Monday, July 15, 2013

"Let's go before one of those things kills Guy!!"

 I had a book review planned for today, but I can't get my thoughts organized, therefore I am postponing it until Thursday. (I'd rather do that and give it the review it deserves then give it a rambling, incoherent one.)

 But, since I am taking the time to tell you all it is postponed, I must leaving you with something more than that. So....I shall leave you with this. (One of my rate sneak peaks. This one is from The Broken Blade.)

Unsure what to say about that, BenArgon inclined his head. “Tell us what happened.”
Swallowing, Lukeas again shifted in his seat before beginning. “He is just an acquaintance of mine who disappeared awhile ago. He's not very old, in his late teens, has dark brown hair and blue eyes. I don't suppose you've seen him?”
BenArgon's lips twitched and he had to bite the insides of his cheeks to hold back the evil grin which threatened to make an appearance. Beside him, he could feel his mother stiffen and suck in a breath, moaning to herself. Her moan almost made him reconsider his next words, but the set up was too perfect.
Keeping a straight face, he fixed his blind eyes on Lukeas and said, “No, I'm afraid I haven't seen him.”
The young man's nervousness grew and to the boy's satisfaction he heard him shifted around in his chair. He cleared his throat a few times and then pretended to cough. BenArgon heard his mother groan.
“Pardon me, my lord,” Lukeas murmured, his voice desperate, “I did not mean – that is to say – I think I voiced-”
Lorna came to the man's aid, to BenArgon's disappointment. He always got too much pleasure out of making people stammer.
“My son likes to play that joke on everyone he meets,” his mother apologized in her sweet manner, “he knows you meant nothing by it.”

 And now, I shall leave. I had a great quote for the post today, but I can't remember what it is. So I shall steal one which was leave on yesterday's post, because it is one of my favourites, and I think one of the best lines from Galaxy Quest. 




  1. Glad I could help with today's quote!
    And good excerpt. He was making me nervous.

  2. xD One of the best quotes in the movie.

    Nice except! I really like BenArgon's name, though I can't decide if he's supposed to be good or bad.


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