  2. Oh, this sounds adorable! I love these kinds of books. I'm definitely going to look into it. It sounds a lot like something along the lines of Ella Enchanted and the other silly princess stories that author wrote.

  3. I read the title of this post and I was like "hmm, where have I heard that quote before?" And then i started shrieking because I realized that this was MY BOOK! I'm glad you liked it. And I'm glad you noticed the message. I had no idea there even was one until the Sage gave the duke his christmas gift. And then I was like "Oh! So that's what this story is about!"

  4. Jack, is there enough time for me to put in a bit of my book on a post?? Like I said I am writing one, ya know:)


  5. That book sounds really fun. I love fun books. :D

    I've really enjoyed all the interviews. Now I have so many good books to look up. That is awesome. :D

    I know that the Galaxy Quest quote was from a few posts ago, but I just have to say, it's always nice finding someone else that is actually nerdy enough to watch that movie! *Knuckle bump* I like that movie...probably more than I should. Tony Shaloub is so funny in that one! *Grin*


  6. I won a PDF version of this book in a word war on Anne-Girl's blog last month. It was hilarious! I need to write my review for it ...

  7. Sounds like a great light read! I love those. I'll have to check this one out.


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