Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"The ants go marching two by two, hurray, hurray. We'll all be dead before we're through, hurray. hurray."

 I need a new way to start these reviews. The whole, "I read a new, wonderful book," is likely getting a little old.

 I read a new wonderful book the other day.

 Ha, you really thought I was going to come up with something else, didn't you?

 The Destiny of One, written by Sarah Holman. You can find her blog HERE!!!

 Book Summery:
 Maria Morris is nineteen and facing the dreaded question of, "What do you want to do with your life?" She has no answer for this and is starting to get worried. College is starting soon, but she isn't sure if she should go. If she doesn't do, what will she do?
 There are other problems as well. She lives on the planet Mars - the book is set in the future and a lot of planets are inhabited. The galaxy is ruled by one man, and this man has decreed that all Christians are to be marked.
 The galaxy's only hope seems to lay in a secret, a royal line that should have died out. However, there is hope that one of the heirs lived - and now it is up to Maria to find him, in the hopes of helping him get his throne back.

 This book combined two of my favourite genres, Science Fiction and Fantasy (the king story part of fantasy.) It is a quest story, only in space. (Complete with spaceships, naturally.)

 Maria was a surprisingly fun character. She had some annoying moments, but not the kind where I wanted to strangle her. She seemed very real, like a normal girl who felt the pressure of needing to find out what she planned to do with her life. (A pressure I feel is pushed too much on a lot of young people.)
 She had a lot of doubts about herself - who wouldn't if they found out they had to go on a quest to find a long lost prince and save the galaxy? But she did what had to be done, even if it was sometimes the last thing she wished to do.

 I also liked the message behind this book. I think it is something which should be done more in books, as it is something everyone can relate to, that desperate feeling of not knowing what you wish to do with your life. 

 And now we come to my favourite part of the book. Quint Manning. (See my theme with all these reviews? What can I saw, I like a good hero.)
 Quint is a spaceship pilot. He is a smuggler and a pirate. (I can see all of you Star Wars geeks perking up at the words smuggler and spaceship. Yep, I did the same thing.) In fact, in many ways, that is who he reminded me of. (Han Solo, for all of you non Star Wars geeks *Grin*)
 He was cocky, not strong on the humble side, and he had all the same dashingness that goes with those smuggler/ thief type characters, making you feel as if you shouldn't like them while your going, "You're mu favourite!" (He had one thing up on Han though, he is Australian.)
 Quint saves Maria when she goes into a shady joint looking for a pilot willing to take the risk to fly her back home. And from that moment on he steals the book. (Especially with his insistence on calling her Lady. I was so thrilled that the teasing nicknames weren't dropped in book two.)

 Anyways, enough about the dashing hero. I shall almost end this review with the usual, I highly recommend this book and I think it is another for only 99 cents. (Have I made you all as poor as I am yet?)

 And now a note before I go. All of the books I've been reviewing for this party - with the exception of one or two - have had some grammar and spelling issues. I have not brought any of these up because I feel like they are constantly being talked about in other reviews. Also, they were never a big enough issue with me to take away from my love of the book. (The only book I read for this party I didn't like had as perfect grammar as a book could get, but I didn't like it because of the two main characters.)
 Basically, I don't feel the need to point all of this out with the reviews. I read the books for fun, not to find mistakes. And I had a ton of fun reading them, and simply wish to talk about the things I love about them.
 So, anyways, that is why I have not brought up any of these issues. I don't feel the brilliance of a story should loose liking points because of things like this. *Smirk*

 Another note, my book party is almost over. I'd like to thank everyone who has given me the chance to interview them, but even more than that I'd like to thank all of the wonderful authors who's books I've had the pleasure of reading. 

 I'd say more, but I've run out of things to say.
 Quote is from Antz, a movie I'm not fond of, but this part always made me laugh.




  1. Interesting concept for a book! Mixing space and king quest. That's cool. I'm actually kind of reading a book like that right now too... Only the king isn't lost. But I'll be doing a review of it when I finish it... It's one I think you'd really enjoy, Jack.

    Also, I had an idea. Wouldn't it be cool if Adam Brown (the guy who plays Ori in The Hobbit) was cast as the Doctor? I think he'd make a good Doctor (though he looks kind of like Matt Smith).

  2. Sci-Fi and fantasy, sounds like my kind of book. Those are my two favorite genres also.


  3. I wrote my review for this book on Monday. I agree, this is a terrific little trilogy, and Maria was a wonderful character. (Helps that Maria/Marie is one of my favorite names.) I only wanted to bash her over the head with a two-by-four once, and that was because she was taking WAY too long to figure out who a certain somebody was.


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