Sunday, July 28, 2013

"My name is Silas Ramsbottom." "Bottom...." *Breaks out into snickering.*

 I started tonight's post to late and am falling asleep. And it is one of those posts I need to be awake for. So, you don't get it today, instead, you get some of my half asleep randomness. 

 I was watching Iron Man 3 the other day and realized for the first time in all four movies he's been in, Tony is called the Mechanic. (Yes, I did glare at the screen. Yes, I did name Tony Verne after him. BUT my Tony was a mechanic first. So there.)

 I was watching another movie today - review tomorrow because it was that good - when Peter and Darcy decided to show up and randomly quote something which will be in book three. It was actually a funny line. Sadly, it happened during one of the more serious parts in the movie, so I was the only one snickering.

 As far as characters sprout out random jokes, BenArgon is the worse. And he does those kinds of jokes that make you want to slap your forehead and groan. (Trystan now has a red forehead.)

 It has been raining a lot here, which has put me in the mood for sad music. Which, in turn, has put my characters in danger for their lives.

 I'm not doing as well at Camp NaNo as I had hoped, but I'm still hoping to at least reach 50,000

 I was going to write tonight, but I think that might be too much work.

John is sad he didn't get the computer on Saturday, again. He is hoping all of his friends will storm our house and demand I turn the computer over to him.

 In The Broken Blade, Striker has just made the acquaintance of a cute little girl. She's like the five-year-old version of John, or that little boy on the Andy Giffith TV show who tried to share his peanut butter sandwiches with everyone.

 If I was in Star Wars my name would be Colar Balja. Don't ask me how I found this out, because I don't remember which site I was looking on.

 I think i will end this now, because it has no point and because July is almost over and because if I go now I can get a few more words written and hopefully finish NaNo with my goal.

 Quote is from the Minions. Because I couldn't resist.



  1. Random blog posts for the win! That first paragraph describes me perfectly right now. I can't even spell right. I keep wanting to spell 'write' instead of 'right.'

    Keep going with Camp NaNo! You can do it!

    And Tony Verne is so The Mechanic more than Tony Avengers (because I'm too tired to remember his last name, though I'm sure I know it). He so much The Mechanic, that if he were a Time Lord, he'd be called the Mechanic. (Someone should write a fanfiction about the Doctor, the Master, and the Mechanic.)

  2. Half-awake posts usually turn out to be some of the best :P

    Iron Man 3 was really good! I actually thought of Tony Verne as soon as he called himself the mechanic. I was like, "Hey, wait a minute...that sounds like...."

    Also regarding Abbey's comment, I once read a fanfiction where there was a time lord called the Tinker, which is kind of close to the Mechanic.

  3. Half-asleep makes for some entertaining rambles!
    Minions are always funny. All they have to do is breathe.

  4. Hey, Jack! It's been a while since I commented...

    Keep going with Camp Nano! WE ARE IN THE HOME STRETCH! And by the way, here is a link to a chatzy room where I have been word warring for the last couple of weeks, if you want to join us. Someone is usually on most of the time. If I'm not there, just tell them Robyn Hoode gave you the link.

    ~Robyn Hoode

  5. I always love random posts! They're the best!(:
    I still have to see Iron Man 3...and Iron Man 2, haha! I haven't been able to get my hands on the second one yet.
    Also...I love that gets me every time! :P

    Decked Out in Ruffles


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