Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"This isn't the 80's, no one uses hack. Tell me your password." "It is WARMACHINEROCKZ. All caps, with a z."

 Wherein Jack takes a moment to be the cruel author and not the suffering fan girl.

 Cliff hangers. We all know what those are, and have likely suffered at their hands. (You've suffered more than anyone if you have ever watched BBC.)

 I've faced my fair share of cliff hangers. I've read books and reached the end and found one and had to endure months or longer without knowing what happens. Cliff hangers do things to you. "Fans weren't meant to go so long without knowing. It does things to them."
 You don't believe me? Go online and look up the Sherlock fandom. See what is happening to us, having to endure the dreaded Fall in series two. See, pure insanity. It is to a point where we don't even know what we're doing anymore and other fandoms are just shaking their heads at us.

 But, deep down, I think we love cliff hangers. We love reaching the end and throwing a book or things at a TV when our hearts stop beating and we go, "WHAT?! YOU CAN'T STOP THERE!" Of course, we complain about cliff hangers, but if we didn't have them I believe we would miss them.

 This is a theory I hope is true.

 Why do I hope this is true? Because, not only am I the fangirl who suffers along with all the other fans out there over cliff hangers - and I've a good many things to suffer over. Sherlock, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who, Psych, Grimm. Likely soon to be Once Upon a Time thanks to a certain friend. (You know who you are.)
 But, I am also one of those people - those people fans throw things at and yell at. I'm one of those dreaded Authors who, yes, leave my readers with cliff hangers.

 Why do I do this? Why am I purposely ending book two in the most cruel way I can dream up? Simple.

 Authors enjoy it. A bit too much.
 "They don't get paid to do it. They enjoy it. They get off on it."

 Yes, I know the pain a reader goes through to be left with a cliff hanger and then made to wait a year to find out what happens. I've been there myself. And yet, I'm still going to do it. And I'm going to sit back with a slightly....or there abouts....evil grin on my face.

 And you now might be wondering why I am bothering to talk about this at all. I shall say it is kind of a heads up for when you get your hands on Abolished Impracticality. You can prepare yourself for my cliff hanger. But, in all honesty, I want to enjoy my bought of evilness for as long as possible and have all of you worried way before hand.
 It's either this or me taking over the world a couple years earlier than I had planned. Take your pick.

 In short, I have just finished Abolished Impracticality, and I polished up my especially evil cliff hanger. And that is about all I have to say. So really, this post has no point whatsoever, but I felt the need to write it anyways.

 I now plan to go to bed, because Kitty kept me up all night using my side as a trampoline.

 (What are some of the worse cliff hangers you've ever come across? Did you secretly enjoy them even when they left you sobbing on the floor? What for you would be the most horrible cliff hanger ever?)

 Quote is from Iron Man 3.


 P.S. Thanks to everyone who offered help and advice on my last post! Announcements as to what I decided coming soon.



  1. Most books that I write could easily be stand alones, so I don't do many cliff hangers (Trust me, once I get past book three of Bookania, cliffs will become few and far between). The one exception will be my Trilogy of Secrets. And that's a trilogy, and I plan to release them quite rapidly.

    For the most part, however, I can stand cliff hangers ... if I get the idea that the author knows what he's doing and the characters have something of a plan to get themselves out of their problem. Although, when they're on a literal cliff, that can be annoying.

    I told you about the worst one I've ever encountered, and I don't like it because there is a suddenly info dump about three characters (info that I had been suspecting for quite some time), one of those three are kidnapped, and there's only a frantic "someone save her!!!!" and no explanation for how of some of the info. I still resent that ending. (But I'll still go get the sequel as soon as the author writes it. Which may be in a few decades ...)

  2. You: "I'll shall leave you as you left me.... marooned at the end of a book.... hanging from a cliff...."

    Although I think you are right. Did you ever watch Between the Lions (about lions that live in the library)? They had a segment called Cliffhanger... They even had a song to go with it: Cliffhanger, hanging from a cliff! And that's why he's called Cliffhanger!" In every episode he would hang from a cliff, use some sort of book/reading technique to somewhat save himself, and then just end up back on the cliff again in the end.

  3. I adore cliff-hangers! And your so right about the reader missing them. I like a book to leave you with questions, because nothing in real life ever seals off completely, so I think it makes the book realistic. Also, if I'm reading a book and it doesn't even have a skeric of cliff-hangeredness, I get so mad and bored. :)

    I think in a way, Iron Man 3 ended with a cliff hanger, a bit. I can't wait till the Avengers 2 to see how that ended. Also, that quote was one of the funniest parts of the movie.

  4. Cliff hangers are. the. best. I loooove writing them. The worst cliffhangers I've read were the end of EVERY chapter of The Hunger Games trilogy. When I needed to stop (to like, eat or sleep) I had to put the bookmark in the middle of a chapter. It was easier then at a chapter end! XD

    As a writer, I do understand the delicious lure of writing cliff hangers.

    (I also love that quote.)

  5. When I write a series I always end on a cliff hanger. Always. You guys just be glad I'm not published yet or I too would be cackling over my evilness.

    My favorite cliff hanger I have prepared though is the one for the end of the third Selkin book, it's quite....diabolical. Not to mention that the third book barely even mentions a very important character whom we left on a cliffhanger in the second book.

    That does not make My Fair Lady ok though. No it does not. I had serious trust issues instilled in me after watching that at the age of eight.

    And I am just as eager as the rest of you to know how Sherlock survived. And for pete's sake will they please stop teasing us about that wedding?

  6. Both of Sherlock's cliffhangers were brutal. Terminator: the Sarah Conner Chronicles had a major cliffhanger, but the worst part about that is that the series was canceled on the cliffhanger!!!!! That makes me mad. Also just about every episode of Death Note ended on a cliffhanger.


  7. Congrats on finishing your book, Jack. I don't like cliffhangers but I get why we need them. To keep the reader coming back to find out what happens next. It's what makes a story a good story. I just like closure. It makes me feel better.

  8. Thanks for the warning!
    Television series cliffhangers are all right as long as the time in between isn't too long. Right now I have a one year wait until the next Defiance. One year!!

  9. I had this huge marathon watching Arrow with my friend Megan, and when we finally got to the end of the first season, we almost could not speak we were so distressed. I'm not going to say what happened just in case somebody else wants to watch it, but it is cruel. Cold and cruel.

  10. I like writing cliffhangers. I wrote one once where all my sisters cried and demanded the second book, and I said, "I haven't written it yet!" But it is there in the back of my mind. :)

    Regarding the map, if you just send me a very rough drawing - like, a circle with stars on it where you want your main cities to be, and words such as "mountains HERE" and "Ocean here" - and maybe some of the city names you want to appear, I can draw up something for you. :)

  11. I have a problem with cliffhangers. Maybe that would be because I am used to British novels where everything ends all neatly, where everyone who is supposed to be dead is dead and everyone who is supposed to be alive is alive and where you do not have to wonder if that is going to change.
    Of course, once I started watching OuaT with my brother, all of that changed. I was pretty annoyed at first because of the cliffhangers, but now I am slightly more used to them. At least they are an effective way of making sure you will return!
    As for cliffhangers in books, well, I am not sure that I would be able to survive that!

  12. By the way, I like your *new* background!

  13. I absolutely LOVE cliff-hangers, as both a writer and a reader. There's something delicious about them that I just love. I think it's why I respect a lot of authors (like Rick Riordan) who use them frequently. It makes you want to learn more, go deeper, and really connect with the story. It forces you to use your imagination. (I've got a bit too much of that.) Honestly, even though its brutal to go through as a fan of various things, I still enjoy them.


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